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Thread: PVP Concept

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    Default PVP Concept

    Heres from a Veteran of the distant past of 2010s,

    PVP, was a thing were if you were playing this All Powerful Build, No one will touch you. but Respect you. Past Lives, Saves, Tons of Hitpoints, Tons of Defense(PRR, Dodge, Concealment)
    Mana Points, Spell Power

    an all that. it was also the Settlement between the most Popular guilds on the server, one would have beef with the other, "Oh your Guildmate did this to me!" "Aight ill deal with him"
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    With all due respect... huh?

    Whats the concept here? What is here? I'm honestly confused, and cannot parse this out on my own. Please clarify.
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    No idea what you're saying, but you have my endorsement!

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