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    Default In game Cosplay

    Because, why not? (Especially in this social distancing/lockdown)

    Remember, besides the existing Cosmetics in store and obtainable in game via the vendor, you can mirror yourself a copy of other clothing and armor to wear with a Mirror of Glamering as well.

    Cosplay : Clark Kent / Superman
    Goggles : Guardians Glasses (Glamered) / None
    Armor : Legendary Mist-laden Vestment (Glamered) / Blue Dragonhide Armor (Glamered)
    Cloak : The Invisible Cloak of Strahd (Glamered) / Red Cloak (DDO Store)
    Race : Aasimar Scourge

    Skill used : Search skill (to have the avatar glance around)
    Emotes used : /salute (Disable Headgear as hand moves away from salute posture), /no (switch Armor as animation completes and switch in the visible cloak after this completes)

    "Camera"-man : Sindarr (Because some shots can't be done first person)


    Because the old place no longer holds the pic:

    The Dark Knight (Batman) and the Man of Steel (Superman) are beset by Kobolds as they investigate the sewers of Stormreach.

    Cosplay : Batman
    Helm : Black and Gold Winged Helm (DDO Store; For the "Ears")
    Armor : Black Dragonhide Armor (Glamered)
    Cloak : Black Cloak (DDO Store)
    Race : Aasimar (for the white eyes)

    Cosplay : Superman
    Helm : Red Eyes (DDO Store : For the "Heat" in Heat Vision)
    Armor : Blue Dragonhide Armor (Glamered)
    Cloak : Red Cloak (DDO Store)
    Race : Aasimar Scourge (For the white "beams" coming from the eyes)


    Perched up somewhere high at night overlooking Sharn...

    Same Batman cosmetics used as above.


    Storming the Lamannia server in blatant copyright infringement (fashion) style

    Justice League Animated Series Cosplay

    Helm : Hardened Hide Helm (Glamered)
    Armor : Cormyrean Dragonhide Armor (Glamered)
    Cloak : None
    Race : Elf
    Aura : Epic Destiny Draconic Incarnation : Energy Sheath (Electric)

    Helm : None
    Armor : Cerulean Crest of Wave
    Cloak : None
    Race : Aasimar (For the Hair style)
    Weapon : Sireph, Spear of the Sky (Glamered)

    Martian Manhunter
    Helm : None
    Armor : Dragon Knight Light Armor (DDO Store)
    Cloak : Blue Cloak (DDO Store)
    Race : Aasimar (For the Green skin)
    Aura : Warlock Eldritch Blast and Enlightened Spirit Enhancement Core 5 (Celestial Spirit) (to simulate the hovering off the ground)

    Green Lantern (John Stewart)
    Helm : Green Eyes
    Armor : Dragon Knight Light Armor (DDO Store)
    Cloak : None
    Race : Aasimar (For the glowing white eyes)
    Aura : Epic Destiny Draconic Incarnation : Energy Sheath (Acid) (to simulate the Green Lantern aura)

    Helm : None
    Armor : Crimson Noble Light Armor (DDO Store)
    Cloak : None
    Race : Aasimar (For the "Wings")

    Wonder Woman
    Helm : Veridian Crown of Wave (Trade In Cosmetic Store)
    Armor : Veridian Crest of Wave (Trade in Cosmetic Store)
    Cloak : Blue Cloak (DDO Store)
    Race : Aasimar (For the hairstyle)
    Shield : +3 Phiarlan Shield Round (DDO Store)

    Batman and Superman, as previously listed.


    One for "proper" flying (instead of standing on sleds )

    Superman cosmetic as previously listed.



    Remember, keep to social distances, and remember to wash your hands!



    Whether a Hero, or Villain, the threshold of "Legendary" is coming...


    A new "Bat" watches over Barovia...

    Batman cosmetic set as previously listed.
    Location: Castle Ravenloft

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