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Update 47 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 47 Patch 1


Here are the Release Notes for Update 47 Patch 1, released on Tuesday, October 20th. 


News and Notes:



  • Barbarian Rage and Shifter's Shift abilities now have a base duration that match their tooltip: 30 seconds + Constitution modifier.


  • The Feydark Illusionist familiar now levels up to level 5 properly, instead of getting stuck on level four and then jumping to level six.


  • The Legendary Alchemical Morningstar now has its correct icon.
  • The Legendary Magewright's Cloak now correctly boosts Enchantment spells instead of providing Enchantment saves.
  • Ship-Siege Bows now properly deal Piercing damage.
  • Captaini's Cutters now properly deal Slashing damage.
  • The Feywild Collector's and Ultimate Fan edition claim tickets now properly state they are from the Feywild expansion and not the Sharn expansion. 
  • The Time of Destiny +1 (Feywild) found within the Ultimate Fan Bundle of the Fables of the Feywild expansion pack now correctly state that you must be level 20 or above to consume it.
  • The Purity filigree now properly provides its Mummy Rot Ward benefit against mummies in the Night Revels event.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Promise of Fire - The Heresies of the Vulkoorim now leashes when it attempts to leave the Path of the Scorpion area, or when it falls down into the basement.
  • Night Revels: Eternity Unleashed - Corrected an issue that was preventing completion of the challenge. The challenge has now reopened for the duration of this year's Night Revels event, which is scheduled to run through November 3rd.


  • Corrected an animation issue with the female Shifter.
  • Mounts will now properly scale to Iconic Shifters.
  • Female Shifters no longer get stuck in an infinite animation when trying to use bard songs.
  • Female Shifters now properly use fiddle animations for bard songs when they have the Flametouched Fiddle equipped. Male Shifters are currently bugged, and playing no animations with a fiddle equipped.
  • Eye and wing cosmetics now appear properly on Shifters and Razorclaw Shifters. 

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