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Update 42 Patch 2 Release Notes

Update 42 Patch 2 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 42 Patch 2, released on Tuesday, June 11th. 

News and Notes:


DDO Store

  • New item
    • Wish for Memories.
      • Wish for Memories is an item you can use in addition to the Heart of Blood when performing a Racial Reincarnation. When using a Wish, you must select a race you own on the account. Upon completion of the reincarnation you will gain a past life of the wish you used, and not the race you previously were.
      • Example: I am currently playing a tiefling, I want to earn the racial past life of a human, but I want to stay as a tiefling. You can purchase a Wish for Human Memories to use in addition with the Heart of Blood to earn a Human past life, but stay as a Tiefling.
      • Restrictions: You must own the race you want to earn the racial past life on. You must use the Wish in addition to Hearts of Blood.


  • Inquisitive's No Holds Barred and Improved Uncanny Dodge now use the correct icons.
  • Inquisitive's Improved Uncanny Dodge now has a much shorter activation time.


  • The Stone Shoes weigh less now.
  • The Stone Shoes now protect against Sorjek's large swing attack in Tempest Spine and Legendary Tempest Spine.
  • Cosmetic items should no longer erroneously have the Minor Artifact flag.
  • The Mirror Shield now properly blocks elements. 
  • Sentience Toolkits now appear in Sharn chests at the same rate as Mists of Ravenloft.
  • The Docent of the Celestial Avenger and Docent of the Celestial Sage now have their proper orange borders.
  • Arrow of Slaying no longer stops your movement when used.
  • The Epic Purifying Quiver now keeps better track of your Bludgeoning Ammunition bypass.
  • The Sigil of the Triumvirate now has its correct spelling.
  • Higher tier crafting materials are now found in Sharn sagas.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Fixed an issue where the Good Intentions quest giver would fall through the terrain.
  • Corrected an issue with two Cogs mini dungeons where doors were improperly able to be selected. 
  • Too Hot To Handle
    • Adjusted down the summon wraith ability of the titan in phases 2 and 3 of the raid on normal and hard difficulty.
    • Forge Wraiths in the raid will now stop afflicting players with "become Forge Wraith on death" if a certain number of Forge Wraiths are already active.
    • Giant Forge Wraiths now no longer heal themselves after being aggro'd on an enemy for several minutes.
    • Forge Wraiths Giants and Enraged Spirits will have less hit points in the Normal and Hard versions of the raid.
    • The lava passage is now deadly to frogs.
    • Nava will give the correct instructions now if players fix the furnaces before the coolant tanks in phase 3.
    • Forge Wraiths in all content were incorrectly applying a bludgeon fort save damage effect, in addition to their fire and evil damage, on their fire jet attack. This bludgeon effect has been removed.
  • Lady Thora and Evan Greybeard in House of Pain will no longer try to leave the room of the final fight. 
  • There is a new Optional Objective related to the Puzzle of Pain in House of Pain that will make the Lady in Black come out of her hideout. Some jumping around is involved.
  • Galaztraz from the Thralls of the Fungus Lord now has a greater variety of spells to choose from. Some scripting has also been done to prevent possible issues in the final fight. 
  • Fixed an issue with the final fight in Same Old Song.
  • Sharn chests now drop slightly higher amounts of crafting materials.
  • The Otyugh boss in Scavenger Hunt now has its correct hit points.
  • Some lighting and texture work has been done in The Sunken Sewer and The Butcher's Path. 


  • Pass Without Trace and Lucky Cape now properly benefit from Eschew Materials.


  • Spawn Screen and Leap of Faith have had their icons properly swapped. 
  • Several animation issues have been corrected.

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