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    Default Vistani Fortune Change

    Hi Devs,

    I'm making a relatively easy request for us Vistani Dagger Fighters. I love the whole tree, but I find it really difficult to remember to use the 1 minute buff called Vistani Fortune. This lasts 60 seconds with a 60 second cool down which I find too long to remember to use it again and too short to just cast and go.

    Is there any way we could make this a toggle that refreshes each 60 seconds or maybe give it a duration of like 1 minute plus 6 seconds per character level? Due to it's nature we don't even get to pick which buff we get, so some help in actually getting to use the level 18 core of this tree would be really helpful.


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    Bump x1000, the effects are perfect, but having to constantly press the icon can get annoying, especially when the effect expires during fights.

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