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Update 35 Release Notes

Update 35 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 35: Dawn of the Dragonborn, released on Thursday, March 16th. 


Of Special Note:



The Dragonborn come to the shores of Xen’drik, for The Prophecy demands it. The Dragons of Argonnessen send their bravest, boldest, and strongest to fulfill their legacy. Be one that takes up this challenge, to fulfill The Prophecy, and show the world of Eberron what it means to have fire in your heart. Start off with bonuses in Strength and Charisma and perfect your build in millions of ways! Free to VIPs, and available in the DDO Store.

New Adventure Pack

Tests arise for all adventurers in Dragonblood Prophecy. Creatures and beasts of all kinds have rallied to help the Dragons who are wreaking havoc through-out Stormreach. Two new dungeons and one raid come to life, The Newcomers and Black and Blue. Both adventures are available in the new Adventure Pack: Dragonblood Prophecy. Add a run in Reaper Mode, for either dungeon, for an extra challenge. Enjoy the new Raid: Riding the Storm Out, with Guildmates and Friends! Kor-Kaza has taken control of an ancient giant site with immense power, enough to wash Stormreach into the sea. You must stop this! Breach the site of the ancient people, stop the raging storm, and smite the dragon where it stands.  Free to VIPs, and available in the DDO Store.

Racial Reincarnation

Reincarnation has now expanded! Get Racial Past Life Feats when you reincarnate to add additional flavor and customization to your vault of heroes. Want to get started? Find the Heroic Heart of Blood, available now in the DDO Store and via Tokens of the Twelve in-game. 


News and Notes:



  • Monsters killed by instant death effects will now share their aggro normally to their allies.


  • Vanguard's Melee Power Boost now properly benefits from abilities that grant Extra Action Boosts.
  • Vanguard's Melee Power Boost now has a cooldown consistent with other Action Boosts.
  • Vanguard's Melee Power Boost is now Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Vanguard's Melee and Ranged Power Boost now shares a cooldown with other Action Boosts.
  • Ravager's Melee Power Boost now has text properly reflecting that it also grants Ranged Power.
  • Battle Engineer's Action Boost: Damage has been changed to Action Boost: Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Weapon Attachment's cooldown is now 15 seconds for Warforged, Bladeforged, and Artificers. Its induction time is now 2 seconds, and will no longer disappear when traveling through portals.
  • Henshin Mystic's Balance in Dawn's healing now scales properly in Reaper difficulty.
  • Many racial enhancement trees have been adjusted. The adjustments are as follows:
    • Drow
      • Vermin Lore: Now adds damage vs. these creatures, and its values have been increased to +3/6/9.
      • Ambidexterity is now 1 AP per rank.
      • Faerie Fire no longer has a Saving Throw, its effect now lasts for 10 seconds, it no longer uses charges, and now costs 2 Spell Points. The Druid spell version also no longer has a Saving Throw, and lasts for 10 seconds.
      • Darkfire's description has been updated to correct its DC. This SLA now scales with 150% Spell Power, costs 5 Spell Points, and cannot be countered.
      • Darkfire is affected by the Empower, Maximize, Quicken, Enlarge, and Intensify Metamagic Feats.
    • Dwarf
      • Child of the Mountain no longer reduces Reflex Saving Throws.
      • Dwarven Hands of Stone's DC is now 10 + Character Level + Constitution modifier + Transmutation Bonuses
      • Dwarf Fortress now works when wielding a Thrown Weapon with your Shield.
      • Bonus to damage is now a unique bonus to Melee and ranged Power
    • Elf
      • Nothing is Hidden has had its cost reduced to 1 AP. This also applies to Drow, Morninglord, and Shadar-kai.
    • Halfling
      • Heroic Companion is now 1 AP per rank.
      • Break out the Leeches is now 1 AP.
    • Half-orc
      • Orcish Weapon Training is now +1/2/3/4 to-hit and damage with one-handed Melee weapons, and +2/4/6/8 with two-handed Melee weapons.
      • Lock Bash is no longer tied to a Dragonmark or Sunder. This enhancement now has a cooldown, and a new animation. Lock Bash is no longer influenced by or required to have Thieves' Tools.
      • Orcish Rage is now an Action Boost: Orcish Rage now grants +40 Melee Power and a +2 Primal Bonus to Strength, and no longer reduces Physical Resistance Rating. Orcish Rage continues to prevent spellcasting, and causes monks to be uncentered. This Action Boost shares a cooldown with other Action Boosts.
      • Improved Power Attack is now 1 AP.
      • Power Rage now has a third rank, and the Barbarian requirement has been removed.
      • Brutality is no longer specific to two-handed weapons.
      • Raging Crush no longer has limited uses, nor requires Raging. Raging Crush does +3[W] and has a 30 second cooldown.
    • Half-elf
      • Improved Dilettante has had its cost reduced to 1 AP.
      • Dilettantes now have the following benefits in addition to what they already do, unless indicated:
        • Artificer: +30 Spell Points
        • Barbarian: +10 (instead of +5) Hit Points
        • Bard: +30 Spell Points
        • Cleric: +30 Spell Points
        • Druid: +30 Spell Points
        • Favored Soul: +30 Spell Points
        • Fighter: +1 to hit
        • Monk: Removed the Centered requirement
        • Sorcerer: +30 Spell Points
        • Wizard: +30 Spell Points
          • Half-elf Dilettante Tier 2:
            • Spellcasting: Increased Spell Power to +5.
            • Fixed base damage of Sly Flourish to +1[W].
          • Half-elf Dilettante Tier 4:
            • Barbarian: +10 Hit Points
            • Spellcasting: Spell Power has been increased to +5
            • Rogue: Cooldown is now 30 seconds. The Saving Throw has been updated to properly reflect full character level, and the Bomb DC boost has had scaling added.
            • Diplomatic Immunity now lasts for 60 seconds, or until you attack, and now has a 120 second cooldown.
    • Human
      • Ambidexterity is now 1 AP per rank.
    • Shadar-kai
      • Spiked Chain Attacks (and their upgrade effects) now scale with 200% Melee Power.
      • Winter Favored now scaled with Melee Power.
      • Vicious, Slashing, and Forceful Chain have had their cost reduced to 1 AP.
    • Warforged and Bladeforged
      • Repair Systems has had its cost reduced to 1 Action Point per rank.
      • (Warforged Only): Mithral Fluidity reduces Armor Check by 2/4/6.
      • Warforged's Adamantine Fluidity is now 4/8/12.
      • Bladeforged's Brute Fighting now matches the rest of the game.
      • Improved Power Attack is now 1 AP.
      • (Warforged Only): There is now a new enhancement called Memories of the Last War, which is a Tier 3 and 4 enhancement which requires 15 AP spent in the tree, and costs 1 AP:
        • Choose from the following:
          • +15 Determination Bonus to Melee and Ranged Power
          • +25 Determination Bonus to Universal Spell Power
          • +3 Determination Bonus to all Saving Throws.
          • +8 Determination Bonus to Armor Class and Physical Resistance Rating.
            • The Tier 4 version allows a character to make a second choice from the above list that is not the same as the one selected for Tier 3.

