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Update 37 Patch 4 Release Notes

Update 37 Patch 4 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 37 Patch 4, released on Wednesday, February 21st, 2018. 

Of Special Note:

Happy 12th Anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons Online!
In celebration of 12 years of DDO, we're giving away a cosmetic item to every character that logs in during the Anniversary! When characters log in from February 23rd through April 1st they will receive a slice of birthday cake in their inventory when they first log in after the event is activated. Double-clicking on the cake will open a UI that allows the player to select one of five Bound to Character cosmetics (click on the links to see what the cosmetic looks like):
The cosmetics are similar in appearance, but look appropriate for the weight of the armor or docent. 

News and Notes:


  • Favored Soul: The Hitpoints provided from "Stout of Heart" and the Spell Points provided by "Purity of Spirit" are no longer removed on death.
  • Fighter Vanguard "Shield Rush" second and third ranks DC now properly scale off your highest attribute modifier.


  • Death fatalities have returned! Monsters now have a 25% chance when killed by a magical attack to do a special death fatality, such as freezing solid and then shattering, or dissolving from acid.
  • All effects that dispel or ward against Rage have been updated to include an updated and more consistent set of Rage effects.
  • The animation for Shield Charge has been improved.
  • Monster Champion damage-over-time on-hit effects now have an internal cooldown, and will no longer apply multiple stacks from one multi-projectile spell.
  • Action Boosts and other activated statistical boosts will no longer pause melee attacking.
  • Various Aura abilities no longer erroneously apply their effects to targets they are not meant to (Objects, creatures in entrance states, etc.)
  • Monsters will now only investigate breakable sounds at medium range. Previously they could hear those sounds from great distances which could cause unintended chain pulls as they would path to investigate.


  • Disease Immunity now works properly on Purity Filigree.
  • When using items with the newer, scaled Vampirism, Construct characters are now healed with Repair energy and Undead characters are healed with Negative energy instead of the normal Positive.
  • During potion drinking held items will fade off and reappear at the end of the animation.
  • The Icons for Vistani Totem's have been altered.
  • The Great Crossbow "Volley, Arbalest of the Damned" is now more visually impressive.
  • Some Legendary Greensteel Set Bonus buff bar tooltips have been altered for clarity.
  • "Soul of the Elements",  on the rings "Perfect Pinnacle" and "Legendary Perfect Pinnacle", now correctly persists through death.
  • "Purifying Quiver" and "Legendary Purifying Quiver" can no longer erroneously drop with a "Reaper" bonus on them.
  • The tooltip description of "Bleeding" damaging effects now accurately states the full damage being added by the effect.
  • Both the Heroic and the Legendary variants of the "Silent Avenger" set bonus no longer erroneously grant far more Fortification Bypass than intended.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Anniversary Event has been updated! New rewards, NPCs, and more will be discovered when the event opens later this week.
  • Mists of Ravenloft
    • Undead should now be properly damaged by healing on Legendary Elite and Reaper difficulties.
    • Transport NPCs have been moved inside of the Taverns in Barovia.
    • Old Baba's Hut now properly displays in the Adventure Compendium.
    • Raid weapons now have their correct icons.
    • The Blessings of a Feather feat is no longer lost upon death.
    • It is now possible to see where you have recently been on the landscape map.
    • Fixed an issue with the Ravenloft Exit signs where you could "Return to Eveningstar" even if your character had not been to Eveningstar.
    • Ravenloft Exit signs now have additional teleport locations available including "Return to your Guild Airship" and the other Ravenloft Public Spaces.
    • Trap Control Panel's in Death House have been adjusted to face the correct directions.
    • Signposts in Barovia now correctly point to Wizard of Wines and Yester Hill.
    • It is harder to cause dungeon alert during the final fight in Wrath of Earth.
    • The "Anarchist" card is no longer erroneously called the "Anarchrist" card in the objectives of "An Invitation to Dinner".
  • Tempest Spine and Legendary Tempest Spine
    • A Dimensional Door now appears at the start of the raid after Sorjek dies.
    • Sorjek will no longer leash in the middle of combat.
  • Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords
    • Some tweaks have been made to monster placement which make it somewhat less likely to trigger Red Dungeon Alert while playing.
    • Freda is no longer looks confused after the Umber Hulks are killed.
    • Fixed an issue in "Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords" where some players were unable to see the Mudmen.
    • Some Dungeon Alert changes have been made in Part One of Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • The Earth Elemental Optional in the Lair of Summoning now has its correct text.
  • The two missing Rare encounters in King's Forest can now be found and completed.
  • The overall number of monsters has been reduced in some denser encounters in Friends in Low Places.
  • Critters, such as sewer rats, squirrels etc, will no longer roll for champion status. A bug has been fixed where they also counted towards Dungeon Alert. They also no longer cry for help, for lonely is the world of the critter...
  • Transporting to Reaver's Reach from the Guild Airship now properly closes the dialogue box.


  • Dragonborn potion drinking animations have been updated and now hold the bottle correctly.

Sentient Weapons

  • Sentient Weapon audio will now say the same thing twice in a row less often.


  • There is a new slider in Audio Options to adjust the volume of Sentient Weapon voices. The earlier check box to mute or unmute Sentient Weapon voices has therefore been removed.
  • Saga completion dialog now correctly references the saga in question, rather than thanking people for saving Eveningstar.


  • House Jorasco has had a slight layout alteration in preparation for Update 38.

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