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    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night, The Ambassadors Volumn IV

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    The Ambassadors
    Volumn IV "Changes of Cloths" Chapter 7

    *Uxor glared down at Mekari, trying to maintain calm. Word of the disturbance at the Phoenix had ultimately reached Uxor's awareness as the evening progressed. She was a bit suspicious when she kept hearing whispers of trouble from patrons coming in and looking up at the table she sat at - Varro's table - with hushed tones. When someone asked her outright if she knew of it, she was given brief detail; detail enough to know that seeing Mekari standing down below, peering up at her with her smug smile, was a bit surprising. Did the woman know no bounds? To think she would show herself here in the Phoenix again after so openly and recently attacking someone. . .
    Though Uxor did note that there were perhaps only six people total in the bar counting she and Mekari at that moment, and three of those were bartenders. She also noticed that the tenders seemed particularly 'busy' for it being so empty this eve - Mekari must have threatened them to keep quiet. This did not bode well. She kept repeating to herself to be brave for the sake of her friends, and not let the woman's presence get to her.*
    <"Am I so terrible, really? How interesting."> *Uxor heard a voice in her head. A bit taken aback, her thoughts raced momentarily. There was no mistaking the tone of the thoughts, and Deriaz had recounted before that Mekari could speak directly to your mind. Uxor wasn't certain if it would work, but she thought back <"What ARE you?"> and worked to bridle her wild fear. Someone was in her head, and who knew what that someone could glean while there. She tried to focus entirely on the conversation playing out between she and Mekari in her mind.*
    Mekari: <What am I? I could ask the same of you, but that would be rude. It is enough to know that you are human...esk.>
    Uxor: <Well unlike you, I don't make it a point to wear disguises. If someone asked ME, I would tell them the truth> *Uxor hoped her tone was coming across as threatening and not like a frightened cornered animal, fighting only because there was no escape.*
    Mekari: <Would you? Seems telling the truth for you is selective then.>
    *Mekari was trying to provoke her. Uxor wasn't sure if Mekari could feel her emotions or not, so it was best perhaps to not waste time hiding reactions only to appear even weaker by doing so. That didn't mean, however, that she had to put up with the banter.*
    Uxor: <Obviously you have a reason to communicate with me. Here I am. What do you want, and if this is it, then we are done.>
    Mekari: <You are friends with the Minstrel, yes?>
    *How to answer.... Really it was none of Mekari's business what Uxor's state of affairs was, so the reply Uxor gave was simply shaking her head yes. For her part, she would continue to think of Varro as friend, even with all the trouble.*
    Mekari: <I thought so. Such a pity that your last words with him were spoken...excuse me... written in anger.> *Uxor gave no response in mind or body to that. She was waiting for Mekari to come to the point of their encounter, and she wasn't about to give her the satisfaction of insults that Mekari was obviously trying to draw out with irritating remarks.*
    Mekari: <I came here because I wanted to see the look on your face when I told you I've ended his life. You seem like someone who'd be pained by his loss, thus the most entertaining to watch. It will take a moment for it to settle in, but when it does, there is no substitute for the spectacle.
    Does it hurt more knowing that when he died, he considered you a traitor? Or even more to think that he's back in the arms of his wife in the beyond? I'm neither unobservant or naive, Uxor; even I can see, by the disbelief painted on your face, that your feelings for him were strong.
    I can see without the need to hear it, that you doubt my words. Let me remind you that you know the sort of person I am. To my displeasure, you've been opening doors that you were told to leave closed. I can't change that you've managed to see some of what is behind those doors. Just keep in mind what you saw if you value your life, and don't wish for a reunion with Lord and Lady Velox.
    Still doubting me? Well, I guess it would be unusual for me to strike down someone of my own guild - but that would be assuming that my intentions were honest in joining said guild.
    The fact that he was well known in the city did not grant immunity from his past. Things have been in motion for some time now, that you've no awareness to, so it is best not to dwell on why I killed him, so much as that it was long in coming, and unavoidable ultimately.
    Would it please you to know what his last thoughts were?>
    *By the time Mekari had come to this point of her conversation, Uxor's mind had run the gambit of reactions, and it seemed the drow looking woman did have some inkling of what Uxor's thoughts were without the need for her to send them directly.
    First came the shock and aversion to the words that Mekari was saying... dead? Not to mention the audacity of proclaiming that she would relate it for her amusement. She was bluffing. Who would come here in the open and confess such a thing? Mekari was a liar. She was, however, right on about Uxor's feelings. How did she know that? The only person she'd really confided her thoughts in was a small handful, and none of them would speak to others of it. Mekari was just trying to draw out a reaction with her account of Varro's demise, but she definitely had a way of digging where it hurt. Because of how she is. She WAS a nasty person. Anyone who would do to Deriaz what this 'thing' had was no creature of any morals. Even so, to kill Varro would bring complications. Complications that would only be a serious issue to someone who intended on staying among the fellowship...
    Someone who joined the fellowship with false intent was someone who could be capable of much wrongdoing.
    Someone who had a file locked away by House Deneith listing her as a liability.
    Someone who wasn't even a part of this plane potentially, who didn't hold the laws and values of this world as being of consequence.
    Someone insane enough to stand there in the open and profess their enjoyment of seeing others suffer for her own amusement.
    Someone who could...
    "Would it please you to know what his last thoughts were?" she heard in her head, and thus Uxor snapped. Diving off the platform unarmed, she came flying down like a falling stone, arms outstretched. Something within her stirred her past the fear, past the doubt, and even past the notion that by doing this, she might ultimately meet her end indeed. She knew what she wanted. Even if Mekari decided to lash out at her with powers, she was going to get what she wanted. There was no sound, no expression, no thought, and no warning as Uxor threw herself down from the high platform lunging at the form of Mekari far below.*
    *Mekari didn't seem entirely surprised by it. She was more surprised that it had taken this long to invoke such a reaction. With no visible movements, and with seeming indifference, she defended herself. Uxor started to feel the sound that Deriaz and Ragyr had spoken of. A shrill cry in her mind, like the horrid shriek of thousands of suffering animals, unnatural and chilling, rattled her mind. She felt a part of herself slipping away as if her very essence were being taken from her. She bit her lip hard, and fought for control. If she failed, she failed them. Uxor clawed her way past the sensations into the present. There was only one thing that mattered, and she was going to see it through. She had anticipated that Mekari would try and stun her, and she'd hoped that even with that, her body might land on the drow and throw her off balance. Now she found that despite the sounds and the sense of personal loss... she was still in control. A face of icy, stoic, vengeance was now face to face with Mekari, and outstretched hands like talons bore down on Uxor's prey. To ring her neck would be no justice. To beat her down would only permit her the time to heal. Uxor knew what she wanted. She was never so satisfied as seeing the wave of expressions pass over Mekari's face, as Mekari realize she'd underestimated this*
    *Annoyance. Displeasure. Shock. Mortification. Utter Ire. Uxor felt it was a rather fitting series of looks, considering what she'd felt up there. This was a thing of beauty, and if she never lived another day in her life, there could be nothing so satisfying as seeing these things in Mekari's eyes when Uxor's hands lashed out, taking hold of her face, and yanking it apart upwards and down. It was not, however Mekari's face. Uxor knew this. She didn't entirely understand what she had a grip on at that moment as two pieces of something slid out of view. Uxor was too busy taking in the features of a blonde haired woman, completely beside herself at having been exposed so entirely. Not knowing if Mekari could still hear her, she opted to think it anyway on the off chance that she could.*
    Uxor: <Now I know you>
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    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night, The Ambassadors, Volumn IV

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    The Ambassadors
    Volumn IV "Changes of Cloths" Chapter 7 continued

    *Mekari had anticipated Uxor's attack. What she had not planned for, apparently, was for Uxor to still be functional when she landed. Mekari had side stepped, and had Uxor been disabled, the body of the fighter would have crumpled in a heap next to Mekari's feet. Instead, Uxor's hands found Mekari's face as her form rushed past, seizing hold of what she could, and as she fell beyond Mekari, she took with her one thing, and knocked another from the 'drow' woman's head. Holding fast to whatever was in her grasp, Uxor caught a glimpse of the thing. It was like a funerary mask... but made of something very odd. It was as if it were made of metal that had been submerged in the sea until it had taken on that familiar old green blue patina. Except it shimmered slightly. She didn't have long to ponder it, she only knew that she needed the strongest grip she could on the thing, because Mekari was in tow with her.
    The force with which she'd ripped at Mekari's face to try and unmask and unhelm her, to rid her of the disguise, had also served to drag the two of them down somewhat together. Uxor burned the image of Mekari's exposed face into her memory. Ragyr had been right. She was remarkably pretty looking for someone of such malice. Graceful... likeable... a much better appearance than the creepy drow guise she presented. There was no time to consider these things, or bask in the success of her having exposed the blonde woman's face to the rest of the bar. She had Mekari on the ropes, and needed to force a choice onto her foe.
    With one hand, Uxor held fast to the mask, and fortunately she was quite a strong woman. It would not take much effort, even for a frail looking person like Mekari, to ply it from her if Mekari used both hands and full focus. There in was the choice. With her other free hand, Uxor began to rummage through Mekari's things. She was going to find something of use... be it Deriaz's gem or some indication of the demise of Varro. Mekari could not both defend her personal belongings and fight for the mask. She would have to choose - her disguise or her affects. Either was a winning situation for Uxor. If she managed to get the mask from Mekari, she had a bartering tool. If she got Der's stone or anything else of consequence, she had what she wanted.*
    *In such close quarters, Uxor had hoped Mekari would be incapable of using her powers in the heat of wrestling. A wash of fire coming over her body told Uxor otherwise. Fire. Her first reaction was to recoil in terror, but she steadied herself with her meditation. If she failed, she failed them. She heard an answer. <You, little dog, will feel the lash of a master's discipline. I was willing to be gener...> Another force drove both of them back. The two tumbled over across the wooden catwalk, over top the lowest level of the Phoenix. It was not Mekari's doing apparently, and Uxor wasn't certain what had happened. The two of them were rolling across the planks of the walkway, both still latched to that mask, and over the edge of the walkway they went. Uxor grabbled hold of one of the support ropes, and she felt a hard yank as Mekari dangled by the mask out over the open. She noted that Mekari was half covered in what appeared to be a frost. Uxor didn't take her eyes off Mekari however. She saw that Mekari was injured, and she judged the distance to the floor. Now it was her own turn for a choice.
    Uxor let go of the mask, the only thing Mekari had hold of. Her hopes soared at seeing the blonde haired woman free fall. This hope was dashed to bits as Mekari's feet touched to the wood of the bar structures that towered up. Uxor had forgotten about her previous encounters with Mekari. Mekari found her footing on the wall as if one were simply watching someone skitter for footing on a horizontal surface, only here, it was up the wall as if gravity had no bearing. Mekari then scampered up the beam coming to right herself atop it directly across from Uxor. With mask in hand, Mekari looked to be readying some attack for Uxor this time. Fire. It would be fire and Uxor knew this. This time Mekari was not going to hold back either. It was all happening very quickly, but playing out so slowly in Uxor's mind. Dangling there completely helpless against whatever assault was to be unleashed, Uxor prepared herself for the reunion Mekari had spoken of earlier. She took some satisfaction in knowing that she'd finally managed to wipe that smug smile off Mekari's face.
    Her vision was obscured as a torrent of air passed on either side of her. She didn't realize what it was until she saw the ice forming as Mekari tried to shield herself. Uxor was hanging in the path of an ice spell, and never before was she so thankful for her lineage.
    Uxor then heard another voice, out loud thankfully, and it was one she did not recognize in the least. The voice behind them shouted clearly*

    "It's people like YOU that ruin my chance at getting served in places like this, you imposter!"

    *Uxor didn't take her eyes off Mekari to see who was talking. She saw that Mekari was injured greatly now. Unfortunately, she still had the mask. Uxor wasn't entirely certain what was happening as she saw Mekari's form dematerialize in a flash amid the freezing assault. She snapped her head round to see a male drow standing near the walkway. His hair was shaved clean down to the scalp, and his eyes were very light pink. He was wearing dull colored robes, but everything about the way he stood, spoke, and dressed suggested he was a spell caster of some kind. He was gnarling his nose at where Mekari had been standing*

    "Hard enough getting service in this town without people dressing up like us and doing their mischief. You hurt badly?"

    *Uxor heaved herself up onto the platform and looked at the drow in astonishment.*

    "I wouldn't normally do that with you in the way but I had to take a chance that they called you the Maiden of Living Ice for a reason. You have the bartender to thank though for my intervention. Now, let's see if we can't get you cleaned up... hey, wait!"

    *Uxor got to her feet and stalked right for Cog, who might have jumped right out of his warforged plating from fear at seeing Uxor storming towards him.* 'No no wait, you don't understand' *Cog stammered*

    *Uxor snatched the tender up in her grasp, lifting him partly across the bar until their faces were very close together. She silently mouthed the words 'explain. now' and it was unquestionable that if Cog had any intention of continuing to clean his bar that night with the full use of his arms, he had better start talking immediately*
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    Storms of Xen'drik: Rain (Part 1)

    More than one citizen of Stormreach thought it aptly named. Due to its position on Xen'drik it recieved frequent storms. Storms that washed away the blood, bile, and tears of dead adventurers and fallen heroes.

    The rain beat a steady rythmn in the city around him, giving a beat to his life that his body lacked. Created near the end of the last war, Gauche was a Warforged fighter. Never actually sold to an owner, he -as Gauche prefered to be called- never had a purpose during the war nor one after to continue. Trained in the ways of stealth and killing, he was a man apart (so to speak) even among others of his kind.

    The rain also gave Gauche time to think. As the world around Gauche was pelted from above, Gauche would stand and face the storms with eyes turned outward to what was to come but thought turned inward at himself. A born killer he was, but he wanted nothing of it. Trained intimately in the ways of the assassin, Gauche wasn't actually prepared to see his first victim die by his hand, to see the kobolds (somewhat) intelligent eyes fade from awareness to nothing to hear its heart struggle and falter... nor for its damning blood to cover his hands. His companions at the time congratulated him on the kill. They mistook the warforged's horrified silence as a moment to gloat over the fallen and quickly hurried on, stopping only after the warforged was out of site to turn and look for him. Gauche was already running the other way out and into the world above.

    Looking down to his hands, Gauche saw red where there was none. No amount of water, sand or solvent would scrub that crimson scar away, that stain had been washed away long ago leaving this emotional one he was unable to clean.

    "Never, " he thought to himself, "will I kill again. I would sooner destroy myself than take a life of another aware person. Nothing will break my oath... Nothing...."

    <-Chapter 2->

    <-Thelanis Anthology Index->
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    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night, The Ambassadors, Volumn V

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    The Ambassadors
    Volumn V "Perspective"

    ((The days prior to the Fellowship's search for Varro, and beyond: ))

    *Uxor. Uxor, Uxor, Uxor. He was getting sore of hearing about Uxor. ‘Sore of Uxor?’ Varro tried to laugh at that rhyme, but such was his mood that even in his own jokes he found no humor. It seemed that everywhere he went, people were constantly speaking with him of the one he least desired to talk of. He’d tried to play off their recent fight as merely a complication of their ambassador work – a simple disagreement over politics. That seemed to satisfy the curiosity of most folk. It didn’t stop them from asking questions unfortunately. In his aimless walking around town, it was as if around every corner he turned, there was someone ready to needle him with “have you seen Uxor” or “when did you talk to Uxor last”. . . and his favorite: “How is Uxor?”
    How is Uxor? Oh, you mean the backstabbing, snooping, spy? How in the name of all gods would I know? Maybe you should ask her yourself, I’m sure she’s lurking around here somewhere, following me. Or so his thoughts went. He was just glad he’d had enough training in diplomatic affairs to not speak his mind on some things. He’d been trying to block out the whole ordeal with constant partying and merrymaking, but even that wasn’t helping now. He’d tried turning to what dampened his memories of Endaria. Drinking. At this rate, he’d be perfectly content to drown himself in a cask of wine, and if he was lucky, no one would bother to pull him out in time.
    Varro threw back another shot, and chased it with the wine and glowing blue vial mixture. Alone in his favorite perch of the Phoenix, he was only mildly appeased by the seclusion. Cog hadn’t even said a word to him when Varro walked in after a several night abstinence from the place. Cog had pulled out Varro’s usual poisons. Tonight was not for celebrating... not for socializing... not for games. Cog must have known with a glance at Varro’s expression that tonight was for oblivion – to extinguish the burn of whatever pain the Bard felt by dousing the flames with drink, until coherency was utterly suffocated. Varro had half a mind to thank the bartender for minding his own bloody business, and permitting this without so much as the slightest interference or lecture. Varro took another shot, and another. Every time he found his thoughts replaying the incidents of late, he would swallow down more liquor. He would only be satisfied once he was too far gone to be able to make sense of the memories. So until such point that his mind’s eye could fail to recount what happened... he would continue. He glowered at how it had started...*

    *It was one of the more exotic garments he’d seen for some time. Varro brushed the grime of the Pit off the striking green garment, awaiting the appraisal by the vendor. A Robe of Acid? The wheels in Varro’s head set to turning immediately.
    He felt a little too vulnerable in mere cloth to wear the thing himself. When you were creeping around, trying to get close enough for foes to hear your song, you wanted a good chain shirt between your skin and their blades at the very least. But seeing the fine craftsmanship of the robe, he knew it would be a waste to simply sell it.
    Surrounded by the House Phalanian's wears, and the allure of the Robe of Acid, the idea flashed before his eyes like lightening: A fashion show. What better way to continue to build the Fellowship’s reputation for camaraderie and hospitality with the people of the city? Varro purchased two more robes, stopped by the bank to retrieve another decent looking garment he’d found a time earlier, and set off to find the guild hall. He was going to need advertising immediately – flyers seemed to prove the most effective tool – and a spokesperson. What better spokesperson than a woman? He knew one that owed him from his help with her masked ball... Uxor. He couldn’t really recount seeing her in a dress of any kind. He had, however, heard talk of the gown she wore to the ball. So if one threw something a bit more effeminate onto her, she would look very presentable for the task. Now, his task would be convincing her to wear the robes. Appealing to her vanity would not do, so he would need to appeal to her sense of duty.*

