I was out of this game for about 2 Years. Now I come back and see that my subscription ran out.
Which mean I only can access 10 of my characters. So I immediately wanna renewal my VIP Account or buy more Character Slots.

Ingame I opened the little Start-Menu-Like Menu and select shop. It took me to an Errorpage.
Then I was spending over 30 minutes to find out what the problem is. It is not the Adblocker, nor the Tracking Blocker nor other functions of my Browser.
It is the fact that I am not automatically logged in to the website. And it was just luck that I saw the teeny tiny dark (log in shop account) writings on the top of the page.
Almost as if you try to hide it.

So I logged in with this button and now I have the options: " Payment Sources" and "Account History".. but still no shop.
I am still unable to buy something somewhere. On the "Become a VIP" Tab is written:
- How do I become a VIP?
  • Log into game.
  • Open the store by clicking the "Store" button.
  • Click on "Subscriptions" in the top menu.
  • Choose the subscription option that best works for you. Click "continue".
  • Choose your Payment Method.
  • If you don't have a payment method on file, enter your billing information, and click "Pay Now".
  • You'll have confirmation that your payment for your subscription went through. You're now a VIP!
Are you making fun of me? It cant be happen that you havent updated your own website and main source of money for a few years.
And aside from that, make it impossible to become VIP.
Where is the ingame show where I am able to spend my DDO Coins for ... XP Potions, Character Slots, Adventurepacks etc?!
And why do I still land on the error page when I call the shop despite the fact that I am logged in?