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Update 48.4.1 Release Notes

Update 48.4.1 Release Notes


Here are the release notes for Update 48.4.1, released on Thursday, March 4th. 


News and Notes:



  • Alchemist

    • The Multivial spell like ability can now be cast directionally.

    • The Beacon of Magic set now correctly boosts poison spellpower.

    • Stiffen Skin's tooltip has been corrected.

    • The Stone of the Savant enhancement's tooltip has been corrected.

    • The tooltip for Orchidium in the Spellcasting Feat is now accurate.

    • The Curative Admixture version of Heal now does everything Heal is supposed to do.

    • Heartstopper poison now allows the correct metamagic feats to be used with it. 

  • Sorcerer

    • The sorcerer version of Meteor Swarm now has its intended cooldown of six seconds.


  • Hand and a half weapons now properly function with offhand versatility.


  • Corrected tooltips in the Favored Soul Angel of Vengeance tree.

  • Corrected tooltips in the Cleric Divine Disciple tree.


  • Natural Fighting now gives its expected amount of ability score modifier to damage, and Perfect Natural Fighting now properly boosts Epic Defensive Fighting.

  • Epic Defensive Fighting now lists the feats that qualify for it better.

  • Corrected tooltips in Cleric Domains.


  • Corrected an appearance issue with hirelings. 


  • Corrected an issue with the Rosethorn Necklace's Thorn of the Rose ability that could cause a character to become improperly Exhausted.

  • Quenched now works on the Bottled Rainstorm.

  • Boon of Undeath and Greater Boon of Undeath once again function.


  • Corrected cloak display issues with Half orc males.

  • Bladeforged and Warforged cosmetic fixes:

    • Bladeforged now properly show their correct base body texture when they have nothing equipped in their docent slot. 

    • Bladeforged face and blade colors now update properly when using a cosmetic that should alter the color. 

    • Non-cosmetic docents that have body-dependent gearsets no longer prioritize Composite Body gear when first equipped if you have Mithril or Adamantine body selected.

    • Fixed an issue where docents and cosmetic docents could show inconsistent colorations. Coloring should now be consistent between regular docents and their glamered versions. NOTE: This fix will cause the colors of existing items to change to what they should have been.

    • Docents and cosmetic docents once again show their intended appearances. 


  • Several monster spells have been adjusted to appropriate damage values.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Dryad and the Demigod

    • The Rest and Resurrection Shrines now function properly.

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