    *A curse on all Robes of Acid, he thought. Varro took another shot.
    <“You’re a little distracted tonight, no?”> He heard in his head. He groaned audibly, coming to an awareness that Mekari was sitting across from him, and the voice in his head was not his own. He wasn’t in any frame of mind for her playfulness. He quipped back a thought of <What do you want now?> *
    Mekari: <I don’t ‘want’ anything...presently>
    Varro: <Good. Then slag off.>
    Mekari: <To clarify, I don’t want anything, but I did come to see how you are doing>
    Varro: <Isn’t it enough that you’ve wrecked my life for a little while? Come to see if there’s any part of my happiness left to trample?>
    *He went to take another round, and practically spat it out in disgust. Whatever that was, it was not his drink. Mekari smiled lightly, pushing the glass back to him*
    Mekari: <Not to your liking? I thought I would bring a peace offering, but that reaction tells me you don’t approve of it.>
    *Varro worked his mouth and tried to wash away the flavor with his chaser drink, to no great avail*
    Varro: <Can’t even afford me the decency of drinking myself to death in peace hm?>
    Mekari: <Look at you - sulking and miserable – and for what? You’ve become one of the more public figures in this city, and what are you making of it? Getting wasted beyond repair or care. Bravo.>
    Varro: <If I wanted a lecture on my bad habits, I’d go find my spy, thank you> *to which he lifted his glass and finished the remainder of whatever dreadful concoction Mekari brought for him*
    Mekari: <The pale faced one, ah yes... speaking of which, if she is what all this is about, I suggest you start being thankful. It’s better off with her gone. The more she knows, the more danger she would be in. So distance probably could save her.>
    Varro: <It’s your fault anyway. Don’t sit there and tell me how much ‘better’ things are. Things WERE better before you came.>
    Mekari: <Ever in denial, which is what I love about you my boy. For all your craft with people, you still have no capacity to admit when you’re in the wrong.>
    Varro: *slamming the glass back down* <Things were getting better for me until the day you showed your face. Or correction, the day you showed your current face.>
    *In his mind, it HAD all started the moment Mekari had stepped into his presence once more...*

    Varro: Oh yes yes yes. You owe me little missy. See I'm rather coming to like this arrangement you and i have. You scratch my back, and I scratch yours. Isn't that how it goes? And it's my turn to be scratched in the initiative.
    *Uxor narrowed her eyes at him, stomping her foot*
    Varro: Sorry, that's not going to get you out of it. And no, you've not had an end to this conversation. Come, it's not like I'm going to make you actually work in the show...although *he looked up pondering the possibility*
    *Uxor's eyes widened a little, and she shook her head no, followed by writing* "I will help with the sketches ...instead."
    Varro: Sheesh, you'd think I asked you to dance in a wall of fire. Here, you'll need to try the rest on to make sure they fit. I'll need several drawings to pick from
    *Uxor wrote out* "Are you just doing this to somehow get under House D's skin?"
    Varro: Me? Never. What's wrong with holding some nice festivities for the city? The Coin Lords shine on such activities. If my doing this did happen to step on the toes of some nobleman, well...
    *An approach caught Varro’s attention. As an ambassador he had learned to make nice with all faces who crossed the hall, and as immediately as possible, for many reasons. To avoid misunderstandings, to create a close sense of welcome to new members, and to discern intent – friendly or hostile- as fast as he was able*
    Varro: Greetings traveler. What brings you among us?
    *The woman walked towards them with a smile. At the instant of hearing her voice, the hairs on the back of his neck may as well have stood on end. Not from fear, but from annoyance and hostility.* “You must be Varro - I recognized you. Not familiar with your friend there” *she lifted her chin in a sort of reversed nod of acknowledgement at Uxor* “but I am called Mekari.”
    *How dare she show herself here in such a way, pretending to be a stranger. That was not his greatest irritation. If she desired to speak with him again, she could have contacted him in private. No, she came to make a show of it even. Well he wasn’t going to let her have her sport.*
    Varro: Uxor, why don't you go ahead and keep those robes for me. We'll find another time to continue. I'll be at my place if you need me. Mekari is it? Please, come with me.
    *He worked hard to mask his great change of mood from Uxor, but knew that effort to possibly be futile. She’d taken to working closely with him, and confidence between one another was frequent. He was certain in her hold to her word, and if he told her to remain, he knew she would do so. Uxor was a creature of duty, and also one who could understand the need for privacy. No matter could be more private to him than this. There was no cause to say anything to Mekari further... she would know his intent – as well as his irritation. He stalked down the street with her gliding along beside him, with her sly and faked indifferent smile. He would say nothing to her out here. He would wait until they were back to his home. In the meantime, it gave him the opportunity to think over many choice words for her.*
    *When they arrived at his home, he didn’t bother pulling out a chair for her, flopping himself instead into a chair on his own at the front room table. Undoubtedly there was a particular reason she had come to him, and so he broke into conversing with her in a tongue that fully assured him of who she claimed to be... the language of Quori*
    Varro: [Sorry if the place is a bit messy. I wasn’t expecting company of your kind]
    Mekari: [I like how you say that... my kind. No warm feelings towards someone who came to see after your well being out of the goodness of their heart? I had to come far out of my way you know, to be here and see you. Wasn’t too difficult to find you fortunately.]
    Varro: [So good of you to 'check up' on me "Mekari"... or whatever name it is you're using these days]
    Mekari: [It is my name. Not the name you knew... I've had fewer reasons of late to see the need to hold to my aliases.]
    Varro: [Yes well, you'll have to excuse me if I don't exactly have the easiest time keeping them all straight. Nice face by the way - could stand to be a little darker though, you look like an elven drow mutt]
    Mekari: [choice words . . . from one who knows so much about illegitimate unions. Though your father and I like to refer to it as 'planar mingling' or something else kinder than mutt, my dear]
    Varro: [What game are you onto Elena? You must want something... you never come to spend quality time.]
    Mekari: [Must I always want something to see you? Am I not permitted to visit out of simple desire?]
    Varro: [You have some nerve. You think you can just shuffle out of my life and return to play games when it suits your fancy. So what was the draw this time, hm? Some Lord send you to spy on me?]
    Mekari: [Don't play victim with me, it's not becoming of you. I taught you better. I just thought I should check in and see how you were handling your loss.]
    *Varro scawfed at her*
    Mekari: [No, it's true. When I heard of it, I needed to find you. To be certain you were doing well.]
    Varro: [yes, well, as you can see, I'm alive, I'm eating, and life goes on]
    Mekari: [I just know how much she meant to you. When your father died, it was trying on me. . . ]
    Varro: [Don't. Don't even compare your experience to mine. Especially over a man I barely knew of to even speak a name]
    Mekari: [Well, in any event, I'm going to be keeping my eye on you for a little while - in a way perhaps closer than usual. Though I've gathered much information in my searching for you. You've made quite the party-man of yourself around town, Minstrel]
    Varro: [And just how's that. Planning on rooming with me? ]
    Mekari: [Better. Hadn't you noticed my attire? I'm a field surgeon now... a cleric. A useful tool to folk of your line of work]
    Varro: [I think I liked you better when you pretended to be a bard]
    Mekari: [Always the poison tongue] *she laughed a little* [Actually, I think you'll find my services most beneficial to your fellowship.]
    Varro: [Don't bother]
    Mekari: [It's a little late for that now. You see, I met a lovely man who's already accepted me among their fold. I haven't made mention of our connection in the least, out of kindness. I'll be filling in among your ranks]
    Varro: [What? No...that isn't going to be happening. I forbid it. One word from me and you'll be kicked out on the street so fast your body will get there before your clothes.]
    Mekari: [Is that so? See, I thought you might say something like that, so I thought i had better remind you that it would behoove you to play nice. You see, I'd hate to have to be the one to break it to them about your marriage. Imagine what your little pale skinned lady friend might think?]
    *This stilled his ire for the moment. He really didn’t want Uxor tangled in his affairs. He’d worked hard to avoid that.*
    Mekari: [I suggest you keep that in mind should the urge to have me removed from among your fold cross your thoughts. Play nice though, and I won't have to resort to being 'honest.']
    *Varro contemplated the situation as Mekari left. He was in such a comfortable position these days, and he didn’t want it to change. If Mekari were so inclined, she could set about change. He would have to tolerate her presence. This meant keeping his distance from her somewhat. After all, he didn’t know the circumstances of her joining... what had she told them when she applied? If she had mentioned that she was a ‘friend’ ... or who knows what other excuse of affiliation she gave them... that he could deal with. But if she’d presented herself as a stranger, he’d have much explaining to do in how it was that she said she was a newcomer that he was vastly familiar with. The best course of action was to avoid her. He would feel out the attitudes of the other guild mates before having a set way of behaving around Mekari.*

    *Varro’s recollection of the arrival of Mekari was interrupted by her thought probing back into forefront*
    Mekari: <Things were not as upward bound as you interpret my dear. I will not, however, bother explaining the benefits of my arrival – other than to remind you that I have your best interests in mind.>
    Varro: <That’s always the story, isn’t it? Take care of the Minstrel, watch out for him, keep an eye on him. Am I suddenly everyone’s hobby?>
    Mekari: <Did Endaria have this much trouble caring for you I wonder?>
    *Varro set his glass back down and shook his head, huffing a deeply sarcastic laugh through his teeth*
    Varro: <Ah good, what evening of mine would be complete without you twisting a knife in that unhealing wound...>
    Mekari: <It is only unhealing because you make it so, as you are doing presently. My point was – which is lost on you undoubtedly – that you are driving others away from you. Granted it is probably safer, as I said before, but is that what you want? Far be it for me to tell you what you want, but seeing you here like this speaks greatly to your displeasure> *She pushed another glass towards him*
    Mekari: <If you want to end it Varro, best to do it quickly, not in a way others can watch slowly. You might be mad at her, but your ‘spy,’ despite her and her metal friend’s insistence at sticking their noses in places they don’t belong... they seem to have a genuine interest in your well being. Misguided perhaps, but their intentions seem sincere. That you need me of all people to bring these things to your attention is a bit absurd, as I am the last authority on this plane for such concepts> *there was almost a shrug implied in her mental tone*
    Varro: <You know, what did you do to her anyway? You’re the reason she started acting crazy in the first place.>
    Mekari: <Me? To Uxor? Nothing. I’ve spoken maybe a handful of occasions with her since arriving.>
    Varro: <I might be listening to you in my head, but don’t think that means you can get away with dodging my questions.>
    Mekari: <I haven’t done anything for a change. Besides, I’m not the reason she’s acting ‘crazy’ ... you are.>
    Varro: <See, now that’s where I beg to differ. Day before... all is normal; day after... crazy stealthy spy girl. How interesting that the timing of that hinges around your arrival>
    *Really he should have seen it coming sooner. In retrospect, the whole situation made sense. At the time, he had been blinded by friendship.*

    Varro: "Uxor? Lost your hearing now as well?"
    *Uxor’s gaze came back. She’d been looking at her drink, but not looking ‘at’ it. Through it was perhaps the better word. The sound of his voice brought her once more to their drinking game. She gnarled her nose at him with a playful smile*
    Varro: "You're a bit distracted tonight. Or is it that I'm finally besting you at this game? The mighty Uxor, vanquished by a mere musician?! What will the other warriors say when they hear of this. . ."
    *He continued to tease her and prod her in this way, but it was apparent, even to him in his relaxed state, that something was bothering her.*
    Varro: "What's on your mind?" *he asked, chalking another hash mark on the paper they were using to keep track of their drinking rounds.*
    *She wrote on the scrap of paper the word "Dragon"*
    Varro: "What about it?" *he asked as he started to polish another glass down, giving her ample time to write a reply. She turned the paper round to him as he finished*
    Uxor: *she wrote* "The sightings. I know the training missions have increased. There's more talk now that we'll be the next commissioned to fight. . . I heard the new healer spotted a large red one flying over the gate of the harbor and market. And I know the team is being assembled"
    Varro: "Of course. I've been fielding inquiries myself for the Lady Hope's 'team'. Your warforged friend is counted among the willing, I hear. That should make you pleased. In fact, he was here just the other night for a game of twenty questions with me since he apparently stumped Ruetger"
    *She nodded as he finished his drink, implying that he should continue.*
    Varro: "Seems our fine metal friend has gone and worked the political ladder until he arrived somewhere suitable. 'ambassador to the fellowship on behalf of Blue Line'... good for him" *he raised a glass in toast, which he handed to her to finish. She wrote, before following through the remainder of the toast*
    Uxor: "Yes I know. I was in the guild hall when he delivered the message. And you're right, I am happy - for that and his willingness to help with the dragon. That is what is troubling me actually. I think they want me to fight the dragon with them. I don't now if I can bring myself to face that."
    *This surprised him... almost as much as hearing that Deriaz had become an ambassador. He angled his head and lifted a brow in response to that note*
    Varro: "Have they asked you to?"
    *she shook her head, but then wrote* "Not in so many words. . . "
    *after another moment, she wrote* "I just don't want to disappoint them" *and she took another strong drink*
    *He leaned back from the table a bit, holding the next drink in his lap. He could tell she had a certain degree of shame or hesitation in what she wrote. How sad... so set between duty and personal terror. He knew if they asked her, she would do it. So the fact that she was still concerned suggested that they had not yet asked. He was glad for that. He wouldn’t want her to take a matter such as that upon herself. He figured that he understood how he felt with his fear of spiders, and knew Uxor’s fear of fire to be many times more so; he couldn’t imagine trying to function under such a self imposed paralysis as hers towards flame. In fact, he had such an awareness and empathy to it, that he was always careful not to bring any flaming weapons around her unannounced to be kind to her difficulty.*
    Varro: "Uxor, while I'm sure they have a lot of faith and belief in you, they don't seem the type of guild to hold it against you if you stand this one out because of your phobia. If you think it will compromise the mission, they'll understand"
    *She seemed a little relieved, but it surprised him slightly that she would think they would ask something like that of her, knowing of her problem.*
    Uxor: "Even so. I'm considering doing it. I'm just, like you said, afraid I would jeopardize the journey."
    Varro: "You don't have to prove anything to anyone Uxor. What's more, if you're doing it for pride or to save face, I won't let you. You spend a good deal of time telling me what I shouldn't get myself into, or how I should take care of myself. So once again, it is my turn to return the favor"
    *she sighed, writing* "You are a good friend. I'm glad to know you."
    Varro: *he waved her off* "Not good enough to keep up with the likes of you I am afraid" *he set the glass down. She frowned at him, writing "giving up so early?"*
    Varro: "Maybe I'm just trying to take better care of myself these days? Ever think of that?" *Not that he’d EVER admit to her that she’d beaten him yet again. In fairness, he’d started their game before she arrived, and was thus ‘ahead’ in drinks to begin with. All that mattered now however was that he was starting to ache with drinking, and could feel the true impact of the spirits upon him. She shrugged to him and they shook hands, to symbolize the end of their game for the time being. He made a few attempts at getting off his feather falling spell, and this told him the sort of shape he was fast setting into. It was probably better to set for home before he completely went to his drunken ramblings to one and all. He was not gone so far that he couldn’t offer her continued comfort. He could tell she was still bothered, and so spoke as he drifted to the floor*
    Varro: "Just take it one step at a time. One day, without so much as a care, you'll bathe in lava, I'm certain." *he grinned up at her as he staggered his way out of the Phoenix*
    *He’d been making his way across town when he saw someone pass by with that smile. Her smile. He could recognize her expressions no matter what face she wore. He went to the place that she so frequently requested their meetings to be*
    *Arriving in the ally, he found that she was already standing there, but in her Drow appearance now. He’d taken his time getting to her. Varro figured he could make her wait if she was going to insist on interrupting his evening. Again he resorted to Quori*
    Varro: [Can I help you?]
    Mekari: [The question is more, can I help you...I think I can. I think all of this is going to your head. You walk around like there is no reason to take any sort of precautions. When...] *she stopped, and seemed to focus on something.*
    Varro: [Precautions. What precautions?] *he grew quiet when she did. He knew better than to try and carry on any sort of conversation when she was focused like that. She looked up at the roof, and he did so in turn. Then she proceeded in her fashion to walk up the wall steadily. Varro rolled his eyes and clambered up after her. Whatever prey was atop the building, if he didn’t come up with her, she’d be on it... if she wasn’t on it already. He gnarled his nose, speaking indignantly*
    Varro: [You know, I'm not as young as you think]
    Mekari: [Quiet]
    *Something occured to Varro, and before the incident could go further, he decided to intervene.*
    Varro: [Here, I'll make short work of this] *He started to play his entrancing melody. He was never without the means to make music, even if he had to resort to whistling. It all worked most efficiently. He was, however, more practiced with the lute, and thus preferred it and his own voice to any other. When he was confident that he’d played the tune in a sufficient radius around the roof, he turned to Mekari once more*
    Varro: [See? No easy prey to be had]
    Mekari: [I appreciate the demonstration, but it would do you well to pay closer attention. Especially at times of night.]
    Varro: [Not all of us are so paranoid as you]
    Mekari: [You should be. Ambassadors are popular targets for kidnappings and ransoms.]
    Varro: [Also very public figures. . . so if a house has any tricks in mind, it would be within their interest not to do something that could draw undue attention to their doorstep]
    Mekari: [Even so, do not think you are an exception]
    Varro: [is our lecture finished? I have a pounding head to nurse, if it's all the same to you] *Mekari leveled her look to him*
    Mekari: [Just watching out for your interests. Is that so wrong?]
    Varro: [Your purpose is never that simple though. It’s not watching out... it’s a project...of some kind. I just haven’t determined what kind yet.]
    Mekari: [You act as though I have no right for concerns]
    *Varro was irritated with her to the greatest degree. She robbed him of his evenings at times. She felt it was her place to tell him how and where to be. Most importantly, always there was the knowledge that her objective was just that... an objective. He doubted her capacity to have real worry for him. This was an amusement for her – something to occupy her time until her next need to be afar for uncertain amounts of time. It was more like he was her dog... a pet to play with in between work. He resented it. To make his point, and because he was now well into his drunken lack of restraint, he pulled the sword on her. He pressed it close to her, until he could see in her expression that she was discomforted.*
    Varro: [If I kill you now, it would remedy your 'concerns,' no?]
    Mekari: [When did someone like you get the aura to wield a thing like that?]
    Varro: [Let's just say I've learned to get around the properties of it enough to use to my benefit. My interests stopped being your concern long ago.]
    Mekari: You're drunk. *she said in common*
    *The bite of a cornered snake. She was trying to play off her fear with insults. Good... he wanted that. He was glad that she was not above fear. This dog of hers had teeth, and she was not his master, merely a keeper, thus, subject to his fangs if he felt cause to bite*
    Varro: [I would kill you now, but it's probably your intention. Perhaps to deny you of it will wound you more greatly?]
    Mekari: [it is your wish to see me suffer?]
    Varro: [Always. In fact, I've a mind to just turn this weapon in you and watch.] *he hissed the words at Mekari, pressing the blade closer still. It was the truth of the matter. He had not asked for his lot in life, and he was bitter that she presumed that he should be thankful. Varro knew her however... and knew that she was probably crazy enough to have been doing all of this JUST to make him deliver that fatal blow. There was never any telling what scheme she had in mind... and she always had one. He withdrew the blade from her, seeing that she had been sufficiently shaken for the moment.*
    Varro: [You should be proud that I’ve come as far on my own as I have]
    *Mekari looked as if she were going to give a rebuttal or cool protest to his behavior, when her focus snapped away from him, and she took on that faraway gaze.*
    Mekari: [Something is wrong. Go home.]
    *Varro nodded, but rolled his eyes as she sped off the roof across town, undoubtedly checking on one of her ‘projects.’ Go home indeed. If he went home, it was of his own doing. Of course her request had been made for the vast paranoia that was hers. Always, someone was out to get him in her mind. Well good, maybe then he’d be rid of her constant fussing. He was her dog indeed. She cared for him in the same way one cared for a prized pedigree animal... a fear that something would happen to it or that someone would steal it away. Could it be called love though? Hardly. Maybe back on Dal Quor this was the nature of love, but he’d never understand it if so. She, likewise, would never understand his contempt and bitterness towards her.
    There was something else at hand however, and his captive should be the one who was thankful ... for whatever had Mekari’s attention also kept them from discovery. He walked around, seeking out whoever he had snared in his music. He had his suspicions. Then he heard something fall...the sound of a form striking something solid, and metal jingling. He went towards the sound, and approximated where the invisible visitor was. He gave a good solid kick towards the area of a slight visual disruption, and he smiled as his foot connected solidly with a form*
    Varro: Nice of you to be patient
    *He blinked startled at the sight of Uxor sprawled on the roof, set to limp overturning when he kicked her. She was the invisible one? He became very thankful that he’d bothered to follow Mekari to the roof. If Mekari had found her first in such a state, she’d have been as liable to kill Uxor as ask questions of her purposes. Inspecting her for signs of wounds, he found that Uxor was unconscious. Confident that she was unharmed for the most part, he then sat beside her, watching her sleep and contemplating her presence. Of course... he should have guessed. Uxor had been tailing Mekari. That was what their drinking game had been for, to set him off to bed drunken and unawares, while she went covert to try and spy on Mekari. He should have suspected as much when Deriaz and Ragyr had come poking around asking questions of Mekari. No doubt, they’d gotten it in their heads that she was a threat somehow... which didn’t surprise him too much. Mekari could be likeable, but also just as dislikeable in her arrogance and foreign accent, so for them to be cautious over her was no great surprise. He started to pick Uxor up, set on carrying her to somewhere to recover and wake, but he stopped. If he moved her, Uxor would know that he had caught her red handed. This would mean that she might resort to being even more crafty or evasive of him. It was perhaps better that she not know that he’d found her, so he could more closely watch her actions. He cast the longest invisibility back upon her that he was able, sang a little tune to her to encourage sooner waking, but left her gingerly back on the rooftop where she’d fallen. As a precaution, he even healed her, whether she needed it or not, incase he’d kicked her too hard. In truth, he’d expected to find Deriaz up here on the roof snooping, as he already suspected the warforged was up to something. With great alarm, he sat up. If Uxor was here, and Deriaz was up to something... and that something related to Mekari...
    With all the speed magic available to him, he set off across town. Really he had no idea where to start looking, but making the attempt was perhaps better than nothing at all. If he didn’t, he was liable to hear of a very deceased Blue Line ambassador in the morning.*
    *The whole of the eve, he went from one end of the city to another. In vain efforts, he started for the guildhall, incase anyone had seen Mekari or Deriaz to know their last wearabouts. Then he crossed paths with a fumbling wounded warforged ambling aimlessly through town. This was Deriaz, and he was in poor condition. His run in with Mekari went better than Varro had anticipated*
    Varro: Deriaz? Are you alright?
    *Deriaz: stared blankly past Varro, and kept muttering something about needing to get to the guildhall. He seemed oblivious to his injuries. Varro had seen this before... charmed undoubtedly. Or dominated perhaps. It was difficult to say. Whatever the case, he took over the care of Deriaz. Again he was faced with the dilemma of Deriaz being aware of Varro having awareness of their actions. He made them both invisible, and fortunately, at this hour, there were few even in the guildhall to have to avoid. He took Deriaz to a room and inspected his injuries. Mental ones... and Varro knew the sort of help that Deriaz needed. Varro rooted through his bags and found several choice scrolls of restoration. He crossed his fingers trying to use them on Deriaz... scrolls were not his forte in magic. With many attempts more than necessary, he succeeded in restoring Deriaz to full capabilities. It would take time for the affects of what Mekari had done to wear off, so he used the opportunity to attend to Deriaz’s comfort, left a small bottle of oil for him, and then stole away from the room, leaving Deriaz to awaken unawares of who had tended to him*

