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Thread: RP Community?

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    Default RP Community?

    I guess it's a bit of an already answered thing considering how quiet this forum is but is there much of an RP community left here? Any server in specific the 'RP server'?

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    No, and afaik there never was one.

    DDO is not LOTRO, and it does not lend itself to RP'ing like that game does.

    There are some individuals, Guilds and static groups that do RP at one level or another, so they're out there, but not any sizable % of the player base.


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    As an active role player in other games who has played DDO on and off since 2013, I have never seen any evidence of an open role play community here. Very rarely, I see a forum post indicating someone is role playing on one of the servers, always in a dedicated Guild, but I have never seen it for myself.

    Due to the nature of DDO, the players here are heavily focused on power accumulation. The developers spend almost zero time on housing, cosmetic items, emotes, and other system that support role play. Everything is plus one this and plus one that. The cynical pursuit of bigger numbers is normal for these sorts of games but in DDO, it went to the extreme.
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