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Update 24 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 24 Patch 1

Welcome to the Update 24 Patch 1 Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These notes were posted on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015.

Of Special Note:


Mysterious Remnants

Characters facing the game’s toughest challenges have encountered a wide variety of Monster Champions - creatures with increased skill and power. What is causing this increase in power? As characters investigate the source of this newfound strength they will begin to discover that many of these creatures carry Mysterious Remnants that seem to resonate with strange magical power. Could these remnants be causing these champions and their rise in power? What use could these remnants have for those looking for power?
Monster champions will have a chance to drop Mysterious Remnants. Players can gather these remnants, and various agents and interested parties might trade them for a variety of rewards, including scrolls, potions, cosmetic items, and even prestigious and rare pets. Organizations do not have unlimited resources, and as factions vie for power some agents and rewards might change over time. Players can find Mysterious Remnants in some chests when encountering minibosses, and can sometimes find them on the ground when defeating regular Champions. Mysterious Remnants can only appear if the difficulty-modified quest level is equal to our higher than the player character's level that killed the Champion. Mysterious Remnant reward NPCs are located in both Halls of Heroes.

News and Notes:



  • Characters with Greater Rage, gained at barbarian level 11, now get +10 Physical Resistance Rating when wearing Medium armor.
  • Characters with Greater Rage, gained at barbarian level 11, now get +10 Melee Power while the rage is active.


  • Ballistas fired by monsters (such as those in Epic Storm the Beaches) now wait longer to fire when their target emerges from behind cover. Shots from these ballistas also no longer hit enemies through cover.

DDO Store

  • Lasting Ability Score potions (like Bull's Might, Fox's Cunning, etc.) now have a one hour duration and pause in public areas, and have been renamed "Long Lasting".
  • The "Panther Cub" family of Creature Companions has been renamed to "Great Cat."
  • The Panther Creature Companion's "Teach Bat with Paw" treat has been renamed to "Great Cat Treat - Teach Bat with Paw".


  • Barbarian Frenzied Berserker's Storm's Eye now costs 1 Action Point, and has had its functionality updated to read:
    • Activate: You gain 25 stacks of Storm's Eye. Cooldown is 150 seconds.
    • Storm's Eye: +1 melee damage. One stack fades away every three seconds.
    • Passive: +4 Constitution, +10 Melee Power. When raging your melee attacks have a 5% chance to deal 400 bludgeoning damage. This damage scales with 100% Melee Power.
  • Barbarian Frenzied Berserker's Accelerate Metabolism is now 3d6, and adds 20 Healing Amplification while raging.
  • Barbarian Occult Slayer's Mind Over Magic's bonus to Spell Resistance no longer sometimes disappears when refreshing a buff you already have that affects Constitution.
  • Barbarian Occult Slayer's One Spirit now costs 100 Weapon Bond, and heals for a base 400.
  • Barbarian Ravager's Visage of Terror no longer sometimes fails to function after expending all Rage charges (and then resting to get charges back.)
  • Barbarian Ravager's Strength bonuses on Tier 3 and 4 now actually increase your Strength.
  • Barbarian Ravager's Blood Strength tooltip now properly reflects its 12% effect chance.
  • Barbarian Ravager's Pain Touch no longer has a cooldown.
  • Ravager's Mutilate bane damage is now 2d6/4d6/6d6.
  • Radiant Servant's Positive Energy Shield now properly applies Healing Amplification.

Epic Destinies

  • Exalted Angel's Purity of Essence now gives the correct values of Healing Amplification - 6/12/20 total.


  • Single Weapon Fighting feats had previously been granting too much bonus damage based on ability score. This has now been corrected to match the text (up to +50% damage, the same as Two-Handed Fighting.)


  • Golem's Heart no longer triggers at times when it should not.
  • The description of the Glamered Weapon Aura has been adjusted to clarify that the auras do not work with shields.

Monster Champions

  • Monster Champions no longer spawn in quests below level 5. Quests which are level 3 on Normal would not have Champions on Hard, but would on Elite, since Elite difficulty would bring the quest level to 5.
  • The chance for epic monsters to ignore ability score damage has been reduced from 90% down to 33% on Epic Hard and 50% on Epic Elite. This chance remains zero percent on Epic Casual and Epic Normal.
  • Champions have had their chance to gain True Sight reduced.
  • Champions now have a greater chance to See Invisible.
  • The amount of hit point buffs for Monster Champions has been reduced for most levels.
  • The triggered buff from Second Wind has been reduced from nine seconds to six seconds.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Eveningstar
    • Mask of Deception
      • The Dragonsoul Arms Keeper's Intimidate check is now functioning correctly.
      • The Dragonsoul Warrior's option to use Haggle to lower the price to Neutralize the Cultists now functions correctly.
  • Shadow Under Thunderholme
    • Temple of the Deathwyrm
      • Monsters now properly stop spawning, and despawn on the first floor when they are supposed to.
      • The Bone Guardians minions now disappear at the end of the fight.
      • Monsters in the Red Light/Green Light and Trap rooms now properly disappear after their floor has been completed.
      • Unused AI for skeleton and shadow minions has been disabled.
    • Fire on Thunder Peak
    • The weather is now nicer, and filled with less particles.
  • Shadowfell Conspiracy
    • Lines of Supply
      • Monsters that had previously been set to not patrol outside of their area of interest are now able to. 


  • Holy Sword's tooltip information is now consistent across all descriptions.


  • Automatically-consumable items are now auto-consumed when obtained from Buy Back.

Known Issues:

Known Issues are now available. Click here to read them.

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