    *Mekari had infinite patience apparently with Varro’s temper, but she was not taking his accusations without protest, as she pulled the drink away from him this time. It was empty, and he was holding it out of habit more than drinking*
    Mekari: <Need I remind you whose choice it was to not tell her about me?>
    Varro: *he rolled his head in annoyance* <Didn’t you JUST get done telling me how much better off I am without her? That the more she knows, the worse the trouble?>
    Mekari: <I said better off for her. Obviously, you’re no better for it>
    Varro: Well of course I’m not! I’d rather be dead than feel like this! *He’d forgotten to reply silently in his head, but didn’t seem to have noticed*
    Mekari: Then what’s stopping you? Do you need help?
    Varro: Wouldn’t you enjoy that I’m sure *he sneered at her*
    *She had once more succeeded on bringing him to thinking on that which he did not wish to. The feelings that surged in him whenever he thought about the betrayal*

    *When Uxor had come to him, frantic and full of panic over Deriaz, he had to help her. Despite knowing what Deriaz and she had been up to in regards to Mekari, he would help her. She was his friend. He retreated to his room to get more dressed and consider the situation, leaving Uxor to pen out her feelings in the other room, and found Mekari perched in the window of his bedroom. She must have been there a long time, because she spoke directly to his mind rather than out loud, so she had an awareness that Uxor was there*
    Mekari: <Oh good, you’re up. Saves me the trouble of waking you>
    Varro: <How long have you been listening?>
    Mekari: <Does it matter?>
    Varro: <Fair enough.> *he slipped on his shirt and glared at Mekari* <You stay quiet, we’ll talk afterwards>
    Mekari: <What’s the trouble with your pale faced friend?>
    Varro: <That is not your business>
    Mekari: <She’s pretty you know, in a queer, monochromatic sort of way.>
    Varro: <I assure you, it’s not THAT sort of trouble. Now scram> *he didn’t permit further discussion, and passed through the door.>
    *When he learned of the situation with Ragyr, Deriaz, and the fact that Uxor had set Ragyr after Mekari, he was alarmed. Before now, he’d been watching casually, making sure that Uxor and Deriaz didn’t get into deeper trouble than they were already in. The ransom flyers were no trouble – the two had at least been smart enough to go in disguise. This situation was too much though. Varro was going to set things straight and final. He managed to obtain all the information Uxor knew of how to best Ragyr, who was wielding Deriaz’s body. After careful consideration, he formed a plan, and it would hinge upon Uxor staying out of the incident. It was good that Ragyr was already out alone. He also knew that if he told Uxor to stay somewhere, that she would. They could trust one another in this way. Once Uxor had calmed and gone, he returned to his room where Mekari was waiting.*
    Mekari: *she smiled at him in the window* <I couldn’t quiet catch all of it, but your little play language has enough snip-its of Quori for me to know that something is wrong, and that you’re planning>
    Varro: *he sighed and looked at her* <I need your help>
    Mekari: <Oooh, at last you see the benefit of having me here then?>
    Varro: <More I admit that I’m a little outside my limitations for this situation.>
    *Varro explained all he knew of the matter to Mekari, who took the information in with a face of broadly grinning amusement. When he’d finished, and started to relate his plan, she shook her head to him*
    Mekari: <I have a better idea, not unlike yours, but a better one>
    Varro: <He has to be unconscious or dead for it to work>
    Mekari: <Or willing. You say you don’t want him killed, no? Then I am your best hope of that. Trying to put him down, he won’t go willingly. And what’s more, if he knows that you’re involved, you’ll never be rid of the threat of him. So, I am the best avenue. He wants to find me, then he will have me. Just not in the way that he is prepared for>
    *Mekari went over the plan of attack*
    ((Chat Transcript & Writing combination. Special thanks to Deriaz/Ragyr))
    *Two little red lights was all that Mekari and Varro needed to know that indeed, Ragyr was up above. They’d come in invisible, slowly, and watching from great distance. As was planned, Varro waited for Mekari to assume the form of Uxor, as was her capability of disguise. Once she’d climbed up to him and gotten his attention, he started his song. He inched closer and closer until he was confident that Ragyr was affected by it. Varro remained out of sight for the time being while he watched Mekari and Deriaz interact. After a moment, Varro heard Mekari in his head with her report on the situation*
    Mekari: <It’s no good, to the first idea. I can’t get him to take it out. The gem must really and utterly control it, and I can’t compel him to remove it because he’s aware of what it will do apparently. So it looks like we’re going to have to be more forceful.>
    Varro: <Alright. Just don’t kill him if we can help it.>
    Mekari: <Just come with us. We’re heading down to the harbor docks>
    *Varro followed, holding back his song until Mekari prompted him to resume it, whereat he played until once more, Ragyr was again ensnared in the song. He could hear words of protest, but Mekari was soothing him, and after a few more moments, he saw that Ragyr had become Deriaz.*
    Varro: <It worked? Already?>
    Mekari: <Not yet... just getting something straight>
    *Varro decided that he needed to listen in closer and pay attention, so he slipped closer than before to hear what Mekari said to Deriaz. He raised his brows at Mekari when he saw her drop her disguise entirely, revealing her true appearence to him with her helm. He was about to ask her what she was doing, when he saw her take off her helm as well.*
    Varro: <What are you doing??>
    Mekari: <Patience.>
    *Varro listened carefully*
    *Varro could see that terror was on Deriaz’s face at the sight of Mekari. His previous run in with her must have instilled a fair amount of caution, if not fear. He wished that Deriaz would have taken that to better heart. He listened to Deriaz and Mekari talk.*
    Deriaz: Why the disguise?
    *Varro heard Mekari request mentally for a relent his music for the moment*
    Mekari: That is not your concern. I felt it was necessary for you to realize that you are in over your head. What is important is that now it seems there is somewhat of a bounty on my head? So I wanted you to see this. To know that it would behoove you to let the past remain the past. . . because if you don't. . . I will ensure that you never see this world again. . . and your counterpart will have ultimate control. Know that I will hold the balance of your existence in my hands, and should you act in a way that does not please me, I will know. And I will see to it that your body is the permanent house solely of your fine friend. Now if you would be so kind as to permit Ragyr to speak with me again
    Deriaz: I. . . Yeah. . . Yeah, sure. . . *His eyes went colorless again. The metal became black, the legs and arms extended slightly, and the red eyes flashed on.*
    *It was then Ragyr who was standing there, and eyed Mekari.* Well, you look a little different since I last saw you. . .
    Mekari: Indeed. I wanted to show you something. You see, it seems I've been painted out as some sort of... how shall I say... monster. As you can clearly see, this is obviously a misconception. I understand that there is a price on my head, and I believe that it is part of this misunderstanding. But what I wanted you to see, is that it is actually within your interests not to kill me. Do you know why?
    Ragyr: Can't say that I do. Humor me.
    Mekari: Well, first go ahead and stretch out on the ground. As I said, it is something that is hard to explain. More of a visual element.
    *Mekari requested Varro to resume his music. He wasn’t quite sure what she was up to entirely yet, but he knew that it was something for her to go to the trouble of showing her real face. Even Varro had only seen her real face a handful of times in his life.*
    Mekari: Now pay very close attention to what I am going to say. Stay there please. *and she backed up a distance from him* I am going to cast some magic on you again that will help to illustrate this, are you ready?
    Ragyr: *He nodded.* Go ahead.
    *Varro’s song was already drifting to Ragyr, and doing the job well. Once more Ragyr couldn’t move. He heard Ragyr protest*
    Ragyr: What's the big idea!?
    *Varro switched to another type of magic, a more forceful hold of Ragyr’s body than the simple drifting melody. He cast it repeatedly until it stuck soundly upon Ragyr. He noticed out of the corner of his eye that Mekari had drawn a blade, and was making a broad slice across her arm.*
    Mekari: I want you to know that I have just cut myself quite deeply
    *Mekari licked the blood that ran off her wound, and Varro rolled his eyes at her. Completely mad, there could be no denying it really. She was still up to something though. The sounds from the warforged told him that she had not cut herself idly.*
    Mekari: should you find yourself itching to bring harm to me, that you will suffer my pain as well. And secondly, I want you to realize that if you EVER want to be in control of that body one day, you had better think twice about following this job of yours. I want you to realize that I can strike you down without the need to be in front of you. So think hard, friend, the next time you feel the need to lift a blade towards me. Because if you kill me, you will never be free again. Do you understand? You will never find your control. Do I make myself clear? If you please me, perhaps, one day, I will find the need to hire you myself.
    *Varro was a little impressed...and disheartened, when Ragyr could still manage a response to Mekari. Varro knew Mekari’s methods, and knew them well... well enough to know that the ‘forged was suppressing his outcries.*
    Ragyr: No. . . Can do. . . I've got a job. . . And I always follow through.
    Mekari: I want you to know that I will be the keeper of your precious gem. If you ever want to see it again, it would be ill advised to kill me.
    *A low growl came from Ragyr finally, and Varro knew he was breaking under the onslaught. It wouldn’t be long now.*
    Ragyr: If you. . . Really want to take it. . . Why don't you fight me fairly?
    Mekari: Oh Ragyr... do I look like the sort of person who cares for the fairness of the world? I appeared to you as a spider by the name of all gods *she scawfed* Remember this moment. Remember that my death means this is the end for you. *and the assault on him continued until he was no longer conscious. This took time. Mekari lashed out at Deriaz with other forces that were to her, as well as physically coming to him and marring him. Varro stepped forward*
    Varro: <That is enough. He is out.>
    Mekari: <Do you think so?> *she gave Ragyr/Deriaz’s form another slash with her blade*
    Varro: <Mekari! He’s out. We just need him unconscious, not dead. What’s say we try that gem BEFORE you kill him, hm?>
    *Mekari knelt down and plucked the little object from Deriaz’s forehead. It slid out easily now that the forged was unconscious. She tossed the gem to Varro, who caught it with surprise.*
    Varro: <What’s this for? Thought you were keeping it.>
    Mekari: <I am. But it would be too obvious that it were in my possession. I need it somewhere more secure than this, and somewhere unsuspected. That would be you my boy. Keep it safe for me. I may have need to use it again.>
    Varro: <No. If I am keeping it, it will be mine to do with as I see fit. Got it?>
    Mekari: <Suit yourself. I suppose it won’t matter which of us keeps it. All that matters is that they don’t have it.> *she nodded towards the warforged on the ground*
    *Varro had to really marvel at the beauty of her insanity. She had pitted Deriaz and Ragyr against one another so fully, and so unmistakably, and in a way that kept her clear of the flames. Each feared the other taking full control, and in this way, she had control over them both. What’s more, even if they did manage to kill her and sift through her belongings, or find some other magical means of locating the thing, they would still be unsatisfied, as it would provide nothing. Varro waited for Mekari to leave, and ensured that Deriaz would not bleed to death before setting off to find his own means to prevent divination on him having the gem, and getting a good drink before retiring for the eve. Strong drink was required after this night.*
    *A firm prod to his forehead the next morning had him glowering awake. He was so thoroughly annoyed at Mekari’s wake up calls.*
    Varro: Woman, you have no concept of privacy or hangovers, do you? *but when Varro’s eyes came open, they were met with the brightness that was the light of early dawn on Uxor’s form, staring down at him. A bit subconscious about the fact that he had naught on but the bed sheet, he shifted it more closely around himself* Good morning Uxor. To what do I owe this unannounced visit? If you’ll give me a moment to...
    *She’d already scrawled a note apparently, as she flicked the folded paper at him and crossed her arms over her chest, glaring at him*
    Varro: I will take that to mean it’s of some urgency *He had a sneaking suspicious that she was not pleased with the results of his ‘help’ for Deriaz. None the less, he started reading the note, which went:*
    “How dare you! Are you completely insane??? Why did you go to Mekari??? That is the LAST person who needed to know about Deriaz’s trouble! What if she tells someone about Ragyr? What if she ransoms that information? And he’s lucky to have made it to me alive! He was practically dead on. . .”
    *Varro stopped reading and pulled the sheets to wrap round him as he stood up. Obviously she’d had much time to stew over the matter between the previous eve and now.*
    Varro: Look, first off... *her shove, which he was entirely unprepared for, forced him off his feet back onto the bed. He blinked at the ceiling in considerable agitation, but her intent was clear. She wanted him to read ALL of her note. *
    Varro: Nice. Very civilized of you. *he stared at the ceiling on his back a moment before continuing to read the remainder of the note*
    “. . . he was practically dead on my threshold!! I came to you because I felt I could put my faith in you. I was wrong? For your information now Mekari has that stone, and who knows what she plans on doing with it! You’re going to tell me something right now Varro – who is Mekari? Hell, who are you really?”
    *He slapped the paper down on the bed and sat up. The sheer nerve of her to come storming into his room; she was definitely looking a gift horse in the mouth at this point. Uxor had no idea the amount of trouble he’d gone through to protect her and Deriaz, beyond the night before. For her to come in here and make such demands really set his mood fowl.*
    Varro: Is that so? Did it ever occur to you that there might be a good reason for me to not tell you? Or how about this – all things considered, wounded or not, you have Deriaz back, am I right?
    *She held out an arm for her paper, more than likely so she could continue her written tyrate. Varro moved by her, stretching and trying to get his bearings for the morning. He was still a bit pained from drinking, and it was as yet a bit early for him to be awake. This of course didn’t matter to Uxor, who promptly came around with another note for him, which she shoved into his chest roughly*
    Varro: No need for hostility. *he hated when women got into this mode. The lecture. How he loathed lecture. Her next note he had intended to read in full*
    “Don’t act like you’re doing me any favors by having done it that way, or that you shouldn’t have to tell me. Do you know how much I’ve had to cover for you? All the times I stuck up for you with the others when your honor is called into question... *he stopped reading. Stuck up... for him? He was going to lay into her with all the ‘sticking up’ he’d had to do himself to level the playing field, but he knew it was a mood point. This would earn him nothing but further lecture from her. The notion of her acting as if she held some lofty power against him really got his dander up however, and he found himself instead turning the topic to her utter disregard for what he had done, and her place in his home.*
    Varro: I don’t need this. You asked me to help, and I did! And you have a lot of gall barging in here with your inquisition. For all you knew, I could have been in here ‘entertaining’ company. Lots of it...
    *His head turned from the force of the slap across the face she gave him. He hadn’t anticipated it really. In the past, such a slap across the face might have generated a different reaction from him. Today, it set him on the offense. He’d had enough. Who did she think she was? Alright, perhaps his comment about ‘entertaining company’ was unnecessary, but so too was her attitude. He closed his eyes and grinned with the satisfaction of knowing that he was about to put her in her place, friend though she was. He was going to be frank with her, because at this point, she needed it. He felt some blood going down the corner of his mouth, and wiped at it passively, and it was not just blood that dripped from his mouth now, but his pointedly placed sarcasm.*
    Varro: You know, I haven’t had a woman hit me like that since my late wife...thank you for the refresher. It’s funny, sometimes I forget that you’re such a strong arm. Tell you what *she had hit him pretty hard, even for a slap. But the fact that it was a slap made it all the more insulting. If she’d have punched him squarely in the face, he could have seen that as a conflict between friends that might require a few blows, then drinks afterwards. The slap though was something reserved for those you wished to discipline, not quarrel with. Discipline him indeed. He turned to look at her. Discipline.* What’s say we talk some more, while we’re on the subject of who’s defending whom? What if I told you I already KNEW about you and the warforged spying on Mekari. Or the fact that you’re the ones who busted into Denieth looking for information on her. Or that I or Mekari could already have turned you in, if that is what I wanted. Or that I could have told the others about you following Mekari on the roof, hm? How about those things!? I could have ratted you out, but I didn’t because I knew you were just snooping on her that night on the roof, following her to find out if she posed a threat... very respectable of you by the way, prowling after a lady in the dark. *he pressed her paper back at her, waiting for her to try and regain herself from his points, and here he would reign triumphant. She penned out with an angry face something, then stopped, and he knew by the look that she’d written something she didn’t want to, and this was promptly followed by her attempting to hide it away so he couldn’t see it. She was strong, but he was quick, and he yanked the page from her hand lightly and swiftly.*
    Varro: No no, by all means, we may as well be completely open now about *when his eyes came to the words to read them, his speech and carefully prepared scolding fled him. Instantly, he was made aware of his ignorance as his eyes processed her writing on the paper*
    “Not her, YOU! I WAS FOLLOWING YOU!”
    *Uxor had been following him? HE was her target? All this time he thought that she’d spent tailing and investigating Mekari, she was actually investigating him? Thoughts raced as he tried to get around this notion. There had to be another answer for it. He put together the string of things related to his observations, and each time he found himself at the conclusion that even if Mekari was a person of suspicion, he too was of the same suspicion in Uxor’s eyes. Wild, livid, painful betrayal was upon him. His eyes came to Uxor like he was looking on all the agents of House Deneith. Perhaps she WAS from House Deneith, and he’d been too stupid to put the pieces together until now. The reason she was snatching the note back was her cover was blown. To think, he’d taken such care in getting Deriaz’s gem safe from Mekari, in watching over her, in putting faith in her and sharing many things in what he thought was utter confidence. . . all of this arrangement shattered like so many stones through glass. Uxor had started to try and write. More lies; something to cover herself with. Here before him stood an agent of the worst kind – an agent that had posed as a friend. He wanted to kill her, and he was very close to laying into her with all the power of magic he had available to him until he could get to a blade. Some small part of him, vain hope perhaps, stayed his full wrath. Maybe there was an explanation? Some chance that she had some other motive, or worked for some other force. Maybe Hope had put her up to it? The thought that she would go against him at the command of Hope, guild leader though Hope was, was just as unsettling. He knew if she didn’t leave now, he was going to harm her though. The more he thought on it, the closer he was coming to that.*
    Varro: Get out. Now.
    *Uxor tried once more for the paper, and he pinned her in his grip, and she shrank before him. Obviously she knew what she had done. Seeing her cowering there generated mixed feelings of hurt and anger. She KNEW that she was wrong, and that made the matter all the more terrible.*
    Varro: No. No talking. I want you gone!
    *He forced her back, steering her with her two wrists held in his grasp. His knuckles were white as he clenched the sheet with his other hand, and the two awkwardly crossed the room in this manner. He forced out malevolent talk past biting teeth as he enunciated his points at her. He wanted her out, and gone, immediately.*
    Varro: Know that if you ever try to come here again, you’re going to need a lock-pick. My door is closed to you. Now, either through my front door or out my window, I don’t care how you do it, but GET OUT.
    *He gave another shove of her wrists and released her, going for his door and pulling it open. She tried once more for paper to write, and he yanked her writing stick from her hand, and hurled it out the door. This act made him cringe a little to himself. To think that their friendship had so come to this moment, that he found himself treating her in this way... he had nothing left but to rage at her* LEAVE!
    *When she’d scampered past to the street, and he’d slammed the door on her, he stamped around his house like a maimed wolf, snapping and striking out in his frustration and suffering. How could he have been that stupid? He was that stupid because he had wanted a friend, that’s how. He had allowed her to get close... allowed himself to get close... and Mekari had been right. Varro had been careless. All this work as an ambassador had blinded him to some things. Now he was in a great fix. The fashion show was upon him, his co-worker was an agent of who knew what, and then there was the complication of the guild... and the fact he was still ambassador. Why did all the things of his universe have to collide in such monumentally disastrous ways at all times? He broke at last, collapsing down to the floor, fondling Endaria’s ring that he wore on the smaller of his fingers on his right hand. Angry, bitter, and remorseful tears could not be held back. Before now, he’d stuffed his agony away with drink... then public activity... and ultimately companionship. Now, with that companionship lost, he found he had no one to confide in, and that before at a moment such as this, he would have had his wife for comfort. He did not even have that now.*

