Hello all,

in the midst of the all the transfers and noticeable influx of new players on the orien server, id like to extend an invitation to join my guild. i am in the midst of creating a discord channel for VC and other nice ways to communicate outisde of just the in game chat. Its a growing guild, its myseld(viralink), one successor/officer and another account. All pretty full with knowledge of the game. We are currrently level 52 and pushing we have the daedelan Kraken ship with all buffs. We will take in anyone in need of a home or just want to learn the game a bit more.

WE DO HAVE STANDARDS!!! basically just a few rules.
- have a sense of humor
- have fun
- most importantly dont be a you know what.

friendly banter is of course welcome

IF interested you can reach out to me in game "viralink" or send me a PM here.