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Update 53.1 Release Notes

Update 53.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 53.1, released on Wednesday, April 6th, 2022. 

News and Notes:



  • Abyssal Shroud in Warlock now has visual effects.
  • A variety of Alchemist class tree toggles now remember their states better.


  • Cannith Crafting now allows you to craft the Impact suffix.


  • Corrected an issue that caused a bard's Spellsong Vigor to drop sometimes when teleporting.
  • Feydark Illusionist's Displacement now stacks correctly.
  • Shifter's True Hunter no longer claims to give petrification immunity, and properly gives Freedom of Movement.
  • Shifter's Shifts and Fiendish Arpeggio may now be used while moving.
  • Second Claw in Razorclaw Shifter no longer mentions Offhand Doublestrike.
  • Walker's Guidance in Horizon Walker now gives its listed bonuses to saving throws versus traps.
  • Wood Elf's bonuses to Falchion damage now correctly grants +2 damage at ranks 1 and 3.
  • Lightning Strikes the Mountain no longer costs double its spell points.
  • Enduring Beast in Nature's Protector now grants its listed Strength bonus.
  • Bard Warchanter's Spinning Ice no longer has an extra "your" in its tooltip.
  • Embed Component no longer mentions Tree Form since that ability no longer exists.
  • Storm's Eye in Frenzied Berserker now increases flat damage by 1 per stack instead of just melee damage.
  • Great White Wolf in Nature's Warrior now provides its listed Spell Power.

Epic Destinies

  • The Shadowdancer Epic Strike improvements are now de-coupled from one another, allowing you to mix and match Tier 3 and Tier 4 benefits.
  • Weathering the Elements now grants its correct 25 protection per caster level.
  • Divine Crusader's Divine Smite now heals more reliably.
  • Draconic Reinvigoration is now better at regenerating all Action Boosts.
  • Primal Avatar's Thunder Snow slow effect no longer works on bosses.
  • Corrected some typos in the Destiny Mantle for Fury of the Wild.
  • Lunar Imbuement now correctly grants Negative Spell Power for Gloomlance instead of Cold Spell Power.
  • The following Epic Destiny Tier 5 abilities now cost 1 Action Point: Blessed Blades, Bring Down Wrath, Imposing Force, Just a Taste, Ruin Intensified, and Spread Your Wings.
  • Shadowdancer's Dimension Door no longer needs to be cast while targeting yourself.
  • Shiradi's Prism, Stay Good, and Stay Frosty now have a 5% chance of proccing their damage on spellcast.
  • Shiradi's Prism, Stay Good, and Stay Frosty's damage effects now scale with 50% Spell Power for casters.
  • Shiradi Champion's Pin now lasts its listed 12 seconds.
  • Unyielding Sentinel's Resurrection SLA no longer shares a cooldown with the spell.
  • Legendary Fury of Blows now tells you what it does correctly. This is a Guardbreaking effect, not a Knockdown.
  • Knight's Transformation now looks correct when viewing it from a different character (aka - on another client.)


  • The Veil the Elements feat that hides your elemental wild shape visuals now works on other players' game clients.


  • Items that grant a Reaper bonus now stack with each other.
  • Reaper bonuses on rings now stack correctly.
  • Removed erroneous text related to caster level from several legacy Slowburst effects.
  • Healing Amplification Augments now have their correct typing in their tooltips.
  • Greensteel regeneration should no longer fall off when transitioning between zones.
  • Steelstar's coffees now work while moving.
  • Bucklers with erroneous ASF now have their ASF set to zero.
  • The Maximum Dexterity Bonus of the Hide of the Hunter has been set to appropriate values.
  • Stalwart and Sacred Defense stances should now persist throughout log out and log in.
  • New copies of the Heroic-level Accessories from the Chronoscope now have Augment slots.
  • The Greater Dragonmark of Passage can now take you to the Gatekeepers' Grove and the Lower Necropolis option now actually takes you to where it says it does.
  • The Legendary Wolf Whistle's summoned monster now respects summoned monster limits.
  • The Heroic Otto's Stone of Experience no longer mentions the old Epic Destiny system. This issue still persists for the Epic and Improved Epic Stones of Experience.
  • Several robes now have their correct non-invisible icons.
  • Grym's Bone Bracers no longer drop with Trinket mythic bonuses.
  • Legendary Stone Prison no longer works in reverse.
  • Legendary Jidz'taka no longer loses buffs upon death.
  • Spell Penetration Augments have been adjusted upwards to match the scaling of named and random loot.
  • The Menectarun Scavenger set bonus now provides its listed Physical Resistance Rating.
  • Tomes of Fate now have accurate tooltips to reflect what a Fate Point represent.
  • Demon Scale Armor (Heroic) is now part of its set.
  • New copies of the Legendary Deathwarden and Skulled Ring now have a higher Exceptional Spell Power.
  • Reaper Crafting recipes for Gloves and Goggles have been adjusted to allow for the 5 reaper fragment turn-in.


  • Corrected an issue where slaads would be able to be hit for zero damage while in an entrance state.
  • Several Champion Damage Over Time effects now have internal cooldowns to prevent spam deaths, and several are now set to remove all stacks instead of one at a time.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Artificers to sometimes randomly dismount.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Hunt or Be Hunted - Chogrum, Herald of the Hunt, will now only speak to one person at a time.
  • Hunt or Be Hunted - The Master of the Hunt's Force damage strike is now less likely to occur than the other damage types.
  • Monsters in the Sands of Menechtarun no longer drop empty loot bags.
  • Several quests in The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh can now be shared.
  • Fixed a typo in The Hound of Xoriat.
  • Corrected a typo in Caught in the Web.
  • Too Hot to Handle - Fixed an issue with summoned monsters that caused flame barriers to not open at the correct time. Barriers should also now open more quickly than before.
  • Too Hot to Handle - Corrected a visual effect bug when Forge Wraiths died that could cause the client's frame rate to drop. 


  • Angelskin, Animal Growth, and Righteous Command have had their durations corrected in their tooltips.
  • Prismatic Strike now gains caster levels from the correct sources, to reflect that it is a fire, force, and electric spell.
  • The Alchemist spells Melt Armor, Voltaic Backlash, Corrode Weapons, and Cold Spike now have correct dice in their tooltips.


  • We have made an adjustment to some assets to allow them to be used by our player User Interface skinning community. If you are an experienced DDO UI skin creator you should now have access to replace several assets that you previously could not. Please let us know about your experience!
  • The game now tells you why trying to augment an item with a Legacy Augment slotted will not work.
  • The Unspent Action Point Alert now counts your points correctly.
  • The Delete All button for confirmed mail now shows a more accurate warning message.
  • The Alchemist Past Life icon has been updated.
  • We have improved the visibility of World Shutdown messaging. This messaging is now a blue "Global Announcement" text in the chat window, and will additionally display a notice in the middle of the screen.
  • LFMs now display their difficulty on the listing itself without needing someone to hover over them.
  • LFMs can now properly display Epic Reaper as a difficulty.


  • An adjustment has been made aimed at smoothing game performance during character log in. 

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