    Mekari: *she resumed their mental banter* <Look – you have three choices. Move on... tell Uxor what she wants to know... or end it all. You apparently are ill suited to the first. As for the second, you know that by telling her, you put her at risk. And you can act as if you’ve utterly broken ties with her, but I’m a bit more perceptive than that. So I know that despite your anger, you still wouldn’t want things to happen to her. Where does that leave you? I can’t tell you what to do, I can only present what I see. Think on it, but decide soon. It’s pathetic to see you rotting on your feet.> *Mekari turned the glass over on the table.*
    *Varro ran his hands over his head, smoothing stray hairs back out of his face, and grumbled. He was particularly irritated that Mekari was making sense for a change. Mad though she was, she had a knack for being startlingly logical now and again... when it amused her to be so.
    Sleeping was no comfort. Partying was no distraction. Drinking was temporarily nice, but ultimately no real remedy; when he sobered up again, he would be right back where he started. To top it all off... despite the anger, the hurt, and the wounded pride, he knew that he missed Uxor.*

    ((-----------Chat Transcript----------))
    *Varro was walking across town purposefully. He was not sailing by in his usual manner of speed, and glowering at something. The fashion show had gone well, the party had gone into the hours of the morning, and here he was, stalking about like a wildcat with a thorn in its paw*
    *Deriaz walked past him, completely absorbed in his own thoughts. He glanced at Varro once as he walked by, but then stopped. A few seconds later, he took a double take, and realized who he had just passed. He turned around, and ran after the Bard, yelling his name.*
    *Varro stopped, and twisted his head around to look back, his body following in turn partly*
    *Deriaz saluted once he caught up to the Bard.*
    Deriaz: Hey. Just wanted to say, great job at the Fashion Show. Great job putting it together and everything. . . *He trailed off, as if trying to piece together what he was going to say next, without making it come out wrong.*
    *Varro turned around fully to face him, seeing that the warforged was intent on conversation. He stared at Deriaz with a look that suggested he was anticipating Deriaz getting to the point of this approach*
    Varro: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
    Deriaz: I meant to ask you before, but I never got around to it. . . I noticed you were, well. . . You were giving me weird glances before the show. Did you want to ask me something? I mean, I wanted to bring it up before, but I figured with the show about to start and everything, it would be best to wait until later. But then you ran off.
    Varro: Now that you mention it, yes I suppose I did want to ask you something *he folded his arms* Tell me something're good friends with Uxor, yes?
    Deriaz: *He looked at Varro in a confused way.* Of course I am. You know that, don't you?
    Varro: I assumed so, but I thought I had better ask. Maybe you didn't think of her as highly as she held you *he shrugged a little* but back to my question. What do you suppose would have gotten into her as far as hearing that she's been checking up on her guild mates. Thought maybe you'd have some insight as to why she'd do something like that.
    Deriaz: I hold her higher than anyone in this city. . . But. . . *He paused for a second at the question, but tried to cover it up as him thinking on it.* Maybe she was just wanting to get to know everyone more? I mean, she has said she treats you all as family
    Varro: *that comment caused him to grin, and chuckle a little, but the laugh definitely was not a humorous one* Family. Yes of course, it is perfectly normal to investigate one's family. Maybe I'm reacting badly, I don't know, but here, I'll ask your opinion. Since you hold her so highly. What would you say if you found out that she was spying on you? Like you were some kind of vial outsider?
    Deriaz: *He blinked a few times, and then shook his head.* I guess I would consider it a little odd at first, but would be ok with it if there was a reason behind it. I mean, she's not the kind of person to do something like that without having a **** good reason behind her.
    Varro: Even if you were friends? Even if you trusted your life to her? You wouldn't be the slightest bit miffed that she didn't trust you the same way?
    Deriaz: Well, sure, I would be a little upset. But come on, you know me Varro. I'm not exactly one to hold a grudge. *He laughed.*
    Varro: *He nodded a little* Now let's take this hypothetical scenario a step further. What if you found out that not only was she spying on you, but she'd convinced others to do it too?
    Deriaz: *He began to tense up slightly under the torrent of questions.* Well. . . Others? I guess I would think that it was a little more than odd. But, again, if there's a reason behind it. . .
    Varro: Put reasons aside for a moment *he brought a hand up to rub at the tuft of hair on his chin* how would you feel?
    Deriaz: Reasons aside, then, yes, I would feel a little violated. But it wouldn't be something I would hold a grudge on. I would just shrug it off as, well, something minor.
    Varro: And what do you suppose you'd feel towards the people who helped her spy on you, hm?
    Deriaz: *He began to think there was a greater meaning to these question than what the Bard was letting off. He shrugged, and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.* I dunno. Confusion, I suppose. . . You know, for a hypothetical situation, you sure have put a lot of thought into this.
    Varro: Well that's my position - I have to be able to imagine all sorts of things that might not ever happen in my lifetime. But it's always nice to have a fresh prospective. *he rubbed his chin again* Confusion. Interesting....And let us say that all these things were would you confront her about it? And the ones who helped her?
    Deriaz: Confront her? Uh. . . Well, I guess I'd just come straight out with it. Ask her why she hired people to help her look into my history. . . *He shook his head.* Look, Varro, am I missing something here? You've never asked questions like this before, and quite frankly, it's making me nervous. Did you hit your head or drink too much or something?
    Varro: *he rubbed at his chin and mouth, reflecting on Uxor's strike to his face at their last encounter* I suppose a hit on the head is the case. Sorry to take up so much of your time with my theorizing. You're right. I should just be direct with who ever it was
    Deriaz: *The Warforged froze, and eyed Varro.* Be direct with. . . Varro, I thought you said this was hypothetical. . . Now you're sounding like this is a real situation.
    Varro: Oh it is...but the sentiments and actions are hypothetical because we were talking about you.
    Deriaz: *He shook his head, and began to wonder if Varro was aware of what Uxor and he had been doing.* Well, I mean. . . Just because we're talking about me doesn't mean you have to use them. Just because I said I would be direct doesn't mean you have to. Better to do it in a way that you think is best, not what someone else thinks is best.
    Varro: No I rather think in this instance it's better for me to seek outside opinion. My gut reactions are based in emotions right now, and that could prove bad. Things might be said or done that might be regretted later.
    Deriaz: *He stared at Varro for a moment more, contemplating what to say next, or just to drop it there. One idea came up, and he decided to take a stab at it. 'Uxor already said she was going to confess to Hope, so I guess it's worth a shot,' he thought. He waited a second more, deciding how to say it, but decided just to throw it out.* Uxor isn't spying on you, is she? I mean, even if she is, what makes you think she has someone with her? *'Not the best way,' he thought, 'but I guess it's too late to take it back now.'*
    Varro: *This seemed to catch him off guard slightly. He didn't say anything for a moment, and instead he pulled out something from his garments, and held it out* Her own mouth...figuratively speaking
    *the scrap of paper said* "Not her. YOU! I WAS FOLLOWING YOU!"
    Deriaz: *He stared at the paper in shock. 'So she went to him as well. . .'* Well, I guess that answers that half of the question. Did she tell you she had help? Or. . . Are you just taking a stab in the dark?
    Varro: Just putting pieces together. Mekari said she's had encounters with someone already prying for information. Now this. It's only reasonable to assume that where Uxor has been watching me, so too have her 'assistants'
    Deriaz: *He shook his head.* But w-- *He stopped himself, realizing he was thinking out loud. He shrugged it off.* I'm sure she had her reasons. I know, you said put reasons out of mind, but I'm sticking to them. And I'm sure she had her reason for hiring an assistant. . . Did she give you any hint to who she had? *'Walking a thin line. . .' he thought, but he didn't care. He wanted to figure out exactly how much Uxor had said when she went to Varro.*
    Varro: Someone she trusted. Which is interesting to me, because here I thought I was the one she trusted.
    Deriaz: *He faked a look of thinking.* Well, do you know who all she trusts? Maybe someone from the Fellowship? *<'What are you trying to prove?'> The voice of Ragyr, his other personality, came up, though quiet, in his head.*
    Deriaz: <'Just shut up for a minute, alright?> * he shot back.*
    Varro: Oh I don't know. I suppose anyone in the fellowship could be counted in among that number. Even you could as well.
    Deriaz: *He laughed.* Me? You don't think I would spy on you, do you?
    <'Look, what are you trying to get out of him? Just tell me what you want to hear. I'll get it out of him.'> *Ragyr again.*
    Deriaz: <'I said shut up, alright? I know what I'm doing.'> *Though in all honesty, he was just pushing the conversation for anything else he could get, and didn't have a real goal in mind.*
    Varro: I guess that would come down to how likely I think you would be to do something if Uxor asked it of you. Since you two are friends... and she trusts you...and she might have had a good reason.
    *Deriaz decided to prod somewhere else.* Well, I guess you have a point there. . . *He shrugged casually.* So. . . Have you heard about those thieves in House Deneith? Pretty bold of them, you think? *'Not the best transition, but if he takes the bait. . .'*
    Varro: I've seen the flyers, yes. But stupid of House Deneith to leave themselves open for it. *he spat the words 'house denieth' practically. Varro had never been overly subtle about his distaste for House Deneith*
    Deriaz: *'Hook. . .'* You think they'll catch those two? I mean, though they may be asking for help all over Stormreach, any two who can break into House Deneith and get out without getting captured have to be good at keeping out of sight.
    Varro: I think it just depends on the company they keep. If they're smart, they'll stick with folk who aren't likely to just hand them in for the money. I have no great confidence in that House, so you'll forgive me if I don't give the thieves a lot of credit for their accomplishment.
    Deriaz: *'Line. . .'* How about that reward they're giving for their capture? I heard about it from Sho. Pretty big amount. . . You think you'd ever turn them in, even if they turned out to be people that you may have known?
    '<You're cutting it too close. . .'> *Ragyr laughed.*
    Varro: Oh I don't know. Depends on how in need of cash I was. Now that you mention it, after the Fashion Show, my funds have dipped pretty low. It would be a tempting offer.
    Deriaz: *'Sinker.'*
    <'And what was the point of that?'>* Ragyr sighed*
    Deriaz: Even if it was someone close to you? I mean, no matter how much you needed cash, I would hope your friendships and relationships come before mutual needs. . . That's just me though. *He shrugged*.
    Ragyr: < 'Duck out now, while you have the chance, D.'>
    Deriaz: Well, I should probably leave you to do what you need to do around town. . .
    Varro: Well you said someone I know. Knowing and being friends with someone are two different things... apparently.
    Deriaz: Well, let's say friends, then. Would you turn them in, then? If they were your friends?
    Varro: I suppose it would depend on what kind of friend they were. Though, if they really were my friend and acted the way a friend should, then I wouldn't have any reason to want to do something like that, would I?
    Deriaz: *'Not the answer I was expecting, but. . .' He shrugged.* I suppose you have a point, then. Let's go with Uxor. You said she's been spying on you. Would you turn her in for the money, even though you and her are close, but she has been spying on you and Mekari? *He shut his mouth. He heard Ragyr cackling. <'Why did you throw Mekari's name at the end!?'>*
    Deriaz: Er, well, just you. Or Mekari. Or anyone in the guild. *'A poor attempt at a save*
    Varro: *He stared at Deriaz in disbelief for a moment* I'm sorry, did you really just say that to me?
    Deriaz: Well, I mean. . . I. . . Well, let's just say it WAS Uxor. . . And not that, um, Drow on the flyer. Would you? This is complete hypothetical, like you were doing to me earlier. *His mind began to race. 'You idiot. All that work, and now it's about to backfire on you!' He wanted to punch himself.*
    Varro: *He just stared at Deriaz in amazement for a moment as Deriaz continued to tunnel his way through the earth. Varro gave a moment before he started his answer* If there were a price on Uxor's head... *he shook his head and looked down at the ground, laughing in an odd sort of way. Somehow Deriaz had said something incredibly funny to him. He put his hands on his hips* Honestly, right now? I don't know any more. There was a time when I could tell you that no, I would never do that to her. But there was also a time when I could tell you that she would never betray me.
    Deriaz: Well, if we're speaking in hypothetical terms still. . .*'Don't do it. . .' a voice in his head yelled. His own voice.*
    Varro: By all means
    Deriaz: And you knew BOTH of the thieves on the flyer. . .
    Ragyr: <'DON'T DO IT!'>
    Deriaz: Would you turn them BOTH in?
    Ragyr: <. . . Idiot.>
    Varro: Would depend. Let's see. If it were Uxor and someone else I knew...who *he eyed Deriaz up and down mock studying him* happened to be a masked warforged....I'd have to take a lot into consideration. For instance, what had the masked warforged done to me. Well, if he were offending me, then I'd say probably so - it would be worth the money. However...this would be a favor to House Deneith by doing so. So then I would have to weigh my disdain...*he held his hands out like scales* Which did I hate more... Deneith, or the thieving spies...
    Deriaz: Well. . . *He laughed nervously.* How much would you have to hate the thieves to want to actually help Deneith?
    Varro: See that's a good question. I mean, getting back to your hypotheticals...
    IF it were Uxor, and she had gone and utterly destroyed my sense of trust in her by stabbing me in the heart with treachery... I'd say that'd be pretty good grounds to start forming hatred. Because I don't know about you, but nothing quite makes you feel as good as when someone you saw as your friend...your co-worker...the one you confided in....goes and does something that shatters your sense of trust in other people. Especially after you were reluctant to do so in the first place. Don't you think? *the more he talked, the more biting his words became, and he hit every consonant with pristine pronunciation, making the statement very crisp and vehemently clear*
    Deriaz: *'Get yourself out of this hole. . .' he thought to himself.* I suppose you're right. . . Well, I, um, I should probably get going.
    Ragyr: <Oh, right, because just dropping it and running doesn't tip him off at all! Maybe you haven't noticed, but you're still in the hole.>
    Varro: What's your hurry...have someone you need to check up on?
    Deriaz: I, uh. . . No, no one at all. I've just held your attention for quite awhile now. I didn't want you to not have time to, uh, do whatever it is you were heading off to do before I, um, interrupted you. Yeah. . .
    Varro: Not at all. I've been a little discombobulated today. I was actually just walking to clear my head. If I had somewhere I was going, you would have had to run a lot faster to catch up with me. So getting back to your question...which I still hadn't answered....
    Would I turn them in? Hmm.
    *<Smooth, runt> Ragyr's voice echoed in his mind, louder than before. <You really have lost your touch.> Deriaz ignored him, and focused his attention on Varro again.*
    Varro: I suppose if I had wanted to do something like that, no matter what she'd done to me, I would have already done it. Maybe she should have taken that into consideration while she was busy lumping me in with the Cults of the city. I guess that would have been logical of her to do. And if I had any intention of ruining her life like she's about to ruin mine, then I'd already have acted on it. Hypothetically speaking of course. But, like you said earlier, maybe she had a good reason. Hypothetically speaking.
    Deriaz: Of course. Hypothetical. *He laughed, and tried to hide the nervousness in it.*
    Varro: And since we're still talking in Here, let me think on this. You say she had a good reason probably? What possible reason is a good reason to betray the trust of your friend?
    Deriaz: Well, maybe she did it to keep you safe from something. . .
    Varro: Do you suppose she ever once considered that I might not be in any danger in the first place?
    Deriaz: Well, maybe she thinks someone is a possible threat to you. . . *Ragyr laughed again. <Nerves getting the best of you? You're not being as careful as you were earlier>*
    Varro: So...instead of asking me about it, spying was the ticket then?
    Deriaz: Maybe she didn't want to hurt your feelings by asking you straight. Or maybe she was afraid you would have taken it the wrong way. . .
    Varro: How good to know how she really feels about me then - that she can't come to me and talk openly with me
    Deriaz: *He shrugged."* Well, I mean. . . Um. . . Maybe she was afraid to confront you about it, because. . . Um. . . Because she didn't want you to take it the wrong way.
    Varro: And what way could I possible take spying as? *he shook his head* I'm sorry, but I really thought...REALLY thought... there was a certain level of communication we had. Enough that doing something like that would be uncalled for. *it was more apparent now the longer they talked that Varro was talking to Deriaz as if he expected what he said to somehow get back to Uxor*
    Deriaz: I. . . I. . . *He sighed.* I don't know what to say. I don't know how Uxor's mind works. . .
    Varro: Apparently, neither do I. *he paused, looked at the ground, then refolded his arms* I will level with you Deriaz. Because it's very apparent that you're new to this...ambassadoring... and the ways of word play. So I am going to spare you of it, because you amuse me.
    Deriaz: Amuse you? *He stared at Varro for a moment.* . . . I'm not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. . .
    Varro: That is a matter of taste, and they are not for dispute. *he refolded his arms* I knew that the two of you were checking up on Mekari. What I DIDN'T know...was that it was also me you were searching on. Tell me, why did she do it?
    Deriaz: *He frowned behind the mask.* So, you do know I was the one working with her. . . I can't exactly tell you why she did it. When I offered to sneak-- To look around for information the first time, it was just on Mekari. I don't know the full reason why she would look up you as well, but we did.
    Varro: See, I was going to compliment your hypothetical thieves on being sure to cover the head of the forged *he tapped on his own head about where Deriaz's glyph would be* Because anyone who saw that would be certain to identify him by it matter what colors he was painted up in. What reason would she have to look for things on Mekari in the first place. Did she do something to her?
    Deriaz: *He shook his head as he said the words 'no matter what colors he was painted up in,' but continued to listen.* Well, she did tell me that just the sight of Mekari scares her. I didn't push it when she brought that up, though.
    Varro: So...she's afraid of Mekari...for unknown reasons...and that was good enough to warrant your actions. And hers?
    Deriaz: *He shook his head.* No, that wasn't the reason I helped her. I helped her because. . . *He paused.* I helped her because I wanted to. She's my friend. I wasn't going to just let her tell me about Mekari, and then just blow it off, allowing her to do. . . Whatever, on her own. I don't know what warranted her to do what she did. . . But I helped for my own reasons. Fear or not.
    *that comment Varro considered for a moment longer than the rest. The expression of contempt that he'd had most of the meeting was softened with a subtle sadness* Thank you for your time Deriaz. *he gave Deriaz a low formal bow*
    Deriaz: *He watched the Bard give the bow, and then sighed.* I'm sorry if what we did was rude and rash. But we only had your best interest in mind.
    Varro: *He nodded to that, but was only semi-responsive really.* Take care.

