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Update 45.2 Release Notes

Update 45.2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 45.2, released on Wednesday, February 26th. 

News and Notes:



  • Cleave, Great Cleave, Supreme Cleave, Whirlwind Attack, Knight of the Chalice's Cleave enhancements, Smite Evil, Exalted Smite, and Vile Chemist's Poisoned Shot now use your entire attack speed when calculating their attack speed.
  • Added a small delay between equipping a weapon and receiving the effects of the Two Handed Fighting feats and some Favored Weapon bonuses to alleviate performance issues around swapping weapons.
  • Hit detection on all four non-mobile greatsword Two Handed Fighting animations are now significantly wider.
  • Hit detection for the second and third non-mobile greataxe Two Handed Fighting animations are now significantly wider.
  • Hit detection for all four non-mobile Wild Shape Bear attack animations are now slightly wider.
  • Hit detection for the first and second Quarterstaff attack animations are now slightly wider. 


  • Knight of the Chalice's Lead the Charge can now target breakables.
  • Fixed a bug with Aimed Shot not adding multiple stacks of Archer's Focus with Deepwood Stalker. 

Epic Destinies

  • Shiradi Champion's Stand and Deliver now works correctly even when toggling ranged stances on and off. 


  • Alchemists can now take Empower healing as a Class Feat choice starting at Alchemist Level 4.
  • The Accelerate Spell metamagic feat can now be taken as a Class Feat choice starting at Artificer Level 8.
  • Smite Evil no longer grants Exalted Smite's bonuses if you do not have Exalted Smite.
  • Smite Evil (Melee) and Exalted Smite (Melee) now lock you into the animation for a shorter period of time. 
  • Archer's Focus and Improved Archer's Focus no longer have a cooldown on ranged power buffs, and can stack more quickly. 


  • Activating charge abilities/attacks will now remove you from your mount.


  • Arraetrikos has now replaced Mortality in the Forgotten Realms Hall of Heroes.
  • Caypenne Drop-axe has returned to her usual place outside the Leaky Dinghy in the Harbor. This is an NPC that redeems an old PAX East reward from 2011, which some veteran players can still redeem.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Some typos have been corrected in quests in the Harbor.
  • Some typos have been corrected in the updated Catacombs Endgame: Marguerite quest.
  • Keep on the Borderlands Slayer quest logs no longer show String Table Errors.
  • Two stuck spots have been fixed in Too Hot to Handle.
  • There is no longer a stuck spot near +Kookiekobold in the Anniversary Party challenge.
  • The loading screen for Dryden's Chamber has been updated.
  • Quest Arc turn-in for the Soul Splitter now works properly.
  • Soul Survivor
    • Captain Loren's dialogue checks now use the listed skills.
    • Made adjustments for clarity in the end room of Soul Survivor.
    • A waypoint leading back up to the captain's cabin now spawns as soon as the player enters the lobby (regardless of whether they rode the elevator down or teleported).
    • Visual effects have been added to items players need to destroy in the end boss room, once the Objective becomes active. 


  • Dragonborn females will no longer fall through horses while drinking a potion. 


  • Alchemist Vial Smash spells are now Conjuration spells as intended.
  • Alchemist's Displacement draught and Bottled Boost spells now count properly as Transmutation spells in all situations. 
  • The Alchemist Flesh to Gold spell now uses the correct spell components.
  • Stalwart Pact now has its appropriate text again. 
  • Righteous Command now lists its correct bonus type again.
  • Melt Lock no longer uses a projectile, and simply allows you to cast it on a targeted locked object at touch range. Melt Lock now costs 12 spell points (less than Knock, but the range is shorter). 

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