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Update 27 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 27 Patch 1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 27 Patch 1. These notes were released on Wednesday, August 12th.

News and Notes:


Crafting Storage:

  • Crafting from Shared Bank - Crafting Storage is once again available.
  • Cannith Crafting Item Deconstruction essences will no longer be consumed without benefit when pulled from Shared Bank - Crafting Storage.

DDO Store:

  • Fixed an issue that could cause certain Bound to Account items to erroneously become Bound to Character.


  • Hireling Stand Your Ground AI has been improved.
  • Disabling a spell on the hotbar of the hireling will now prevent it from being used by the hireling automatically as well.
  • Hirelings set to Aggressive mode will now attack more reliably.


  • Non-VIP players can now consume Fate Tomes without first having to speak to the Fatespinner.
  • All Lasting Potions now persist through death.
  • Fixed the description of the Eternal Flask haste effect.
  • Hide of the Fallen's Druidic Survival Mastery now works more reliably.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • Amrath
    • Made some minor graphical changes to the Archons in Amrath to improve game performance.
    • The Devil's Details
      • The quest now has an exit waypoint.
    • Demon Assault
      • The quest now has an exit waypoint.
    • Defiler of the Just
      • The monsters that spawn in the trap room are now split into two groups, and a small delay has been added so that they do not spawn at the same time.
      • Teleportation behavior of devils has been changed so they now have a longer cooldown between attempts, and will not teleport upon spawning.
      • Made some adjustments to monster spawning in the Fallen Archons/Reinforcements area.
      • Abishai Executioners will now stick closer to the Fallen Archons.
      • Pit Fiends and Horned Devils have had their detection range lowered.
      • Tieflings have had some of their behaviors adjusted.
      • Some monster pathing has been improved.
      • There is now a resurrection shrine that appears upon completion of the raid.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
    • Epic Docents now have their correct Minimum Level.

Known Issues:

Known Issues are now available. Click here to read them.

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