    ((----------End Transcript----------))

    *The warforged words with him on the street had struck a cord with him. He remembered what it was like to feel that way about Uxor – a sense that you would do anything to help her. To feel like there was someone who didn’t care about your past, only that you were friends with them in the present. He sat up a little and looked directly at Mekari. He should have known.*
    Varro: <You’re such a liar, you know.>
    Mekari: *She seemed amused even in thought* <Well I suppose it wasn’t the truth to say I didn’t want anything. I want you out of this fog. If having that silent ice girl around is what it takes to cause that to happen, I will endure her nosing about. Don’t expect me to protect her however. That is a luxury I accord to you alone.>
    Varro: <If. IF I did want her back....I don’t see how I’ll get it. Hope’s sent her away, and at this point, something tells me she was all too eager to comply. Patching this over is a bit more complicated than a simple ‘I’m sorry’>
    Mekari: <I’ve already planned for such. Do as I say and all will be resolved. I want you to leave for a while. Make yourself scarce, even to your allies.>
    Varro: <Absence and the heart, ay?>
    Mekari: <I’m not finished. I want you to send her a few gifts. Then all you need do is wait, and leave all else to me. Don’t wait at your home however. Go somewhere you can gather your thoughts.>
    Varro: <I guess I’m going to have to wonder as to how you’re going to magically fix this, considering the present animosity everyone has for you?>
    Mekari: <Well, do you trust me?>
    Varro: <Enough to go along with your crazy headed plan? I suppose.>
    Mekari: *she smiled casually at him* <She went to find the dragon you know?>
    Varro: *He stood up, pushing the chair back* <What?!>
    Mekari: <Well, she’s back now, and you can send her gifts through normal channels. But, do me a favor. Do it anonymously.>
    *Varro rubbed the bridge of his nose and squinted his eyes in irritation at Mekari’s habit of flippantly changing topics as if they were talking about town gossip.*
    Varro: <Now I know you’re lying. She would never seek out...>
    Mekari: *she interrupted him promptly* <Unless she really didn’t care what became of herself or not. So if you want this to work, trust me. If you trust me, I want you to come stand over here in front of me.> *she stood from the chair, facing out over the Phoenix from their high platform, with her back to him. He reluctantly went round the table to stand beside her.*
    Mekari: <No, here. Face me.>
    *Varro rolled his eyes and lurched in front of her, crossing his arms, and facing her.*
    Mekari: <Now, I want you to act naturally for me.>
    Varro: *He didn’t unfold his arms, but he gave her a broad, forced grin, that was more like bearing his teeth than a true ‘smile.’* <Better?>
    Mekari: <Much.> *She gave a thrust at his chest with two stiff arms. Varro fell backwards off the ledge of the platform, grabbing for anything he could as he lost his balance utterly. With alarm, he realized he was plummeting down to the lower levels of the tavern in free fall, with nothing but armor and stone floor to break upon. At first, he wrenched about in the air like a cat trying to land, but having been set sailing backwards into the void, and being rather full of spirits he’d been drinking, he was disoriented. He scrambled to find his spell components to try and cast a feather falling spell, as the bars of the lower level ladder sped by him. There was no time, and he was too ill prepared.
    Hard stone slammed against him. He heard things breaking, and due to the sensation of agony resonating through him, he presumed it to be parts of himself. It was quite surreal, at least until the torrents of pain overcame him fully, and his vision went white. He then felt energy being channeled onto him, but the feeling was positive, and he became aware that there were people around him. Someone was healing him. He tried to yell at Mekari, but it came out as a hoarse bark.* You tried to kill me?!
    Mekari: *smiling down from far above* <Now who’s the liar? Didn’t you just get done telling me that you’d rather be dead?> *then she said aloud* Remember it well.
    *One of the dwarves standing nearby was speaking to Varro* “Easy lad, we’ve got ya.” *the dwarf looked up and cried out* Someone grab that Drow!”
    *Varro became aware that hands were on him, lifting him over to stretch out on a nearby table. They were fussing with getting his breastplate off to inspect his injuries. All he could do was glare at Mekari however, with her pleasant smile. Several men were ascending the ramp to the upper platform intent on going after her. The look she shot them paused their pursuit however. They looked between one another with uncertainty, and it was all the more time Mekari needed to make herself disappear. Varro heard one of the folk who tended him cursing* “These spell casters and their teleporting! There outta be a law against it in the walls of the city!”
    “Well you can’t trust a Drow neither, outta outlaw them while they’re at it”
    “Looks like you’ve smashed yer ribs pretty good lad, and that arm to boot.”
    “Just hold still, we’ll take care of ye minstrel.”
    *Varro leaned back down to allow them to mend him. He wasn’t certain if Mekari was still maintaining the link with him or not, but he tried anyway.*
    Varro: <That... was THE dumbest thing for you to have done on SO many levels.>
    Mekari: <On the contrary...> *so she was listening.* <First off, it decides for you your course of action. You really don’t want to die Varro, no matter how miserable you might be. The fact that you tried to save yourself is proof enough. Secondly, since this means you’ll be needing to tell your ‘spy’ the truth, that you take your new found time to think on how and what you tell her.>
    Varro: <Well way to do your little experiment in front of an audience. You do realize that once word of this starts getting around, the guild will be calling for your skin. I’m fairly certain that if they didn’t have the motivation to confront you before, that they will now.>
    Mekari: <Just let me take care of things and be patient.>
    Varro: <And what shall I tell them if Asked, hm? That you were ‘testing’ my will to live? I’m sure that will go over like an airship without an elemental.>
    Mekari: <Well you’ll need to leave tonight of course. Don’t bother going back home. If you do as I say, you won’t need to answer any questions. But should you be asked – you tell them the truth. I tried to kill you. It is the truth.>
    Varro: <Trust you indeed. You and your plans.> *He got no reply.*
    Thank you all!
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    Storms of Xen'drik: Rain (Part 2)

    “No, you walking of tree. I'll nae train you,” the grumbling wizard said for what seemed the tenth time this week. Drenor the wizard, dwarf in service to House Kundarak had enough things to worry about. Especially when the request was to teach a Warforged of magic. Stoically, or perhaps stupidly, his companion, the Warforged followed him along. Looking over his shoulder, Drenor saw Gauche was still beside him and sighed.

    “, it's not that I don't want ta help ya, I just don't have the time. I'm busy settin' Kundarak wards as you know and designin' traps. That takes all my time up. Plus I've got to be testin the damned things,” the little wizard explained. Looking about he realized with a start that he'd arrived where he needed be. It was a new construction in the Kundarak ward of Stormreach, an impressive building, if not a bit shoddy, not really good dwarf work, to his sensibilities it appeared something more... Human.

    Turning to face the Warforged in front of the building, “Listen, I can see ye have the knack, yer kind were made from magic, its only right. I just can't teach you. I'm sorry. Just... just go away Gauche.”

    “Very well Drenor. Thank you for your time and the tour.” Seemingly defeated the warforged gave a curt nod and walked away towards the marketplace of the city.

    Muttering to himself about crazy warforged, Drenor watched the living construct leave. “Ah well, “ he thought to himself. “He's got the talent.. .“ Turning towards the door Drenor dropped his hand to his belt pouch for the keys to the door.

    Fifty paces off, and after Drenor had stopped looking, Gauche had come to a stop as if expecting the agonized cry that came through the air, "BLASTED WARFORGED!”

    Grinning as only a warforged can, Gauche fondled the keys in his hand, excellent Kundarak make, he was sure the wizard would miss them, and ... perhaps... trade for them.

    <-Chapter 1->
    <-Chapter 3->
    <-Thelanis Anthology Index->
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    Default The Brothers Forged, Encounters, Chapter 1

    The Brothers Forged
    Chapter 1

    Deriaz sighed, and took a deep breath of air as he left the Phoenix Tavern. The blue Forged’s mind wandered back to what he had done to Points and Liyra back inside—With help from Jaggie, no less. He laughed to himself, and began walking towards the Harbor.

    They always said he was different. He didn’t think so. He was a Warforged, no different than the others, wasn’t he?

    He passed through a small crowd blocking his path, pardoning himself as he went. No one said a word; he only received odd stares. Normal to him. He continued on, passing through the Harbor gates. Behind him, he heard the sound of footsteps. He shrugged it off, thinking it just to be someone going in the same direction as him.

    They always stared oddly at him. He never knew why, but he took it in stride.

    Deriaz continued straight through the gate, heading down the large wooden stairs to the Waterworks. He grinned to himself, hearing his Bastard Sword and Tower Shield clank against his body as he went down. As he reached the bottom, the sound of footsteps continued. He shrugged it off again. <Probably just some adventurer heading into the sewers.> He took a left, heading towards his normal spot on the docks.

    They always whispered behind his back. He never knew why, but never asked.

    Deriaz reached his normal spot, and sighed in relief. He sat down, and stared across the harbor waters; past the shore, past the lighthouse, as far as his eyes could go. The footsteps stopped behind him. A deep voice laughed a moment later.

    “What’s the big idea?”

    Deriaz turned and stared at the newcomer behind his orange mask. Ragyr, what some would call his alter ego, was standing behind him, arms crossed. The black metal and red eyes seemed to shine a little more in the setting sun. Deriaz’s orange eyes rolled, and he stared back at the water.

    “What idea?” he grinned to himself.

    He was always took the brunt of the jokes. It never bothered him.

    He heard Ragyr step up next to him, and take a seat. “The ticket. To Khorvaire. Have you forgotten the two of us are linked? You didn’t honestly think I was going to ignore something like that, did you? I watched the whole thing.”

    Deriaz shrugged. “I have my reasons. The main one, though, was you. You lied to me. . . When I bought the tickets, you said you were going to go out and find jobs—Ones that didn’t involve killing, mind you—In Stormreach to help us out when we landed in Khorvaire. Then I find out you and Sho are working together to kill that Aemilius character? If you ask me, that doesn’t exactly sound like what you were looking for.”

    Ragyr stood up. “Well, you know, it’s like they say. “Old habits die hard.””

    Deriaz looked up at him in confusion. “Who says that?”

    “I dunno. People do.”

    “Mmm. People. Right,” Deriaz laughed, and looked back across the water.

    “Once I’m done with Sho, he told me he’ll give me more money and power than I can imagine. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll buy you another ticket once I’m done.” Deriaz heard his footsteps. Ragyr was leaving. He sighed.

    They always said he was different. . .

    “You’re not going to change me, you know that, right?”

    Ragyr laughed. “Same to you. Did you ever think I would?” he chuckled lightly to himself as he left.

    Deriaz returned to looking out over the water. A large ship was coming in, probably from Khorvaire or somewhere else. He removed the necklace around his neck, and fiddled with the large spearhead of the Silver Flame and the two earrings on it. He felt at home, in his own little world on the harbor dock, until Ragyr’s voice came flooding into his mind.

    <It’s like I said before. Leaving is best for you. You only cause problems, remember?> Ragyr laughed.

    <Maybe so, but y’know something? That doesn’t mean I can’t make it up to them somehow,> Deriaz sighed. His mind began to wander again, to the events in the Phoenix. More importantly, it fell to one line spoken by Jaggie, when she had brought up the Lord of Blades.

    “You’re the only. . . Human Forged I know.”

    . . . And for the first time, he was happy for it.

    Deriaz’s hand curled around the necklace. He took one long look across the clear water again before putting the necklace back around his neck. He stood up and turned on his heel, running back to the Fellowship guildhall, where he frequently spent his nights. Tonight, he had a crate to unpack.
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    Default The Brothers Forged, Chapter 1 (Cont.), Encounters

    The Brothers Forged
    Encounters, continued
    Chapter 1

    Deriaz sighed as he collapsed on the bed in the Fellowship guildhall. He turned his head to the left slightly, groaning at the half-emptied crate. He then scanned the walls, feeling a bit satisfied with the plentiful amount of swords standing the corners or hanging on the walls. Deriaz put his hands over his eyes, trying to relax for the moment before getting up to work again. The sound of the guest room door creaking open stopped him for a moment, though.

    Ragyr closed the door behind him, his arms crossed. “You’re just trying to make this a lot worse, aren’t you?” Deriaz laughed, taking out one of the Bastard Swords in the crate. He took it over to the corner, letting it stand with another group of them.

    He turned, and stared at Ragyr. “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he laughed.

    Ragyr walked forward, lifting a foot onto the edge of the crate as Deriaz leaned down to grab a second sword. “You know well enough what I’m talking about. Who do you think you are, telling me, of all people, that I’m forbidden to go with Sho? Hm?”

    Deriaz looked up at him, mocking confusion in his eyes. “What do you mean, me forbidding you? Didn’t you stand behind me after I told Sho no multiple times?” Ragyr put his foot down.

