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Update 17 Patch 1 Release Notes

Release Notes: Update 17 Patch 1

Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These release notes were posted on Monday, March 18th, 2013.

News & Notes

Of Special Note

The Shard Exchange

This new auction house functions similar to the original Auction House, and offers a convenient place to trade equipment for Astral Shards, a currency that provides additional in-game services! The Shard Exchange is available by visiting an Auction House NPC or by selecting the Shard Exchange in the start menu (the "dragon coin" in the lower left of the screen.)

  • The Shard Exchange is available to Premium and VIP players.
  • The Shard Exchange utilizes Astral Shards both as a bid and reward currency.
  • Unbound and Bound-to-Character-on-Equip items can be traded. Equipped Bound-on-Equip items can be sold even after they are bound, but become immediately bound to the character purchasing the item.
  • Posting fees for unbound items is one Shard, and posting fees for Bound on Equip items is five Shards. These fees are refunded if the auction expires.
  • Premium players can currently post up to ten items, and VIP players can post up to 20 items.
  • The default bid for unbound items is three Shards, while the default bid for Bound on Equip items is fifteen Shards.
  • The Shard Exchange will take a 30% cut (on top of the posting fee) when unbound items are successfully sold, and a 40% cut (on top of the posting fee) for bound items.

Daily Dice

Earn daily rewards from the Dungeon Master just for logging in! When you log into the game each day, you'll get a notification that a daily reward is available. The Daily Dice system can be accessed from the start menu, or by clicking the icon that displays in your health bar when a free roll is available (this small icon appears next to the mail icon.) Each player gets a free roll on the Silver Chest loot table once per day (one free roll per account per server per day), and can spend Astral Shards for additional rolls if desired. Players can also choose to use their free Silver Chest roll to reduce the cost of a roll on the Gold Chest table. Players can spend Astral Shards to roll on the Gold Chest table.

VIP XP Bonus

  • VIP Players now get an extra +10% XP! This bonus stacks with other sources of experience bonus.

General Changes

Auction House

  • The Auction House has been given a math lesson and will no longer tell you that your bid amount was too small when you were bidding what it told you to.


  • Fixed an issue that prevented crafting shards with the Aligned effect on them from being applied as prefixes.
  • Newly-made shards with the Bashing effect will now display their names properly as "Shard of Bashing" instead of just "Shard."
  • Soul Gem Bags are now available to purchase from vendors in Crafting Halls.

Creature Companions

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the bat to temporarily disappear when a hat is applied to it.

DDO Store

  • Sovereign Experience Elixirs have a new icon.


  • Larger-than-intended piles of gems will no longer drop in every chest.
  • Otto's Irresistible Boxes (and other items with zero durability) can no longer be destroyed during combat.


  • Many Collectible NPCs in the Harbor, Marketplace and House wards now use the barter shop interface, and have Augments available to exchange for collectibles or Astral Shards.
  • Augment Crystal Vendor titles have been improved to more clearly specify what kind of augments they sell.
  • Collector chalices have had their colors changed to help differentiate them from quest NPCs.
  • Hireling vendors that sold rogue hireling contracts for Astral Shards now do so again.


  • Some monsters who failed to respond to loud noises will now do so.


Euphonia's Challenge: Treasure of the Crystal Cove

  • Crystal Cove half-orcs are now labeled correctly.


  • Removed a duplicate explorer journal.
  • The Truthful One's #11 teaching now displays text when used.
  • Druuhl's and Baldrasan's treasure will no longer sometimes spawn in the air.

The Fall of Truth

  • Disciples and their giants now revive to full health when their counterpart doesn't die within the ten second window.
  • The Stormreaver's lightning bomb attack now works as intended.

Reaver's Refuge

Prey on the Hunter

  • Fixed an issue that caused the giants attacking Aussircaex to be too powerful on some difficulty settings, making it hard for the dragon to stay alive.

The Underdark

  • The Slayer and Slave Rescue quests in The Underdark now work properly again.


  • Casting Mass Hold Monster on certain foes will no longer cause a crash.


  • Added start menu options for the Daily Dice and Shard Exchange, removed the my.ddo option, and re-ordered other options for organizational purposes.
  • The mail icon now displays on the small fellowship health bar.
  • The text for the pop-up window that displays when using the /stuck command now states, "You may use this command once every X hour(s)."

Known Issues

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