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    Default New Reaper Mode Encounter?

    A "challenge mode" at the end of reaper dungeons.

    Spawning at a low rate (~0.2%/skull up to 2% on r10), Mortality appears and offers you a challenge. Speaking to Mortality and accepting their challenge opens a portal to the land of lost souls where you can fight the "Avatar of Mortality" a huge reaper that will be a challenge to even the best reaper groups.

    Their attacks can stack the epic vulnerability debuff, they have the despair aura, and can spawn vengeance circles all the while they gradually gain a melee power buff. At 75% HP they spawn yellow name reapers (Carnage, Famine, Plague and Fear). At 50% HP, they spawn orange name reapers (Vengeance and Despair) and at 25% HP they spawn Doom reapers.

    Defeating the Avatar of Mortality could offer reaper fragment drops on higher skulls, as well as unique cosmetic drops that can be purchased with tokens granted by defeating this encounter, maybe some new reusable wing colours (turned in at the 3rd reaper vendor), weapon auras, mounts, vengeance, despair and doom companion pets, etc.

    Feedback would be appreciated.

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    I played a little self-imposed mod game some synergia people created on Argo last night for the first time. It was a blast. They have this list of 25 self imposed nerfs. At the beginning of the quest a player rolls d25, the number they get corresponds to a number on this list which is a certain nerf to the group. Things like Perma-death (until current quest is complete), No Mass heals, everyone wears heavy armor, everyone wears cloth, must equip whatever you find in champ chests, etc. As you quest on the list of nerfs grows larger and larger. One crazy one was "everyone plays in screen shot mode" this was a total blast and way harder than I could have imagined. I thought this was a great way to spice things up if you're getting bored on R10.

    I do like your idea and some special cosmetics as reward would be okay, but I think allowing additional reaper fragments would just continue to increase the player disparity gap.
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