    “Well, sure, but—“

    “So if you’re so mad at me, why did you? I was only saying no. You had your own right to completely deny me and go with him. Yet you didn’t.”

    Ragyr began to mumble something, but all that came out was nonsense. Deriaz grinned with satisfaction. “That’s what I thought,” he muttered, hanging another sword up on the wall.

    “Well, uh. . .” Ragyr’s mind raced, trying to think of a comeback. He instead decided to try a change of conversation. “You know, if Sho does bring him—“ he said the word like he was talking about a god “—you’re going to be in a world of trouble for calling him a chump, right? And your personality. . . That’ll make you a mark instantly.”

    Deriaz shrugged. “What can I say? I’m just a people magnet.”

    Ragyr growled. “Just you wait. Sho will stick by his word. I trust him. And when he comes, I’ll be there to watch you fall!” Ragyr stormed out of the guest room, throwing the door open. Deriaz stared after him for a moment, before shrugging again and continuing on his unpacking.
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    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night, The Ambassadors, Volumn VI

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    The Ambassadors
    Volumn VI "Silence" Chapter 1

    *The travel on the airship had been one of considerable unpleasentries. Not the ride itself, but the thoughts that were so heavy upon Uxor as she ventured. She had but three days to accomplish what she intended. Would it be enough time before the search started for Varro? While she did not want to leave the city at such a time, the incident in the catacombs had warranted immediate action. After four years spent without any articulate word passing from her lips, in the heat of her emotions, she'd broken her vow of silence. Now there was need to return to her master for guidance, as a fallen pupil. What lay in store for one who had committed such an act was unknown to her. The remainder of the journey was spent scanning the landscape for signs of Varro. It was a slim chance to see him, so high up, but at this rate, any possibility was worth trying. In a way it steadied her nerves as she made passage to the monastery.*

    *The other monks of the grounds paid no heed to her as she walked through, other than a kind nod to acknowledge they were aware of her presence. There was no need for such idle banter. Uxor had a purpose, and they too had their own matters to tend. But a civil nod of greeting was polite. Uxor felt as if her appearance marred the monastery; she was a failure in their teachings.

    *When Uxor's eyes came upon her master, she knelt down dejectedly, preparing to utter of her failure to follow in his teachings. Before she was able to speak, he raised a hand, kneeling in front of her*
    "Be at peace maiden of ice, and we will work through your struggle to regain your path. Fear no confession to me of your having spoken.
    *Uxor batted her eyes in astonishment of her master's kind... and accurate... words.* "How do you know this?"
    "You are not the first student to come to me, looking as you do. You might consider yourself to appear before me in failing, but even now, your silence speaks louder than any words you were preparing for me. There is no purpose in lamenting for our actions, which belong to the past... even as we do them. Therefor, it is right for us to instead reflect purposefully on the past, and consider those actions we are yet to make. The past touches only then with influence, if we are wise enough to heed the lessons learned. Tell me not of short comings Uxor, tell me of the lessons.
    *Uxor recounted all the events that had befallen her since her departure from the monastery. The telling was long... and awkward for her. Back when she had been screaming at Ragyr, she had been so caught up in the surging feelings, that she hadn't paid any attention to how strange it was to speak again. Now, in a less heated state, her master's attentive - but silent - consideration seemed to emphasis how odd it was to hear her voice telling of these things.
    When she came to the most recent events... the appearance of Mekari... her falling out with Varro... the trouble of Ragyr and Deriaz... and her ultimate breaking of her vow, she wept openly, struggling for calm to form the story for him. At last the telling was complete* "Master, I am at a loss of what to do now. Am I going mad? I came to you because I realize the full weight of your teachings, and that I am still ignorant to them. My broken vow is proof of this. I don't know what to say, to do... all I know is I am in need of your guidance. *she bowed her head abjectly to him*
    *He smiled softly at her* Is this your conclusion? Very well. You cannot find your path without knowing the ways you have come before. Seeing them is not enough. What you have told me is this 'seeing,' but now I will help you to 'know' your journey. Each footfall will be addressed. *he folded his hands on his lap and stoically, but gently, asked questions of her* "Why do you fear this Mekari?"
    *Uxor was caught off guard somewhat by the question, not having expected this to be the first thing deliberated* "I don't know. It is a feeling I have when I look at her, or when I am aware she is near. Or even times when she is close at hand, but I'm not yet aware. The feeling comes, and I must work to suppress it. But I have no answer for why."
    "Have you felt this of any others before?"
    "Yes. In a way. I have similar sentiments whenever I reflect on my time as a slave under the Vissui."
    "You are ashamed of this fear."
    "Yes. I am always ashamed when my fears hinder my actions in times of need."
    "How do you over come it?"
    "I meditate on what will happen to others if I should surrender to my fears."
    "This is a lesson well learned maiden, but you must also not be downcast on yourself for feeling these fears. While to be held with its power is detrimental, I ask you to consider what would have happened if you had not experienced this sensation. This Mekari would have acted unchecked and unsuspected, quite possibly accelerating whatever plan was afoot. Your account biases me, as I have no point of view otherwise to advise with, but much of your experiences reflect poorly on that stranger's character and morality. So take heart, knowing that fear can act as warning. Through it, this person will be hard pressed to come upon you without your knowledge, no matter what appearance she takes."
    *Uxor had not considered it in that light. In fact, she'd been so busy trying to out think the feelings, that she had numbed herself to when they were NOT present. Her master was not finished with her however, and he continued...*
    "Tell me of breaking your vow. When did you feel yourself let go of the oath? What were you thinking of in that moment?"
    "I was thinking of Deriaz. I thought Ragyr was behind his death just to save his own skin. So I hit him. I just wanted him to be quiet, out of respect at least. But Ragyr wouldn't. I was so angry with him. I would have beaten him to death if Sho and the silverflame brother had not fended me off him. It was like once the gates of my thoughts were open, it just kept rushing out. I... wanted him to feel as bad as I felt. I was wrong."
    "Some say half of the truth is still a lie, Uxor. Tell me the rest."
    *Her pale skin warmed slightly in the face. How her teacher was so perceptive of her would always be a mystery. She wondered often if one day she would infer of others in this way* "Varro was gone. Very possibly, he was dead. Imagining bad things befalling my best friends is one thing... seeing it happen, an entirely and utterly horrible experience..."
    "Why do you hesitate to speak about him?"
    *Again she became quiet, the tone of her face now more akin to a pale one who got little sun, rather than a snowy white corpse's complexion. She felt her face flush at his direct questions* "Because I don't know that it is right of me to feel as I do."
    *Uxor flushed more at the question, sitting up straight, but casting her eyes away* "Because my feelings are not appropriate."
    "He has told you this?"
    "It is not anything he's said, it is what I know. We work together... he is a widower... I was friends with his late wife even. Duty outweighs any personal desires." *she recited his teachings* "you say 'suffering is caused by desire, and the inability to obtain desires. Rid yourself of desire, and there can be no suffering.'"
    *She almost shrank down at the mere sound of him speaking the word. How unnerving it was that her teacher could see into her so accurately. Of course, briefly she reflected on the notion that, if he could not do such, he would be no master* "It is not fair to Endaria to feel like this."
    *Her master's brows softened more so, and his stoic expression gentled some* "I cannot advise you in this matter, maiden. Other than to say this: You speak of ridding yourself of desire. In this instance, how you would achieve this is one of two paths. Confrontation, or stop having want for him. I must say though, it is no small matter that causes someone to turn from a vow they've so held to for years. "
    "I let my emotions outweigh my sensibilities, Master. It's as if I were going mad. I could never have acted such a way before. If you had told me it would happen in the way that it did, I would not have believed you. Until now. But why or how is irrelevant. My vow is broken, and I come to you for guidance. What recourse do I have?"
    "Renew your vow."
    *The promptness of his reply caused her to stammer* "Re...renew it? Master, I don't understand. What is the purpose of taking a vow, if one can simply break it and return to it after?"
    "Maiden, what is the purpose of taking a vow, if one can take the easy way out by breaking it and being then free of it? Uxor, you chose this path of self discovery. You speak still of inner turmoil and confusion, and so you have much to learn still. You are as yet a tiny seedling, struggling to fully take root in the world around you. Do you understand this?"
    *She nodded quietly, and bowed her head.*
    * He chuckled softly at her a moment, whereat she looked up to him puzzled as he muttered* "A seedling" *then he continued to explain* "It is not so easy as to simply resume your silence now. Know that if you wish to continue the vow, there are consequences. I praise you if - after hearing what you must endure - you chose to continue your vow regardless of what comes. Many students do not return to me to seek guidance when they have strayed. Fewer still are truly committed to their enlightenment enough to face what consequences await for their actions. One day, when you are no longer enshrouded by the dark mist of confusion, which clouds judgement, you will find peace and freedom from your service of oath."
    "I understand, Master." *she awaited his instruction*
    *He nodded low, acknowledging her decision* "You will again undergo the ritual of the severed song. As you are aware by now, there are magics of the world around you with the capacity to undo the permanence of the ritual. Should you come under the influence of such powerful healing magic, then the true test of your commitment to silence is at hand."
    *she listened with a nostalgic sense. Such things had been described to her when first she decided to take the oath. It was the remainder of her master's words that she patiently, but curiously, awaited.*
    "How well you now know the challenge of self discipline, Maiden. I see you have removed your marks." *he touched the edges of her ears, where the silver rings used to cling.* "What has become of them?"
    "I had intended to give them to my two friends... a keepsake to remind me of the day I fell away from my path."
    *Again the soft smile graced her master's expression.* Well, you are in need of retrieving them. I hope your friends are able to be contacted. *his face became serious once more, neither condemning nor empathetic. It simply...was.* "You will continue to mark the anniversaries of your devotion, but now you are to bear a new tribute. For each time you turn against your vow, you are to mark the occurrence by returning here to be branded. Should you fail to return here for this, you are to mark yourself. Furthermore, when you renew your vow, you will perform the severing of song with your own hands. Do you understand that which I speak of, Maiden of Ice?"
    *There could be no arguing the matter. This was how it was done. Though the gravity of having to commit the ritual herself was enough to push her current worries from her mind. After a moment, she responded.* "I understand. I will perform the severing of song, by my hand, and be subjected to that which is required by the brothers to atone for my wandering off the path to my enlightenment." *and she bowed low, preparing for the ordeal to come. Three days. She had three days to perform the ritual, recover, and return for the search. She tried to focus very hard on becoming ready for the task.*
    Thank you all!
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    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night, The Ambassadors, volumn VII

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    The Ambassadors
    Volumn VII "Ice and Fire" Chapter 1

    ((Takes place after the search for Varro, and the point at which Varro and Uxor come upon each other outside the Phoenix. After Sho reintroduces himself to the guild, Varro requests for Uxor to come talk with him))

