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Update 42.5 Release Notes

Update 42.5 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 42.5, released on Wednesday, August 21st. 

News and Notes:


Hardcore Server

  • Corrected an issue that prevented some characters from being able to interact with Mortality on the Hardcore server and receive their earned rewards.
  • Players can now interact with Mortality on the non-Hardcore servers and receive their earned rewards.
  • The Leaderboards now properly update if a character is renamed.
  • Overlevel characters can now enter certain landscape areas they previously could not in order to access at-level quests.
  • Furthermore, Seek Dryden's Council and Gateway to Khyber have been exempted from the over-level lockout to prevent characters at an appropriate level from losing access to the rest of the quests in the chain.


  • All Positive Healing enhancements now properly target and affect Pale Master players in Shroud form.
  • SLA's in Pale Master, Renegade Mastermaker, and Beacon of Hope that were erroneously working while under Antimagic no longer do so.
  • Dragonborn
    • Embolden now works on Dragon Breath.
  • Pale Master
    • Vampire form's Enchantment bonus now functions correctly, and its Dominate on-hit effect now has a greater than zero chance to proc.
    • Necrotic Ray and Necrotic Blast now accept the Enlarge metamagic feat.
  • Swashbuckler
    • Exploit Weakness once again properly dispels its stacks on crit.

Epic Destinies

  • Divine Crusader
    • Purification should hit allies less frequently.
  • Fatesinger
    • Corrected a mention of Bardic Aria to Bardic Ballad in Fatesinger's Repertoire.
    • Added DC and Spell Power scaling information to the tooltips of Dirge.
    • Added DC information to the tooltip of Bound Fate.
    • Added clarifying language to the tooltip of Siren's Song to mention that the damage occurs even if the Mesmerize does not.
    • Fixed the tooltip on Aria to say the proper spell thread reduction numbers of 20/40/60%.
    • Reign no longer erroneously uses Bard Song charges to activate, costs 20 spell points, and has a 10 second cooldown.
  • Fury of the Wild
    • Additional tooltip text has been added to clarify Two Handed Fighting Style to Boulder's Might.
    • Unbridled Fury no longer erroneously uses a charge counter.
    • Bloodbath now properly expands vorpal range while in Two Handed Fighting style. Its tooltip has also been clarified.
  • Legendary Dreadnought
    • Unusual Tactics now has the expected name.
  • Magister
    • The following skills no longer stop movement: All of the Sigils, Arcane Tempest, Arcane Spellsurge, Nullmagic Aura.
  • Shiradi
    • Hunt's End now tells its proper cooldown in its description.
    • Hunt's End no longer is referred to by the wrong name in its effect tooltips.
    • Hunt's End's effects now have their correct icons.
    • Hunt's End no longer shares a cooldown with Audience with the Queen.
    • Favorable Winds 2 (Core 5) now properly grants attack and damage with Ranged weapons. The first four Cores are already granting their proper bonuses, although they may not display correctly on the character sheet.
  • Unyielding Sentinel
    • Renewal now properly heals on the first tick when cast.

Iconic Heroes

  • Using Barbarian Rage on a character with Divine class levels and a Forgotten Realms deity no longer erroneously grants a bonus to Critical Threat Range.


  • Lesser, Greater, and regular Death Aura now have their correct timing in their tooltip.


  • Adjusted some loading screen tips to better reflect new experience mechanics.
  • The Portal UI now has more up to date information on new Bravery Bonus mechanics.

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