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Update 32 Release Notes

Update 32 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 32: Against the Slave Lords, released on Tuesday, September 13th, 2016. These notes will change over time.

Special Note:


Against the Slave Lords

Our new classic adventure pack is here! Find the NPCs to acquire the quests in the Hall of Heroes. The quests are available in both Heroic and Legendary difficulties. 

Cannith Crafting

We've updated Cannith Crafting! Click here for our guide to the new Cannith Crafting system.

News and Notes:



  • The Paladin Past Life feat now lists its correct Healing Amplification.


  • The elf enhancement's Fey Energy Tap now states incorporeality, not concealment.
  • Pale Master's SLAs have had their descriptions updated to include things like hit point cost, metamagic usage, and other things.
  • Pale Master's Cloak of Night now clarifies that it will reduce the amount of healing received from Positive Energy, or Negative Energy if you are undead.
  • Sorcerer's Water and Fire Savant no longer asks if you are a warforged twice.
  • Arcane Archer's Elemental Imbues no longer say they only do acid damage.
  • Paladin's Knight of the Chalice positive healing amplification now matches its actual effect.
  • Gnome and Deep Gnome SLAs now properly contain text about what the SLA actually does, instead of just telling you the spell's name.
  • Arcanotechnician's Arcane Mechanism no longer gives 100 times as much Spell Power as it was supposed to.
  • Repair Systems now works on players and the Artificer Iron Defender.
  • Merciful Shot now scales with Ranged Power.

Epic Destinies

  • Epic Destinies that grant Ranged Power now list the benefit in their Tier 0 tooltips.


  • Players will now earn their proper rewards above 5,000 favor.


  • All Single Weapon Fighting feat tooltips now properly attribute attack speed to a combat style bonus.
  • Stunning Fist now has its DC listed in its tooltip (10 + (Character Level/2) + Wisdom modifier).


  • Light, medium, and heavy armor found in randomly-generated loot can now appear with many appearances that existed prior to their removal in Update 14. As a result, the number of visual possibilities on randomly-generated armor has greatly increased.
  • Collectibles have been added to the following Dungeons:
    • The Devil's Details
    • Multitude of Menace
    • Palace of Stone
    • Precious Cargo
    • A Study in Sable
    • Tavern Brawl
  • Hide armor once again appears in randomly-generated loot. Hide Armor is Medium armor, and identical to Scalemail, except it has a different look, is made of leather, and can be equipped by druid wolf pets.
  • Randomly-generated weapons now generate either martial or caster effects on a given item.
  • Scepters once again appear in randomly-generated loot.
  • Insightful Spell Power can now rarely appear on randomly-generated weapons.
  • Some scaling effects have had their benefits corrected:
    • On-crit Intelligence and Charisma drain effects no longer drain Dexterity instead of their correct stat.
    • On-crit Wisdom and Constitution drain effects no longer drain Strength instead of their correct stat.
  • Force Spellpower now grants spell power to untyped and physical magical damage in addition to force damage.
  • Cannith Challenge gear has been updated to use new scaling effects that increase in power as the items are upgraded. These items no longer use Cannith Crafting.
  • Good, evil, chaos, and law damage effects now break DR.
  • Collectibles used in Cannith Crafting now stack to 500.
  • Fixed an issue where the Broken Music Box's Cacophonic Guard caused performance issues by applying hidden copies of the effect.
  • Fixed some items that were showing string table errors during certain display conditions.
  • Spell Focus Mastery now works correctly.
  • Ranged weapons now carry their correct power values for on-hit effects.


  • Epic and harder Hezrous, Umber Hulks, and Slaad now have epic rocks, and enjoy throwing them at you.
  • Several Monster Manual typos and other issues have been corrected.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • The Hall of Heroes has had its music changed.
  • The Hall of Heroes has new rugs.
  • The exit loading screen in Don't Drink the Water has been fixed.
  • The guild airship Sellswords Tavern amenity no longer grants +40% movement speed in quests.
  • Players in Three Barrel cove will no longer see the Fog of War in the public area of the landscape.


  • Gnome SLA DCs now state that their DC is Character Level + Intelligence Modifier + Illusion DC bonus.


  • Divine Punishment now has its max caster level specified.
  • Further work to prevent lag caused by Freedom of Movement.


  • The Help Window will no longer reappear when a character exits a portal space.
  • There is now a Quest panel tab for Hall of Heroes Classics, including Against the Slave Lords and Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • Various quests have had their tooltips in the Adventure Compendium fixed.
  • Various quests have been moved from the "Misc." tab in the Quest Journal to their actual quest locations.
  • Quest from the Trials of the Archons adventure pack now appear under a new Quest Journal tab "Shavarath - Archons".
  • Quests from the Temple of Elemental Evil and Against the Slave Lords no appear under a new Hall of Heroes tab in the Quest Journal.

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