    *There was a certain amount of joy she felt, to offset the awkward lack of conversation between them, as Uxor walked alongside Varro through the streets. Seeing that he was alive and well was comforting. He'd said nothing further since requesting her to walk with him, and she in turn wrote nothing. Instead, she basked in the knowledge that despite her most stupid of actions...
    despite all the doubts...
    despite Mekari's malicious deceptions...
    he was safe.
    They arrived at his porch, and Uxor hesitated to follow him up the stairs. Varro stopped and looked over his shoulder at her, as she stood uncertainly at the bottom step. He spoke again, but still in their coded language of Auren and Quori.*
    Varro: [I know what I said before, but I'm asking you to come in.]
    *Thoughts of his command to her to be gone were fresh in her mind, but that was not her only reason to pause. Momentarily, she questioned if it really were him, or if it were a trap waiting inside. Then she remembered the words of her master, and she noted no overpowering feeling of fear - other than her own nervousness at what conversation was in store. He stood holding the door open to her, and waved a hand to encourage her to come up. He couldn't blame her entirely for not trusting his intentions*
    Varro: [Enter. Please.]
    *Uxor collected her willpower, and slowly made her way into Varro's home.*
    *Once inside, Uxor cautiously looked round, inching towards the chair and table in the front room. Meanwhile, Varro closed the door behind them. He then walked to his bedroom, peered in, and closed the door. The same was done in the guest bedroom. Not entirely certain of his purpose, Uxor waited for him to indicate that she was to sit. He walked towards her at the table, pulled out a scroll, and held out his hand. When she tried to take a seat, he motioned for her to stop*
    Varro: [No, not that. I want you to hold onto me.] *he held out his hand again. Getting up from the chair, she angled her head, not understanding him. Uxor pulled out her own scrolls. Initially she thought he'd gotten his scroll out for her to write on, but that was not the case apparently. Very briefly her eyes roamed to the scroll on the table to try and gather the context of it. She meanwhile wrote out* "Hold onto you? Why?"
    Varro: [I don't expect you to know why, or even to be agreeable about this. Just please hold onto me. I will explain afterwards, alright? I wouldn't do this if it weren't necessary.]
    *Teleport. She recognized the symbols, though she had no way of using such a scroll herself. Her stance went a little defensive, and Varro followed her gaze to the scroll on the table.*
    Varro: [I'm not trying anything underhanded Uxor. Here, look ... if you're worried, touch my face. It's me.] *He held his chin up, awaiting to be prodded and poked, as seemed to be the custom of about half the city of late* [If you don't believe me - which you rightly should not - check for yourself.]
    *Uxor reached out and yanked upon the hair on his chin, plucking a few strands out.*
    Varro: OW! What in the name of all gods?! *his hands flew up to nurse the irritation of his soul patch being disrupted.* I said TOUCH not wound! It's bad enough you've got the entire town in an uproar so that I endure my face being handled like a carnival petting exhibit.
    *Uxor was relieved by that reaction. At least he sounded to be in his usual mood.* "Sorry" *she wrote* "I just don't understand."
    *He reverted back to their code speak*
    Varro: [Look, if I tell you now, it would negate my reasons for doing it in the first place. I'm trying to help, and right now what we need is...]
    *he considered a moment, before motioning for her writing stick. Knowing no other way of getting answers, but also knowing how much easier it was to bluff in writing, reluctantly she handed it over.*
    Varro: [What we need is this] *and he wrote the word "privacy."*
    *They volleyed the writing stick then. How odd it was that he couldn't just say what he meant in their private language, and it worried her.*
    Uxor: "Why are you writing?"
    Varro: "Because I can't take the chance of being overheard"
    Uxor: "Could we not just write entirely then?"
    Varro: "That is your speciality, not mine. I will say that you will thank me afterwards, alright? Let's not give her any more time to catch onto my intent." *again, he held out his hand to Uxor.*
    *"Her." Uxor had a sudden understanding of whom he was meaning. Granted, it only added more riddles to her already confused mind, but she knew that at last, there was a possibility for answers. On this hope, and the hope that Varro was willing to be reasonable with her, she took his hand.*
    *When her eyes refocused, and the world steadied under her feet again, she saw they were in a strange stone hall she'd never been in before. She was about to set to questions, when a white doorway shimmered into existence in front of them. Varro motioned for her to walk towards it, but she recoiled her neck, liking this even less than the teleport.*
    Varro: [Here, I'll go first. I promise it's not going to hurt you.]
    *She wrinkled her nose, once more turning to her parchment to write* "I know what a Dim Door is Varro, I'm not just an ignorant meat shield for you magic wielders. I just want to know where you are taking me before I leap blindly through."
    *He folded his arms across his chest, looking down in thought* Fair enough. I'd be the same way after what's gone on. *He stepped towards the doorway* [If you want to work past this... if you want your explanations... then you'll come through the door. But, I won't force you to. I'll be on the other side waiting.] *and his figure was consumed by the white light of the door as he stepped back through it.*
    *Uxor glowered at the door. There was no way to know where it was open to. There was also limited time to decide. If she didn't go through, and the door closed, then so too closed the possibility of reconciliation between them. This she could not allow, not after all she'd come to see and know. One way or another, going forward would give her answers, for good or ill. This did not mean she had to walk like a lamb to the slaughter however, and so she kept her arm upon the hilt of her sword, ready to draw it if need arose, as she passed through the door.*
    *The vastness of the space, compared with the stuffy stone hall she'd departed, caused her to immediately draw blade. She was out in the open, thus anything from any direction could come for her. The air was hot, and it was very bright around her. The ground under her feet was unstable, and so she braced herself. Her eyes were trying to adjust to the surroundings, as she whirled to face a voice talking close by*
    Easy, easy, you're safe Uxor! I told you nothing will hurt you! For the love of all gods, don't slash me!
    *Focus came then on a form that was Varro, who had his arms before him, shielding from any impending strike. Everything was so bright. At last her eyes adjusted fully to the place, and she saw broad, flat open sands, with hills beyond. It very much looked the picture of 'the middle of nowhere.' Another large shape, which she'd taken to be a threat initially, turned out to be a scrappy tree, clinging to life on the open plain. Uxor sheathed her blade, but her expression was unmistakably clear. Explanation was needed.*
    Varro: I'm sorry, but I couldn't tell you where we were going. Then she'd follow. AT least this way, it will take her time to figure out I'm gone, and even more to know where. More over, in this place, if she were invisible I could STILL see her coming. *He kicked at the sands under their feet.* Invisible she could do... traceless, she could not.
    *Uxor mouthed the word 'Mekari,' to which he nodded*
    Varro: Our private speech works well, but she is fluent enough in Quori to gather context from our talk unfortunately. If you and I are to have words, I needed to take us somewhere away from prying eyes - utterly. Somewhere that was easy to keep an eye on.
    *Uxor had already started to write a bit on the page, but Varro interrupted her*
    Varro: First thing's first, we're not going to stand here in the blazing sun. We're also not going to stand. *he went over to the small tree, gesturing for her to follow. From his pack, he pulled out two cloaks and a robe, spreading them on the sands*
    Varro: Not quite a chair, but better than working sand into that armor, no?
    *Uxor came over to situate herself on one of the cloaks. The little tree, sparse as it was, still managed to soften the directness of the sun's rays.*
    *She finished what she'd started to write, and he didn't interrupt her. The page bled with question marks. She handed him the page* "What is going on? Who is Mekari, what does she want, and why did she tell me that she killed you? More over, I know what you told them, but where have you been? What is it she doesn't want us to find out? Is she behind Endaria's death? WHAT is she? Why does she wear that disguise? Why are you hiding from her too? *she would have written more, but realized in just those lines much was there for him to answer. He read over the page entirely before he spoke.*
    Varro: I will answer any questions you like Uxor, so long as you first answer a question of mine about you. If you can answer me truthfully, then I will speak of it all. At length. No secrets, no half truths, and no semantics. Agreed?
    *So much he asked of her before giving back, but this was his way. He knew he could trust her word, while she was hesitant to admit the same towards him. Still feeling no surge of fear, she nodded agreeably.*
    Varro: Good. Now... I was told that you are, in point of fact, able to speak? That you have spoken even in my absence?
    *To this she nodded. Not proudly, but those were facts. Mostly.*
    Varro: Then why aren't you speaking now?
    Uxor: *she wrote on a fresh side of her paper* "Because I can't. It's hard to explain, but it's a physical reason."
    Varro: Then explain, and tell me the reason.
    Uxor: *she tried to think of how to tactfully ... or even sensibly... explain what he was asking of her* "I do not speak, because that was my choice. I took an oath to silence, for self enlightenment. I broke that oath while you were away, and I returned to my master to receive punishment. The reason I cannot talk is because I have not fully healed. Even if I WANTED to break my oath right now Varro, I cannot."
    Varro: What was the punishment?
    Uxor: "It is not the punishment that prevents it, it is the vow. At onset of taking the vow, a severing of song is performed.' *she patted her throat.* "but this time, since I had broken the vow, I had to perform the severing of song on myself."
    Varro: You...cut off your own tongue?
    *She shook her head 'no'* "The tongue is not the origin of song, you above all people know that Varro. It is only a tool to shape that which comes from out the throat."
    *Varro shuttered visibly at that notion. Either her vocal cords, or her voice box entirely, either notion made his skin crawl.* Sorry, I just.... can't imagine going through life without that. Much less doing that to myself.
    Uxor: "I don't expect you to understand. This was my choice. There is magic that can restore the damage, as I encountered in my ventures over time. But this does not relieve me of my vow. It merely tests my devotion. So yes, I spoke. And now no, I cannot...lest someone use magic to regenerate that which is severed. Even then, I would not speak. It is not yet time for that." *In truth, resuming writing was difficult. In only that short time of speaking once more, it was so easy to revert to trying to form speech again, but the sound dead in her throat was a harsh reminder.*
    Varro: Why take such a vow in the first place? I've never asked before, but since I'm about to lay all in the open for you, I felt I should at least be permitted that.
    *Uxor nodded to that notion* "I needed direction and discipline in my life when I was freed of slavery. I had to learn that there are ways to be heard without need to speak. It is a true test of self discipline, and an experience to learn intimately of yourself. One day, when I understand and find that which I seek, I will be free of the service to my vow."
    Varro: Understood...somewhat. Can't say I completely agree with that, as I find writing or singing to be a far better exercise in self discovery, but matters of taste are not for dispute. I will answer you as promised....where to start...
    I suppose that I should start off with warning for you. The more I tell you, the more likely it is that you are entangled deeper in my affairs. This could be dangerous. It seems if we're to continue working together though, that we're going to have to trust each other. So know that I'm telling you as a show of good faith, not to try and catch you up in danger. If I can avoid bringing harm to you by leaving certain details out, then I will. But that is your call.
    *She considered his words a moment, then wrote* "Lucian, you don't have to hide anything from me anymore. I know about the sword. I've learned a portion of Mekari's involvement with you. I just want to hear the truth from you directly."
    *Varro furrowed his brow at the note when she handed it to him. This was followed immediately by an outburst of laughter from him, enough so that he rolled onto his back, gasping for air. Uxor slouched a little, not understanding his reaction in the least. He calmed himself enough to speak* I'm sorry but... This *he gestured to the paper* This is what you really think?
    *When she nodded most seriously a 'yes,' he chuckled still* Amazing. The man can still worm his way into my life for influence, even in death. Uxor, why would you think that I am "Lucian?" Who told you that, Mekari?
    *She motioned for the paper back as she shook her head 'no'* "I saw your portrait in the archives, when we were researching Mekari."
    Varro: I can see how you might think so then. Well, you've decided for me which of the questions to answer first. You've been trying to force the pieces of a puzzle into alignment. You have the right pieces, just the wrong picture you're trying to match them to. You didn't see my portrait in your snooping. That was the late Lucian d'Deneith. I look more like him than Mekari. But if you ever saw her face, and stopped to consider, not all of my features are Lucian's.
    *Uxor was speechless - and more than merely by the oath. The image of Mekari's true face was unmistakably burned into her memory, and now she could see what she hadn't noticed before:
    How fair skinned Varro was; how blue his eyes were; how lanky he was; how graceful. With a good deal of uncertainly, she wrote the word* "Parents?"
    Varro: Unfortunately, yes.
    Uxor: "You're a" *she paused* "Deneith noble??"
    Varro: No. *he held out a stern finger* There is a distinct difference between being a noble, and merely being born of one. Especially in the eyes of a House.
    Uxor: "That is why you hate them? House D?"
    Varro: No to that as well Uxor. I do have quite the resentment in that regard, but my reasons are more complex than that.
    Uxor: "I don't understand. In fact, I feel more confused now than if you'd not told me. If Mekari is your mother, why is she after you? Why are you hiding from her? Why did she tell me she killed you??"
    Varro: Because, she's utterly and completely insane. I don't mean that jokingly, sarcastically, or even condescendingly. She really IS mad. Unfortunately, in a wise way. Granted I didn't know what her entire plan was, and it's always pointless to second guess it, but I have to admit, it did get you to talk to me.
    *Uxor nearly socked him in the arm at hearing that, instead forcing her effort to pen* "YOU KNEW? You knew the whole time? I was worried sick! I had the whole city combing the waterworks for your body!!"
    Varro: Look, I said she is insane. I didn't 'know' what she was up to, only that she had a plan. I wanted to find a way for us to start talking again. I couldn't really figure out how that was going to happen. So Mekari had an idea of how to force us to talk apparently. She just doesn't think of things in terms of sensible. To her, the ends always justify the means... but she's usually correct in her planning, even if it is outlandish. Having the whole fellowship trying to skin her alive was of little concern to her, compared to getting me out of my fog. If it makes you feel better, to prove to me that I still have the will to live, she tried to kill me to see if I'd actually try and save myself.
    Uxor: "That is absurd! You mean to tell me your own mother does such things, but in your interest. That's like saying...I can't even think of anything it compares to but... she's your mother Varro!"
    Varro: Uxor, what is your favorite belonging? Something you cherish... that you'd never leave it behind or wish to see damaged. Consider that this is still just an object. Property. That is what I am to Mekari. I am her prize. Her valuable gem. But you could not say that you 'loved' your item, any more than you can say that my mother has 'love' for me as a traditional mother would. That is the reach of her insanity. You say she is out to get me? No. She is here to watch over her item. She loves me like a child loves a purely bred pet. Anything that threatens something that pleases her she will not stand for. Hence her insistence on being involved in my life, whether I want her here or not. She is not so forceful as to try and steer me directly. Her preference is to influence in other ways than to merely tell me what to do.
    Uxor: "If she is your mother, are you a....whichever of the things she is?"
    Varro: Me? No, I'm afraid I am but a mere mortal man Uxor, and very much of this plane fully, if that is what you imply, as was my father.
    Uxor: "So you mean to tell me that Mekari came all the way here, risked everything she has, just so she could play babysitter to you?"
    Varro: If it makes no sense, then yes, I'd say that's an accurate description of her motives. Though only in part. There is some reason for her to be here , I just have no idea what it is. She never tells me. Probably better that way.
    Uxor: "Is she dangerous? I could say much of what she's done has been in self defense but, is she dangerous on her own?"
    Varro: Yes. Most certainly she is. If it suits her larger picture, she will sacrifice you. The danger is knowing her. With the exception of me. Again, I am her prize. That is why I've kept you so in the dark. I didn't want her to find a plan for you. Apparently she did anyway. I have to ask though Uxor, why are you so afraid of her? Did she do something to you?
    *She shook her head* "I just feel that way when I see her. I think it has something to do with what was done to me to take my memories perhaps? I just am overcome by feelings of fear when I see her. From the first time I saw her, when she came into the guildhall even."
    Varro: So that's what's got you acting all stupid of late?
    *She wrinkled her nose at him* "I am not acting 'stupid' I was being concerned. Some stranger that paralyzes me with fear shows up, and you walk down the street with them as if they're your best friend"
    Varro: You mean as if they were my mother *he crossed his arms*
    Uxor: "That's not the point! I was watching out for you."
    Varro: What is it that has you thinking you always need to 'watch' me? If I was in danger, I would have said something or made a signal or... something. Instead, you took it in your own hands to act like my guardian in matters that were way outside your expertise.
    Uxor: "That's not it. I was" *she huffed, trying to think of what to write.*
    Varro: You were what? What rational was there in that? You didn't ask me how I felt. Didn't bother to approach me directly about the matter. Didn't even consider that things might not be as they appear. So what were you that possibly instills that sort of breakdown in our communication levels Uxor?
    *Cold. It was the most immediate sensation he was able to perceive when he found she was pressing her lips to his. Whatever further banter he had prepared vanished abruptly. The motion was quick, and still. As quickly as it had happened, she had pulled back, and was staring down at her paper in her lap*
    *Uxor just couldn't think of any words to write that would explain to him what it was that was causing her to be as she was. Her mind had gone to the teachings of her master - that there were some things that expressed better than any words. She glanced up at Varro.*
    *The figurative mask that Varro wore, to shield the outside world from gleaning his real sentiments on matters... a diplomatic tactic... was utterly shattered. He stared at her with either surprise or shock, openly and without acting. He was always acting, even in his most emotional moments. This look was almost worse to her than the look she recalled when he'd been irate with her in his home. This had been a mistake. Back down to her paper her eyes fell, and she wrote* "I'm sorry. I should not have done that. My feelings are inap"
    *His mouth was so warm. She was met with the heat of it as he stilled her writing with one hand, and used his other hand to pull her head and face towards his, deeply and fully kissing her. At first, she almost jerked back from it. She felt her face flush from chill to almost luke warm now, all the while marveling at just how heated his tongue felt. The parchment and writing stick fell away from her grip, and she allowed the sensations to consume more of her senses. There was something so... recognizable about the act; some distant feeling of familiarity as she worked her mouth against his. The dejavu passed away from her focus, and now she let the passion take hold of her. She had longed for this, and the part of her rational that had stuffed the yearning away was pushed blatantly aside. There was only now. The want of him. There was only desire. Desire.
    Desire for things we cannot attain, she heard herself say. Or was it her master's voice saying it? Desire caused suffering; rid yourself of desire, and you rid yourself of suffering. What was she doing?*
    *In a panic over what was happening, Uxor pulled back from him, breaking off the kiss, groping for her papers. She kept shaking her head 'no.' Varro opened his eyes and furrowed his brows, gasping now for air for a different reason than laughing at her*
    Varro: What?
    Uxor: *she finally managed to get him clear of her enough to write* "This is wrong. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have. This is wrong."
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    Thank you all!
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    Default The Brothers Forged, Chapter 2, Identity Theft

    The Brothers Forged
    Chapter 2
    Identity Theft

    Deriaz took the stairs down to the Harbor two at a time. In his hand, he held a rather large Longbow. It looked to be designed to be used by a Warforged, but Deriaz was known to not be the best at ranged combat. On his back was a quiver as well, looking to be filled with about twenty arrows.

    He jumped the last twelve steps, hitting the ground and tumbling, but continued on. He passed by the Waterworks, and took a left down towards the Harbor docks. A large ship was just setting out, and a green Warforged sat alone, watching it go.


    Deriaz quickened his pace, and looked around before approaching him. No one around. <Good,> he thought to himself, <no one to eavesdrop.> He stopped, regained his composure, and walked casually up to the Warforged.

    Ranux turned upon hearing the steps. He grinned, and clapped as Deriaz stopped and saluted. His light green eyes fell to the Longbow, and he looked back up at the taller Forged.

    Deriaz shook his head. "I'll explain that later. First things first: You're sure you want to do this?"

    Ranux nodded. "Of course I do! I can't stand working for this fool anymore! He treats me like dirt, and I never get any breaks, and--"

    Deriaz held up his free hand, stopping him. "Alright, alright, fine. I'll get you out of here, then. . . I'm just worried that if I "kidnap" you, in a sense, I'll be charged with robbery if I'm discovered. The last thing I need is more trouble, or hell, a second bounty on my head."

    Ranux shook his head. "Come on, please? You've gotta help a Forged out, here!"

    Deriaz gave a deep sigh. "Fine. But if we're going to do this," he held out the Longbow to Ranux, "you're going to need to hold on to this."

    Ranux looked up at him, confused. "Why?"

    "Because I said so."

    "That's not good enough, Der."

    Deriaz gave a deep, growl-like laugh. "Look, if I'm going to sneak you out of the Harbor, I'm not just going to have you looking like the stereotypical Harbor worker. We're going to show you off as an adventurer, alright?"

    Ranux's eyes lit up. "Adventurer? Me?"

    Deriaz nodded. "You have any skills at all? If we're going to pull this off, it may help to know what you're good at, so we can use that to our advantage if anyone questions us."

    Ranux grinned. "You've already nailed it. I'm pretty decent with a bow. It's what I used to do in my free time, before my boss-- Master, really-- started working me this hard."

    Deriaz reached behind him, pulling the quiver off of his back. He handed it to Ranux. "Good, cause I don't have the money to buy much else."

    Ranux gladly took the quiver, and strapped it to his own back. He took a step around Deriaz. "Shall we be going, then?"

    Deriaz frowned. "Actually. . . Uhmm. . . See, that's the thing. Hide that bow and quiver for awhile. I can't hide you in my guest room at the Fellowship guild hall. I'm going to need to ask Hope or someone if I can borrow a second room to hide you out in, in case someone finds out I was the one who took you, or they question me."

    Ranux sighed lightly. "Ok, sure. I got a pretty good hiding spot. Just promise me you won't take forever? I don't like this guy. . . I want to be rid of him."

    Deriaz laughed again, and nodded. "Don't worry. I'll be sure to get a second room as soon as possible." With that, he saluted again, and ran off back towards the Fellowship guild hall.
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    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night, The Ambassadors, Volumn VII

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    The Ambassadors
    Volumn VII "Ice and Fire" Chapter 2

    Varro: Wrong... *he sat up a little* As in to say because of who we are, or because it is not what you want?
    *Uxor grimaced at the question. The trouble was she wanted it too badly. There was so much difficulty in explaining this to him.* "It's not proper or fair. Besides, it's not about what I do or do not want. It is about what is right."
    *He read her words, coming to steady his breathing again. After a moment, he reached out to tip her face back to looking at him. Until that moment, she hadn't realized that her gaze had been fixed upon the paper in her lap. Reluctantly she looked back to the bard, feeling his eyes searching hers for something*
    Varro: Are you happy?
    *Her brows worked together, and she tried to look down to write a reply, but he kept his fingers gingerly beneath her chin, preventing her from doing so.*
    Varro: It is not a complicated answer I need, Uxor. Yes or no... are you happy?
    *She shook her head 'no.'*
    Varro: And did you feel unhappy doing that just now?
    *Visibly she protested with her expression. The questions were not as simple as yes or no.*
    Varro: I want you to look me in the eyes and tell me that was unpleasant for you.
    *She tried to look down again, but this time he leaned towards her, still catching her by the chin with his fingers. His nose brushed hers slightly, and she could all but sense the narrow distance between their lips. He remained there, and Uxor continued to try and stuff her feelings back behind that logical part of herself. The alluring warmth of his breath was muddling her efforts to suppress her quickened heart rate. Still he hovered, until she felt the slightest brush of the air against, as he spoke very softly. It was as if his words carressed her lips as he formed them.*
    Varro: Tell me that this is not what you want. Forget what is 'right,' and tell me if you felt nothing. If you feel nothing now. I need you to show me this is not what you desire.
    *Uxor had her eyes closed to try and focus on making her hands function. She couldn't see what she wrote, but painstakingly she scratched something out. He glanced down slowly to read it, still perilously close to her.*
    Uxor: "Suffering is caused by desire for things we cannot have."
    *He withdrew his fingers from beneath her chin.*
    Varro: Well... then have me.
    *Varro shut his eyes involuntarily at the exhilarating feel of coolness, as Uxor took his face in her hands, and gave into her passions. It felt good to be desired again. Behind her kiss, he could feel the yearning that drove her to nearly overwhelm him with her attentions - as if at any moment, he would dematerialize from her, and she was getting in all that she could now, while there was still time. He reveled in it. Many lips before had his graced in his time, but this was truly exotic to him. The chill of her, which slowly seemed to be coming to thaw a bit, only made it that much more thrilling. Dimly as he enjoyed, his mind picked over the situation. So this was what had been the matter with her. Though, if she wanted him so badly, why did she say nothing of it before? This brought him to recall her statement moments ago... that this was 'wrong.' Now it was Varro who broke from their kiss.*
    Varro: I'm...glad we had this talk. *he grinned a bit, still savoring the return to physical attentions once more.* Now, who told you that you can't do this? Mekari? As I said before, put no weight in anything she says.
    *Uxor also seemed to be regathering her composure, and he could see her scolding herself for their exchanges. To her writing she turned once more, now that he was permitting her the chance to explain at length.*
    Uxor: "Mekari said nothing to me. This is just what I know. It doesn't matter what I want, it's the principle of things. You're still in mourning Varro, and this... this dishonors Endaria's memory." *she paused and her lips pressed with shame* "I dishonor her memory. This isn't fair to you."
    Varro: I see. *he rubbed at the tuft of hair on his chin* So you're a better judge of what is fair to me than I am?
    Uxor: "It's not like that. I only want to be a good friend to you. This is not being a good friend. This is me being selfish. I wanted to be truthful with you, but I don't want that to compromise your well being."
    *He seemed to find something amusing, and sighed slightly*
    Varro: I am tired of sulking Uxor. What's more, if this is something that makes you happy, and I'm uplifted by it, what its the harm in it? I don't need you to love me. I just simply need you to... be. Don't we deserve to be something other than miserable for a while, the two of us? I think we've endured both our shares of hardship, irritation, and pain. Besides, it's a good match... you want me, and I am rebounding. More perfect circumstances could not be asked for to suit our moods.
    Uxor: "Varro that's absurd! You're suggesting that I should... use you? That we're to 'use' each other to find comfort? You're just upset. This was a very poor decision on my part."
    Varro: On the contrary, this is the best news I've had for some time. I know I spoke a little rashly to you in anger before, but when I said I'd been entertaining company, I was bluffing. I'm lonely Uxor. It's nice to be needed again, and the type of need you have is different than I'm accustomed to. You apparently want me in a way that has been built out of caring. That makes it a very new experience for me, to be wanted for something apart from physicality... which also makes it all the more appealing.
    Uxor: "But it's not right"
    Varro: Well who cares? So long as you and I are happy, what does it matter? Stop thinking of things in terms of right and wrong, and start thinking about yourself just this once. You're always acting to help others, and don't get me wrong, it is as noble quality. But it is also denies you of happiness. When was the last time you were not alone? You spend so much time in your duty that you fail to drink in the life that goes on around you. I've been failing in that too, but spending time out here with my thoughts has brought me to realize this. I didn't need to rip my own throat out to realize that I've been in a dire state for some time. If this is what helps us both to be rational pleasant people once more, so be it. Who is there to condemn us, hm?
    *She mouthed the word 'Endaria'*
    Varro: Ah yes, Endaria. Something else that I gave much thought to. It has been eight months since her loss. All of the time, my thoughts were to the fact that no one can find her in the afterlife. Then it dawned on me that it is equally as likely that she does not WANT to come back, and therefor, chooses to refuse contact in the beyond. Now, that might sound depressing, but knowing her as I do, she may well have had a very good reason to do that. Wishful thinking? Probably. But how am I to survive thinking of conspiracy and abandonment, when instead I can also weigh in the possibility that she sacrificed herself to protect me somehow. You above all others could understand that principle, no?
    Uxor: "This is a bad time to ask this, but if I do not now, I will forget. I have too many questions for you. What is it that you don't want Mekari to tell me about your marriage to Endaria? I overheard her" *she scratched out 'I overheard her'* When I was eavesdropping on you when Mekari first came here, I heard her say that she had something she would tell me that you didn't want me to know about."
    *Varro thought for a while, trying to place what conversation she might have been referring to, and seemed to at last come upon it*
    Varro: It is not so much you in particular as just a matter that I kept private. Endaria was a stolen bride. She was arranged to be married to a Deneith nobleman, but she didn't want to wed him. I was a minstrel of the House at the time, an entertainer on commission. I'm a bit if a free spirit myself, so I couldn't blame her for feeling that way. So I helped her run away. Effectively, as it worked out over time, I took the man's bride for my own. It was not something I needed to be made public.
    *Uxor nodded in understanding of this. Her line of questions and his talk of his meditative trip to the desert brought her to a conclusion*
    Uxor: "It was you. You sent me the sword, didn't you? And the book"
    *To this he nodded* Varro: I found them, and thought you could use something nice. Especially after our fight.
    Uxor: "Why didn't you put that they were from you?"
    Varro: Because I didn't think you would accept them knowing that they were from me, at the time anyway. I'm glad to see you've gotten use from them. *he nodded to the sword, which was at her hip*
    Uxor: "I know you're feeling forlorn Varro, but we can't just charge into far as 'you and I' goes. What if Endaria is able to be brought back?"
    Varro: I think you're saying that because you were attracted to me when she was as yet still alive. Am I correct in my guess?
    *Down to her lap her eyes fell. When he put it like that, it sounded worse than it felt in her heart. Some friend she was to Endaria*
    Uxor: "As I said. I dishonor her."
    Varro: What's more, you feel bad because now that she is not here, you have the capacity to be with me... if not now, eventually... and you think somehow that is your fault? You didn't kill her Uxor. You didn't wish her dead... did you? *he qurked a brow at her*
    *Very adamantly she shook her head no, and wrote* "Never! I was happy for her. Yes, I was attracted to you, but that she had someone like you made me happy for her."
    Varro: Easy, I was only kidding. I know you are not the sort to wish something like that on someone else. Always so serious. *He grinned, then his expression became more somber.* Look, if Endaria were to be back among the living, yes it would be complicated. But am I to spend the remainder of my days in misery on the chance that it will happen? If our places had been reversed, and it were me in the afterlife, I would want her to be happy, not rot at my tomb. Knowing that she did everything in her power to try and bring me back, I would have satisfaction. Do I intend to forget her? No. But I do intend to live my life. That is more than I can say for my frame of mind before, and I think seeing me like this now would please her far better than seeing me suffer. Now stop holding back. Life is around us like so much wine waiting for us to take the deepest drink we can. . . and we're both thirsty Uxor. Drink with me.
    *It so frequently escaped her mind that he was a man who crafted words, and he was in true form once more. Therefor when he moved to kiss her this time, objection had died in her. He too had no thought to past or future. There was only now. Free and unchecked, one shared sentiment now ruled their minds. Lust.*
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 1 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter1 of many...

