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Update 43 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 43 Patch 1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 43 Patch 1, released on Tuesday, October 8th. 

Of Special Note:


The Night Revels arrives soon!

The Night Revels will return shortly with a new dungeon and new rewards! Celebrate the season with the new Night Revels challenge quest Smashing Pumpkins! The Night Revels begins on October 10th and runs through November 3rd. Click here for our guide to the event!


News and Notes:



  • Warpriest/War Soul's Wrathful Weapon damage now properly hits undead.

Epic Destinies

  • The Epic Past Life Primal: Ancient Power now properly grants +2 to Attack per stack when toggled on, and no longer erroneously grants the stacking bonus passively. 

Hardcore League

  • The Bloody Footprints cosmetic created by the Death Follows You feat now draws on other clients.
  • The Death Watches You cosmetic now works correctly on human and aasimar female characters.


  • The loot list for Soul Survivor has been adjusted to its correct list of items that can drop from its end chest.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Finding Dorris
    • Windowpanes now properly display their correct state during the quest.
    • A broken elevator shaft now has a notice directing you to the other one.
    • Secret doors that are opened by monsters will no longer accidentally close when players interact with them.
    • Traps now do slightly less damage and are easier to avoid.


  • The native MacOS client for DDO has been deprecated and replaced with a WINE-based client solution for MacOS. Click here to read more. Players attempting to launch the game from the deprecated launcher should now receive messaging to direct them to the new client. 
    • ​NOTES:
      • ​The WINE client is not compatible with the newly-released MacOS Catalina. Players who wish to play natively on a Mac (as opposed to using a Windows-based solution) should NOT update to Catalina. 
      • The deprecated MacOS client erroneously references LOTRO instead of DDO in its messaging, although all links remain valid. 

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