Epic Destinies

  • Legendary Dreadnought's Damage Boost is now Melee and Ranged Power.
  • Legendary Dreadnought's Action Boosts should not fail as often when activating several things rapidly.


  • Heroic Executioner's Platemail was using Epic Armor Class values. This has been corrected.
  • Players with outdated versions of Firebreak (Heroic and Epic), Wall of Wood (Heroic and Epic), and the Epic Corruption of Nature can now update these items in the Stone of Change.
  • Quality Sneak Attack located in the Extra Slot was both not displaying the amount of Sneak Attack Damage it was granting, and was granting an incorrect amount of to-hit with Sneak Attacks. Both have been corrected.
  • Seeker no longer gives extra damage to Critical hits that scaled incorrectly with loot power.
  • Quality Seeker located in the Extra Slot was giving an incorrect amount of Critical Confirmation Bonus. This has been corrected.
  • The Returning Snowball and Epic Returning Snowball now have Strength as their ability modifier to damage.


  • Air elementals only knock down characters when actively engaging in their charge behavior.


  • Characters can now undergo a Racial Reincarnation. The Past life feats are as follows, the first for the first reincarnation, the second for the second reincarnation. The third reincarnation is always +1 Racial Action Point:
    • Warforged: +1 Repair, +1 Constitution
    • Drow: +1 Search, +1 Intelligence
    • Dwarf: +1 Balance, +1 Constitution
    • Elf: +1 Spot, +1 Dexterity
    • Gnome: +1 Use Magic Device, +1 Intelligence
    • Halfling: +1 Move Silently, +1 Dexterity
    • Half-elf: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Charisma
    • Half-orc: +1 Intimidate, +1 Strength
    • Human: +1 Haggle, +1 Wisdom
    • Dragonborn: +1 Spellcraft, +1 Charisma

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