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Update 23 Patch 1 Release Notes

Update 23 Patch 1 Release Notes

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These notes were posted on Monday, October 27th, 2014. 

Of Special Note:

Cosmetic Weapons and Shields
The Mirror of Glamering can now be used to create cosmetic shields and docents!
  • The resulting cosmetic is Bound to Account, and all racial requirements are retained.
  • The look of created Cosmetic docents will change depending on the body feat of the warforged wearing it (Adamantine, Composite, or Mithril), in the same way their associated armors change their look based on a warforged's body feat.

News & Notes:

  • The Second Mate's shop window now properly closes when a character walks away or teleports.
  • Fixed two stuck spots in the Orien Express Amenity.
  • A Game Hunter has now been added to the Game Hunter amenity.
  • Smite Evil and Exalted Smite now both have a shorter animation.
  • Returning (such as on thrown weapons) is no longer considered a magical effect, and is no longer suppressed by things like Mordenkainen's Disjunction.
  • Glamered items will no longer count as Exclusive, preventing a character from picking up the original non-Glamered item.
  • Glowing Eyes now work on Purple Dragon Knight characters.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Harper Agent tree to lock up every time a point was added to it.
  • Knight of the Chalice's Divine Light now properly scales with Melee Power.
  • Knight of the Chalice's Divine Light no longer damages allies.
  • The Vanguard's Shield Rush now uses a custom knockdown effect with a proper DC for its saving throw.
  • The Vanguard's Shield Charge has been tuned to be more precise in relation to its target.
  • The Assassin's Venomed Blades enhancement no longer prevents sneak attacks.
Hirelings and Pets
  • Hirelings will now resurrect allies automatically when possible. It is also now possible to specify a hireling to resurrect during combat, or wait until combat has ended.
  • It is now possible to disable the pause in movement a hireling does when someone in the party is hit by a trap.
  • Hirelings told to stay put will no longer follow players after combat.
  • More hirelings that can heal themselves will no longer ask to be healed.
  • Melee hirelings told to stand their ground in a spot will no longer help their master when their master gets hit.
  • Hirelings now respond better to debuffs and spells.
  • Hirelings will now respond more quickly to companions being hurt.
  • Hirelings with Repair will now repair Iron Defenders.
  • Players can now customize the AI of their Iron Defenders and Druid Companions.
  • Iron Defenders with the Hunter of Boxes enhancement will now break boxes more reliably. If a character's Iron Defender stops breaking boxes, the player can press the "come to me" button on their hireling bar, after which point the Defender should once again break boxes.
  • Knives Eternal now allows a player to add its Primary Argument and Secondary Augment upgrade in either order.
  • Players who had their Epic Blademark's Docent or Epic Deneith Heavy Chain Vertigo benefit changed to +12 can now place those items into a Stone of Change to have them corrected.
  • The material type on new named armors released in Update 23 has been changed from mithril to steel. Note that these armors did not previously provide the mithril benefit, but had the mithril name associated with them in their material type.
  • Harrowed Wheeps are no longer healed from positive energy damage.
Quests and Adventure Areas
  • Eveningstar
    • There is now a General Vendor in Eveningstar.
  • Menace of the Underdark
    • House of Death Undone
      • The quest minimap has been corrected to prevent map markers from being shifted.
  • Orchard of the Macabre
    • Fixed an issue where a mummy was underneath the platform he was resting on.
    • Fixed an issue where two of the Black Abbot's journals played the wrong audio.
    • Fixed an issue where two of Erandis Vol's journals played no sound.
    • Flesh Maker's Laboratory
      • Fixed an issue that could cause the Conduit Passage door to not open.
    • Inferno of the Damned
      • Cinnis the Cinderspawn is now more difficult on Epic difficulty.
      • The vector quest for Epic Inferno of the Damned now has its correct name in the Quest Journal.
    • Litany of the Dead
      • Mentau's Plaht Device debuff no longer persists until the player re-logs into the game.
  • Shadowfell Conspiracy
    • Shadar-kai now dress themselves properly.
    • Lines of Supply
      • The Harpy Matriarch no longer stops functioning if a player abandons their conversation with her after succeeding a skill check.
  • Image Gallery images are no longer reset upon Epic, Iconic, or True Reincarnation.
  • The combat log text displayed when opening or closing the Mirror of Glamering has been fixed.

Known Issues

The Known Issues list can be read by clicking here!

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