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Update 32 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 32 Patch 1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Update 32 Patch 1 Release Notes, released on Thursday, September 29th. 


News and Notes:



  • Unbound Vampirism, Vitality, and Keen shards now give their correct shards when crafted.


  • All scaling weapons that should have a Spellcasting Implement bonus now have the bonus automatically. Greensteel augments are not affected by this change.
  • The Legendary Slave Rags and Legendary Slave Master's Staff now have the word Legendary in their names.
  • Cannith Challenge gear now has its proper minimum levels.
  • Against the Slave Lords crafted items (Shackles, Five Rings, Collar), and their Legendary counterparts, are now able to have Mythic bonuses crafted onto them.
  • Update 32 gear that has set bonuses applied to them now properly applies those set bonuses. The items may need to be unequipped and re-equipped if you had them equipped.
  • Skill tomes and skill upgrade tomes can no longer be traded in for Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments. Since these items are possible to acquire when a character is first created (due to being bundled with expansion packs), it opened up an exploit that allowed players to create character after character to get an unlimited number of Purified Eberron Dragonshard Fragments.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Optional Objective ransack now works properly.

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