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Update 37 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 37 Patch 1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 37 Patch 1, released on Wednesday, December 20th.

Of Special Note:


New Raid!

Old Baba's Hut is a new raid found in the Mists of Ravenloft expansion, and is available to every player who has purchased the expansion. This Legendary level raid does not require flagging, and puts players against Baba Lysaga herself! Find the raid NPC in the Blue Water Inn in Barovia.

News and Notes:



  • The Shocking Blast effect on Legendary items now has its proper name and description again, and no longer claims to give out Negative Healing Amplification.
  • The Legendary version of Memory of Hiding in Darkness now properly drops on Epic Elite difficulty.
  • Van Richten's Cane now properly acts like a buckler, and has its proper heroic and legendary minimum level.
  • A new Sentient Jewel called Sentient Jewel of the Timid is now available in the Blue Water Inn for Vistani Tokens.
  • Fixed some visual issues with some Ravenloft gear.
  • Echo of the Sunsword will no longer erroneously gain illusion effects when held in the off-hand.
  • The Crypt Raider's Legendary Set now grants its proper Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Barovian Darts and Throwing Knives now hit more reliably.
  • The level tiers that inherent bonuses from tomes apply at has been adjusted to the following:
    • Level 1: +2 (This does not apply during character creation.)
    • Level 3: +3
    • Level 7:  +4
    • Level 11: +5
    • Level 15: +6
    • Level 19 +7
    • Level 22: +8 and higher
  • Spiral, Voice of the Elements now properly executes its spiral while in the off-hand.
  • Glamored versions of Spiral, Voice of the Elements now display their elemental effects.
  • Epic Purifying Quiver now properly applies Bludgeoning to ranged weapons you have equipped.
  • Increased Weapon Dice effects from the Sinister Handaxe no longer stick after unequipping.


  • Minotaur Skeletons are now properly undead.

Quest and Adventure Areas

  • Curse of Strahd now appears in the Adventure Compendium.
  • Strahd no longer heals to full from his mist attack in the Curse of Strahd raid.
  • Fixed an issue in Curse of Strahd where Madam Eva would sometimes draw the Marionette card twice, then fail to draw further cards.
  • Amber Temple doors now have map notes, as long as they remain closed, to remind you where you have not yet been.
  • Amber Temple's Shield Guardian and Hellhounds now follow their protege through teleporters.
  • Amber Temple Hellhounds now scale with dungeon difficulty.
  • Several Mists of Ravenloft quests have had their experience adjusted. The Last Vintage has had its Base XP increased to 2900, Oath of Vengeance has had its Base XP increased to 5100, and Raven's Bane has had its Base XP increased to 3880.
  • The quest Wrath of Earth has had its Base XP reduced slightly.
  • Characters can now teleport to the Blue Water Inn from the Blood on the Vine Tavern by using the Exit sign inside of the Blood on the Vine Tavern.
  • Vladimir Horngaard in Oath of Vengeance now correctly takes damage from healing.
  • The Optional section of the light puzzle in Oath of Vengeance now works as intended.
  • All of the skeletons in Death House now aggro correctly.
  • Traps in Death House are now somewhat easier to detect
  • It is no longer possible to jump into A Raven at the Door from the Barovian landscape without entering the quest properly.
  • In “A Raven at the Door” - Yesper's optional now cleans up correctly.
  • Amber Temple's map now has a separate top and bottom floor to help navigation.
  • Fixed issue in "The Final Vintage" where the end fight would sometimes trigger before collecting all the brown mold.
  • Typo and grammar fixes to Invitation to Dinner and Raven at the Door.
  • Blue Abishai in Mad Tea Party no longer cast Energy Drain on heroic difficulty settings.
  • Devil locations in Mad Tea Party have been adjusted to reduce occurence of dungeon alerts.

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