Novice Trainers Inc - Guild Charter

This charter is designed for a guild with a speciffic goal in mind. In an efort to limit repeating myself, please view my Generic Guild Charter as soon as it's convenient. All rules given there also apply to this Guild.

Officially, novices are the players, who have not yet been through the learning curve of DDO. Unofficially, this also includes returning players, who have been absent for many additions and changes. For the most part, we mean to focus on the first category. But if we are approached by someone returning to DDO, we must assist, as much as possible.

Put simply, our goal is to encourage players to enjoy and want to continue to play the game. This may sound extremely altruistic. However it's also to our benefit. If the game is continually attracting and keeping new players, it will stick around. That way we can all keep having fun!

Note On Communication:
Myself and likely others may have difficulty &/or with communication by text. Therefore, be sure you have full access to Party Chat, preferably to speak as well as hear. To enable hit [Control O, select Audio, then page down one. Make sure "Enable Voice Chat" is checked.
A headset, with mic, is strongly recommended here, though not strictly necessary. Especially if you wish to avoid talking, you may leave "Hands Free Voice" unchecked. If you choose to talk, on a situation by situation basis, simply hold down the F key. When you know what speakers and mic you wish to use, go to the bottom of the audio menu and be sure those are the ones that are selected, in both the incoming and outgoing drop-downs.

Here is as good a point as any to mention that, on rare occasions, settings change, seemingly at random and of their own volition. So if you're having difficulty with anything in the game not working as you're used to, check your settings first. And please share this note, asap, with your novices.

For the record I, the Guild Leader, don't expect my trainers (aka Staff) to know everything about the game. I've been training novices for quite a few years now. Yet I still don't know everything there is to know about the game. It's just too big. Not to mention that they keep adding and changing things. We can only ever hope to do our best. And anyway, it's most useful to focus on the basics, for your novices. There's a lot of information that you can pass on. It isn't necessary to give it all at once. It's easy to become overwhelmed, when first learning the game. In my experience, novices can only take so much at a time. Each one I've ever trained has eventually hit an overload point. And there was still so much I wanted to share with them.

We have but one request of novices, who asked us for training. In order to improve our Guild, we request that they, at least temporarily, join the Guild. In that way they will repay our service by adding to our Guild renown and thus our Guild level.

Be aware that Novices may not even be aware that they can ask for help. So as you are out and about on your travels, keep your eyes open for low-level characters, without a guild. When you see one, take a look at their Examination Panel (select the toon and hit Z). If they are an Adventure or even a Champion, send them a polite offer, by Tell, to ask if they would like novice training. Be prepared, they may already be somewhat confused &/or overwhelmed. It's easy enough, when you're new to the game. When they hit the dock, in Stormreach, there's so much to see. So many shiny chalices. It's difficult to know where to go next. So have some patience and compassion, in your interactions. After all, we're doing all this to help them enjoy the game, in the hopes that they will wish to continue playing.

We shouldn't be above assisting our novices in any way we can. If a particular trainer has the finances to do so, they may feel free to offer to purchase gear and/or other supplies for their trainee(s). We do not expect this, only hope for it, on occasion. Our greatest "commodity" is our knowledge.

Before you offer to take a novice into a dungeon, you should first ask if they have all the necessary bags and quivers. If not, please show them where to pick up the starter level of Collectible, Gem and Ingredients bags. Also show them "Hammer & Chain" armor and weapons shop, to pick up at least one quiver. This is a simple precaution to keep from overloading their inventories with junk. These items pile up so quickly!

I would recommend referring them to the Forum links below, as early as possible. Among other things, Adventures seem to have a stronger chance of getting kicked out.

Once you've gotten the esoterica out of the way, Ask them if they would like your help in a dungeon. And please remember, you are there to HELP, not do it for them. They learn nothing, if you Zerg ahead of them. Essentially the line we're aiming for here is giving them sufficient backup to not die while they figure out what it is they need to do. It's great if you're able to play a support class for them. Cleric, Rogue and etc. And please explain to them what you are doing, as you are doing it.

It's also good to realize that some of us out there are role-players. Yes even in DDO. I myself enjoy role-playing through situations and dungeons. It doesn't matter to me that there is no game 'benefit' for doing so. It's fun for me. That's the only benefit I need. And I'm quite certain I'm not the only one.

Post training:
Once a novice has received training, they are welcome to stay as members, until they find a better situation. Of course, ??if they wish to remain as trainers, they are welcome. And more experienced volunteers are always welcome to join, without additional training. As their trainer or, (in the case of experienced players, who wish to volunteer) their inductor, please direct them to this Charter. They should know what's expected of them. If novices or volunteers want to continue, as "Staff" they should send a brief "Orion Post" to the Guild Leader (press O and select Guild, the GL is the one marked by a crown), requesting promotion to Officer. That way, they can add trainees and new volunteers to the guild roster.

About the Guild & Guild Buffs:
As I write this (5/1/2021), we are not high enough level to purchase a ship. We will be doing so, as soon as level permits. And, finances permitting, we will be adding buffs to that ship, as we level up and attain high enough levels to do so.

Since it will be a tiny ship, as we gain more buffs, it will become necessary to swap them, to gain full benefit. To do so, use one of the buttons marked "Hookpoint Access Button" to first reveal the Amenity Hookpoints. Then use a specific room Hookpoint to cycle through the unplaced buffs. Please leave the room as you found it, once you're done. It is, by the way, unnecessary to swap more than one buff room. That is, of course, unless you have a fighting pet (ie. Skeletal Knight, Wolf or Iron Defender). They will need to be buffed at the Amenities Bar, on the top deck of the ship. Fighting pets will not receive buffs by hitting the "Get Buffs" figures, in the rooms. It helps for the pet owner to stand on the top deck, with their pet, while a human companion goes below and swaps the buffs. The pet owner will need to hit the bar, for the pet, each time a new buff Is placed below.

Donations, by way of the Airship Showroom in the Harbor, are always appreciated. They will facilitate the purchase of future buffs.

Below is a link to another DDO Forum post, that I started several years ago, specifically with novices in mind. Please take the information you find with a grain of salt. Some things have changed and some may or may not be as accurate as I would have hoped. Sadly, once added, replies cannot be deleted.

For anyone who has not tried it, this will also serve as an introduction to the Forums. All you need is your DDO login, to gain access.
Things Every Player Should Know

There are plenty of ways to find out needed information about the game. Another is searching the DDO Wiki. You may also find walk-throughs and such on YouTube. I would strongly recommend against "blanket searches". There's far too much chance of distraction. More directed searching is far more likely to produce the desired results In the minimum amount of time.

I'm sure there are many other sites. I know there are some that are for particular guilds and such and therefore mostly cover that guild's business and activities.

[In case there's anyone else out there like me, crazy enough to make a novice training Guild, please feel free to use this document for your guild Charter as well. That is, of course, if you actually agree with everything in it.

Credit would be appreciated, but no fees are applicable.]