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Preview Module 8 Official

Release Notes For Risia Update

The following changes will affect the Risia preview server as of October 22nd, 2008

Of Special Note:

  • There is now a triple experience bonus on Risia!
  • Wednesday night, October 22nd, we are hosting a Hireling Trivia contest! For more information, click here!

UI Improvements

  • The rage visual effect has been adjusted to fade away after a few seconds.

Skills, Feats, & Abilities

General Ability Changes

  • Monks can once again use their 'Fire' finisher to attack enemies.


  • After careful review of their contracts, Hirelings have a better understanding of their duties, resulting in better service from your contracted Hireling:
    • They should now be better at following you around
    • Hirelings will now pick up your soul stone when commanded to
    • Hireling Clerics are now able to cast raise dead
    • Hirelings previously had difficulty making their spot checks for things that you tried to direct them towards. They will now go to a target you select and they will interact with it, even if they can't initially see it from where they are standing.
  • Corrected some issues with Hirelings causing game crashes
  • The hireling UI bar will be on top of any other UI elements when a hireling is initially summoned.


General Quest Changes

  • Fixed issues with quest givers in Korthos Village that would occur when you selected to repeat "The Collaborator".
  • Corrected some issues in the Korthos Island Wilderness area.

Other Changes

  • The cut & paste function is working once more

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