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Update 46 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 46 Patch 1


Here are the Release Notes for Update 46 Patch 1, released on Wednesday, April 29th.


News and Notes:



  • Alchemist Inflict and Harm SLAs are once again able to hit living enemies.


  • Favored Soul - Beacon of Hope and Beacon of Grace enhancements now properly affect undead enemies.

Epic Destinies

  • Knight of the Chalice's Holy Combatant now grants its correct amount of to-hit and damage.


  • Unbound Sentient Jewels of 1000 Sentient XP are once again able to be consumed.
  • The Greater Elder's Knowledge set bonus now fuctions again and is, "This item set will grant your acid, fire, electric and cold spells a +6% chance to critical hit, and those spells have an additional 10% spell critical damage."

Monster Manual

  • Monsters from The Lost Gatekeepers adventure pack have been added to their various existing Monster Manuals.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fixed an issue where if a character recalled to the Cerulean Hills, the character would recall to the Harbor, even if the Cerulean Hills was entered through the Gatekeeper's Grove.
  • Encounter density has been reduced in the Epic Orchard of the Macabre and to a lesser amount the Thunderholme landscape in an attempt to reduce the load on the server caused by monster pathing.
  • Rain intensity and frequency has been reduced in the Necropolis.
  • Fixed an issue with a stuck spot next to the entrance to Heart of the Problem.
  • Fixed an inaccessible lever in Soul Survivor and issues with monster placement in the lab.
  • Corrected an issue with the mine entrance to Heart of the Problem.
  • Fixed a string table display error in one of the Optional Objectives in Housekeeping.


  • Effects that deal damage to an enemy's ability scores on a critical hit have been renamed to avoid confusion. They were previously named the same as their on-hit counterparts.


  • Additional improvements have been made to improve game performance.
  • Typos have been corrected with the following:

    • Character Creation

    • Ravenloft Landscape

    • Auctioneers everywhere

    • Shroud of Ardent

    • Safety in Numbers

    • Soarsled poster in The Underlane Assignment

    • Members Only

    • White Plume Mountain

    • (Legendary) Silverthread Belt

    • (Legendary) Gossamer Weave

    • Monster Manuals

    • Impossible Demands

    • Dividing the Loot in the King's Forest

    • Veraxiena in King's Forest

    • House of Death Undone

    • Ring of Time

    • The Gatekeepers' Grove

    • Heart of the Problem

    • The Sacred Bounty

    • Planescaller Kerix

    • DM Text during loading screen for The Sacred Bounty

    • Housekeeping

    • All instances of the words "vulnerable" and "vulnerability"

    • The Old Archives in the Catacombs

    • Keep on the Borderlands questgivers

    • Adamantine Knuckles

    • Mortality

    • The House of Broken Chains

    • The Keep on the Borderlands landscape quests

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