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Update 48.5 Release Notes


Update 48.5 Release Notes


Here are the Release Notes for Update 48.5, released on Wednesday, March 31st, 2021. 


Of Special Note:


Characters now have access to a mount stable! Collecting and summoning Mounts now works similarly to Cosmetic Pets. Double clicking on a Mount item will redeem that item and place the mount in your "Mount Stable". The Mount Stable is a new tab of the Inventory Menu that contains all of the mounts that you have redeemed on this server (regardless of which character redeemed them, like with cosmetic pets). To summon a Mount simply either double click on the desired mount from within the Mount Stable or drag it's icon onto your hotbar and click it there.


News and Notes


DDO Store

  • The Keep on the Borderlands Bonus Items bundle now grants a Medium Ingredients Bag instead of the Small Wondrous Mount Bag. This will be delivered upon logging in to all those who had previously purchased the bundle.


  • Half Elf Warlock Dilettante can no longer sometimes erroneously kill allies.


  • Offhand Versatility's Orb/Runearm effect is now: On Vorpal strike while Single Weapon Fighting, for the next 5 seconds, all of your spells will automatically crit.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • A typo in the title of the Sorcerer Trainer in the Keep on the Borderlands has been corrected.
  • The Hardcore Season 3 leaderboards are now available for viewing in the Hall of Heroes
  • The Hardcore Season 3 Vendor has been replaced with Xix, the Hardcore Season 4 Vendor.



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