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Update 25 Patch 2 Release Notes

Update 25 Patch 2

Welcome to the Update 25 Patch 2 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These notes were posted on Tuesday, April 28th, 2015.


News and Notes

  • The number of Mysterious Remnants that appear when killing a champion have been doubled on all difficulties, for both miniboss chests and non-chest drops.
  • Sneak Attack now scales with 150% Melee or Ranged Power.
  • Vanguard shield bonuses no longer erroneously remain after being unequipped.
  • The Rogue Mechanic enhancement tree has been improved:
    • Time Bomb's Balance DC has had its text corrected to show that it uses full Rogue level for the DC.
    • Sharpshooter: Non-repeating crossbows increase their damage to +2 and add one Sneak Attack die in Tiers One through Four.
    • Sharpshooter at Tier Five provides +3 additional damage and one Sneak Attack die with all non-repeating crossbows, and now requires Rogue Level 5 and Character Level 12.
    • Sniper: Non-repeating crossbows increase their Sneak Attack die to three, and gain +2[W].
    • Non-repeating crossbows now get their Alacrity bonus provided by Mechanical Reloader.
  • The Rogue Thief-Acrobat enhancement tree has been improved:
    • Cartwheel Charge's Doublestrike has been increased to +20 (from +5), and now only works for staves.
    • Acrobat Staff Training damage with staves has been increased from +1 to +2 for Tier One and Three.
    • Acrobat Staff Training at Tier Five now offers +10 Melee Power, +3 to hit and +3 damage with quarterstaves (adds Melee Power.)
    • Sweeping strikes now does +1/3/5[W] to all nearby enemies, and trips them on a DC of 10/14/18 + Rogue level + Dexterity modifier + Trip bonuses. The enemy rolls Balance to negate the trip.
  • The Rogue Assassin enhancement tree has been improved:
    • A new Assassin's Mark now refreshes the duration of an existing mark.
    • Movement speed during stealth has been increased to +25/50/75% (from +20/35/50%.)
    • Shadow Dagger's saving throw is now 10/14/18 + Rogue Level + the greater of Intelligence or Dexterity bonus + bonuses to Assassinate. Damage now scales with 400% Melee Power.
    • Execute's extra damage now scales with 400% Melee Power.
    • The saving throw for Assassinate is now 10 + Rogue level + the greater of Intelligence or Dexterity bonus + bonuses to Assassinate (adds possibility of Dexterity bonus instead of Intelligence bonus if higher.)
    • Measure the Foe now gains 6 Melee Power per stack.
    • Deadly Strikes now adds +10 damage against enemies with an Assassin's Mark.
    • The Lethality enhancement has been changed. It now reads: While wearing light or cloth armor you gain +1 to your Critical Damage Multiplier for any one-handed weapon you are wielding (Two Weapon Fighters will get the bonus for both weapons provided they qualify.)
  • The Wizard Pale Master's spell critical chance enhancements now give as much critical chance as they should.
  • Hirelings who are Standing their Ground will no longer leave their assigned area to aid players.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause hirelings to switch back to "follow" mode shortly after a teleportation that was followed by a quick press of Stand Your Ground.
  • +7 Tomes and +6 to +7 Upgrade Tomes now function and display correctly on character sheets.
  • Resistance Mythic effects have had their descriptions fixed.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil Docents are no longer Bound to Character on Aquire.
  • Fixed an effect error on the Doused Bastard Swords available from the Temple of Elemental Evil.
  • The stack size for most thrown weapons and other ammunition is now 100, if it had been lower. 
Monster Manual
  • Baktor now counts as a Horned Devil.
  • Ilso Hrolk now counts as an Orc.
  • Droaam Conscript now counts as an Orc.
  • Droaam Skirmisher now counts as an Orc.
  • Bashevis now counts as a Lion.
  • Jungle Panther now counts as a Lion.
  • Forest Lion now counts as a Lion.
  • The Guardian of Shan-to-Kor now counts as a Stone Golem.
  • Hullstone now counts as a Stone Golem.
Quests and Adventure Areas
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
    • Players should no longer sometimes experience a locked chest after defeating Zuggtmoy.
    • Elemental Victory can now drop.
    • The objective "Slay Cragmore the Adamant" now completes.
    • There is now an exit waypoint at the quest entrance.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause multiple random encounters to trigger at the same time.
Known Issues
Known Issues are available. Click here to read them!

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