    As Sho spoke, an elven figure came through the doorway of the tavern, and motioned Sho over. Sho quickly finished his statement, and escused himself to go outside for a minute. The Fellows saw him leave with the elven figure, and all turned to Sorgo with answers, but he only srugged.

    *Sho turned to speak with the female elf outside* Why are you here?

    I have news of our father*She spoke cooly*

    *Sho growled* He is NOT our father, HE killed our parents and adopted us, he is our uncle, and nothing more!

    *She frowned* This is not the time brother, want to hear the news or not?

    *Sho sighed* Yes, Axalise, speak, what is the news of Aemilius?

    *Axa looked down* know how you crippled him?

    *Sho eyes her* Yes, why did he die yet?

    *Axa smirks* Not quite, he actually is uncrippled now.

    *Sho frowned* What!?

    He found some healers of great power and got healed, his spine is fixed entirely, and he is stronger than ever.

    *Sho cursed in draconic* ****!!

    And that is not it, Sho, he might be coming here to stormreach.

    *This time Sho's eyes widened in fear* Why?

    To speak to you and other business. We know not fully the reasons.

    *Sho thought for a while, then switched the language to undercommon((don't know whats called in eberron))* Thank you for telling me, Axa, but why are you really here*points to her bags* You are packed as if you are gonna stay.

    *She gives a fake smile* I come to live with you brother, and relax from the life I have, I hear your guild is very good, and I wanna join.

    *Sho eyes he suspiciously* Fine, follow me, I will introduce you.

    Sho enters the tavern with the female elf behind him. As they get closer and more in the light of the fireplace, people could see the elven woman. She was pale white, blood red hair, and lips. By her robe and staff, Sorgo made the observation that she is a magic user of some sort.

    "Sorry for leaving all," said Sho, "I would like you to meet my *coughs* sister, Axalise Drizzin, Sorceress of Cyre. She would like to join the fellowship."

    ----------------------------Later on in Axalise's room----------------------
    *A dark low voice spoke in the dark to Axalise* ...So you know what to do, right?

    *Axalise responed* Yes father, get the trust of the fellowship, then get the trust of the coin lords, trust of the houses, and of the twelve. Then find their weak points and report to you, and at the same time recruit as many as possible to help with the second invasion.

    *Aemilius in his dark, low voice* And? you forgot the most important part! Convince your brother to join me, as the heir to the empire where he belongs.

    *Axa nods* Yes father, I will. Ph'xari.

    *Aemilius* Ph'xari.
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 2 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter2 of many...

    Sho woke up in his room with the burning pain on his back.
    ‘Crap, the fricken dragonmark again. Why is it messing with me again. Been 4 years since it burned last. I’ll never under stand’ Sho thought to himself.

    “Ouch,” Sho moaned as he got up, “That fire giant really hurt me when he stepped on me. I hate giants, just big dumb dwarves, that’s what they are, oversized dumb dwarves.”

    A knock at his door.

    “Yes?” Sho asked. Axalise stepped in and closed the door behind herself. “Ello Axa, mind frosting my back a little.?” ‘Axalise Drizzin, my adopted sister, an elf of white skin, and blood red hair. I really don’t know why she’s here in Stormreach, but I am glad for her icy abilities, she is the best ice sorceress I know.’

    “Your back again?” She asked with a crooked smile, “I used to be jealous of those who had dragonmarks, but I am happy I don’t now”

    “Just cool me down, and enough with the smart talk.” Sho snapped. Axalise cast a very gentle chill touch on his back.

    “How was the adventure last night?” She asked, “I heard there were very many hobgoblins and a fire giant”

    Sho groaned, “Now I see why you specialized in ice magic and not fire, I hate things with fire—“

    “What about your flaming rapier?” She interrupted?

    “…Except that, I will always love Inferno”

    “You named it?”

    “Yeah, Inferno, and Shocker” Sho said with pride. “What’s your point? You named your staff Ingazo.”

    “That’s because Ingazo was the ice spirit I trapped inside of it.” Axalise replied.

    “…..*Sho grumbles in Draconic*”

    Axalise smirked. “There,” She said, “Better yet?”

    “Yes, thank you Axa.” Sho said with a sigh of happiness that the burning is gone. “So, why did you come here?”

    “I already told you…”

    “No, no, I mean to my room. Why did you come here?”

    Axalise paused.

    “I was checking to make sure a trap has not killed you yet. You are good, but things happen.” She finally said.

    “Humph,” Sho said, “No trap can get me. I’m Sho Drizzin the Lavender.”

    Axalise frowned.

    “Why do you keep calling yourself that?”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Sho Drizzin the Lavender!”

    “Cause that’s who I am….?” Sho was trying to see what she meant.

    “No you are not, you are Sho Scorpio, heir to Clan Scorpion Imperial. The Drizzin part of you died when mom and dad died, the lavender part of you died in hell, so why having the wrong name?”

    Sho was ****ed, his mark burned with his anger.

    “How dare you speak like that? Has Aemilius poisoned your mind with his foolish lies!?”

    “He is now our FATHER, Sho, get used to it.”

    Sho raised his hand ready to strike her.

    ‘STOP FOOL! Don’t you dare do that, you are better than that. Put that hand down **** it, she is your sister, younger sister. Fool, you know yourself, don’t be something you are not!’

    Sho slowly put his arm down, happy he conscious kicked in.

    “Sorry….” Sho apologized quietly, “Please, just leave, I have work to do.” Axalise looked at him in fright for a little, gulped, and bowed. She left quickly.

    Sho sighed in relief. Too much pressure and pain on him.

    “Fricken giants.” He whispered under his breath.
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 3 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 3 of many...

    A tall, orange-gold warforged stepped off the ship, that came from the North, in the docks and looked around. He had Blood-red ruby like eyes that glowed with pure power. On his back was a wooden tower shield, and to his side a well built khopesh.

    “Stormreach…” the warforged said slowly in his low, metallic voice. “Sho”


    Sho walked the streets of Stormreach. He was not very happy. He could not find very much information on Mekari, and now Uxor was very upset about something with Varro, his guess. He had problems, Aemilius will be coming to Stormreach, and had to take him out. Sho has his cursed devil eyes to rely on though, the only time he was thankful for the cursed things. Last time Aemilius saw Sho, he was very cautious of Sho and his eyes, and the power he had. But that is not enough to stop Aemilius from taking over Xen’drix.

    ‘You need to find Deriaz, and speak with him. You need all the help you can get’

    Sho walked into the Rusty Nail for a quick drink. He saw a large crowd in front of the bar, so he took a seat to wait. After a few minutes a warforged walked up to him. Very large, orange-gold color, and red eyes.

    “Hello?” Sho said in question to the forged.

    “Sho” said the metallic voice of the forged. “I bring a message.”

    Sho’s eyes narrowed. “Ok, forget the introductions I guess”

    “Aemilius is on his way, he going to meet you in the Phoenix Tavern in 3 days. You be there or trouble.” The forged spoke coldly.

    “Aemilius? Here? 3 days?” Sho’s eyes widened in fear. “Damn! And who are you, to bring the message?”

    “I am Aemilius’ warforged. I come to announce HIS arrival, because, as you know, he does not like to come unnoticed. I am also here to make money for him, and deliver messages to the other people.”

    “Other people?” Sho asked.

    “Classified, you are not to know.” The forged responded, “But remember, 3day, Phoenix Tavern.” The warforged turned to leave, but Sho jumped at him. Warforged being strong and fast, let the forged one knock Sho down in the air, and drew his khopesh. “Stay back, or I will injure you.” His voice rang in metallic anger.

    Sho wiped the blood from his forehead where the metal arm struck. “And when he is here, what happens to you?”

    “When HE is here, I would have served my purpose. Unlike the foolish brothers of mine who chose freewill, I actually serve a purpose.”

    “He will kill you? Then why do you still listen?” Sho asked.

    “Because I was built to serve the dark skinned, elven breathers. I will die in honor, and will not have to deal with the freewill my foolish brothers have.” The metallic voice spoke. “Why must I have said it twice, breather, you losing your hearing?” Sho shook his head. “Then bye, you are wasting my time.” The warforged turned around and left.

    Sho looked around for a sec in thought.

    ‘Damn…3 days, where is Deriaz!’
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 4 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 4 of many...

    Sho headed back to the guildhall, and as he approached, he saw Deriaz by the door, at least passing it. But it did not look like the old warforged. Sho quickly scanned the warforged with his eyes, yup, same build as Deriaz, but not the same color, and no mask. Weird. Sho came up to him.

    “You,” Sho said pointing to him, “Follow me to the kitchen.” Deriaz, who is actually Ragyr, followed with a questioned look. When they got to the kitchen Sho sat down, an took out a flyer that he saw on the streets. “Sit!” he ordered to Ragyr.

    “I have no need to” Ragyr said.

    “Ok, then , “ Sho pointed to the picture of Ragyr on the flyer, “What’s this?”

    “Is this a trick question?” the warforged asked.

    “Why are you on a flyer for STEALING? And why in the hell to you look weird Deriaz.”

    “Not your business, and I am not the runt.”

    “By runt you mean Deriaz I guess.” Sho said. “Then why do you have the same mechanics as him?”

    “Because the twerp uses my body. Is that all? I have to leave.”

    “Twerp? You and Deriaz share the same body?”

    “Yes, and he is still knocked out by the mindflayer. So until he can wake up and take control, I am.”

    “Interesting.” Sho thought. He was so curious that he decided to read the warforged mind, finding out very much. Like the deal between him and Uxor, and his encounter with Mekari. Sho’s eyes glowed lavender, and he took action. A lavender light covered Ragyr, and he was thrown, and pinned to the wall.

    “What’s this?” Ragyr asked surprised.

    “Let’s make a deal, Ragyr…” Sho said with a smirk.



    Sorgo was walking around the guild hall thinking about Sho and his ‘Dragon mark’ as Turen told him.

    ‘Hmmmm…” thought Sorgo. “Philarin is the only house here in Stormreach, that has the elven dragon mark, I should go ask them about Sho.” Sorgo stopped as he walked by the kitchen, for he heard a large crash. Surprised, Sorgo put his ear to the wall to hear what’s going on.

    <chair gets smashed>

    “Again, why would I work for you, a fleshy?” said a metal voice.

    <sound of metal being pierced, and then a loud slash, followed by two things dropping to the ground>

    <A Warforged laughed>

    “I could do worse.” Said the voice of Sho.

    “Don’t flatter me fleshy.”

    <sound of someone choking, and a neck being broken>

    “Still stabbing elf?” said Ragyr

    <clapping sound by entrance.>

    “Congrats, you killed my shadow clone.” Said Sho. “And all I wanted to do is talk some business.”

    <Ragyr gave an angry metal growl. Then loud sounds of him running to where Sho is. Then sound stopped.>

    “I put a darkness spell around your head, and now you are being held by me.” Sho said with a half serious voice. “Still think I am a puny fleshy?”

    <Ragyr gave an angry yell.>

    “I’m gonna kill you fleshy, and rip you to pieces!!” Ragyr yelled.

    “We’ll see.” Said Sho.

    <The sound of metal being punctured repeatingly.>

    “You better accept my offer, or you’ll die from oil loss.” Said Sho.

    “You wouldn’t do that, the runt will die too, you don’t have the guts to kill me.”

    “Well, I don’t plan on you dieing, I thought this would have ended long before, but you won’t listen. So, if you accept my offer, you live and I’ll be happy, Uxor be happy, and I won’t be blamed for murder, but if you will not listen, I have no choice but to let you die.” Sho explained.

    <Ragyr and Sho talk more, but they are quieter, and harder to hear.>

    “….alright I’ll do it, what’s the….” *Ragyr*

    “Great, he will be here in Stormreach soon….kill until I tell you.” *Sho*

    “Ok, anything else? *Ragyr*

    “Do NOT kill Mekari…not work for Uxor…alone…answer to me only.” *Sho*

    “And my name….cleared for ever?” *Ragyr*

    “Yes…” *Sho*

    “The twerp won’t…this” *Ragyr*

    “I know……go, I’ll take you to Sorgo, he will heal you.” *Sho*


    Sorgo hurried away to his room, ready to heal the wounded warforged.

    <The kitchen is a large mess. Tables, and chairs are destroyed, one wall is crushed, and oil is all over.>
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 5 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 5 of many...

    Part 1...
    Sho quickly ran into the Phionex Tavern. Today was the day Aemilius showed his face, here, in Stormreach. Earlier today Sho had his rapiers ssharpened for the special occation.

    Earlier: {"What?" the smith ask. "You wand me to sharpen your rapiers? Why? They are piercing, not slicing. Do you not know about weapons? You should bot be using these if you don't know they are used."

    Sho put down a pouch of platnium pieces.

    "I know what I am doing," Sho said angerly, "Do it or will take my business elsewhere."

    The smith grumbles, and takes the money and swords.

    "They'll be done in about 2 hours." said the smith.

    When Sho came back, the swords were sharp and shiny.}

    His uncle was coming, an emperor, he had to be prepared. Sho headed towards the fellowship table up the top, and took a seat at Varro's table. Only a minute later, a figure walked up to him with a smile. This person was a jet black skinned male drow. Pure white hair, and deep blood red eyes. He wore a half-plate, a shield on his back, and a khopesh at his side.

    "Hello my son" said the drow in his uncanny dark voice.

    "Hello Aemilius." Sho said, "And I am not your son."

    "Ok," Aemilius said, "Lets not go into that now, we are here to talk about pleasent things."

    "Whats so pleasent talking to you." Sho said with a fake smirk.

    "humor, humor." Aemilius chuckled. "So, how have you been?"

    "Fine, until you showed up." Sho snapped.

    "Good, good. I've been doing better too, asyou can see, I am not crippled anymore. And after a few months of getting into shape again, I've been very happy myself, and seeing you fills me with joy." Aemilius chimmed.

    "Glad to hear that," Sho said sarcasticly, "So, when and how are you going to take Stormreach?"

    Aemilius laughed.

    "Oh, I don't have a date yet, but in a few months if the ships arrive on time."

    "Ok." Sho said nodding, trusting Aemilius, knowing he never lies no matter how twisted he is. "So...why then?"

    "Why am I doing it?" ask Aemilius.


    Aemilius sighed. "Ok, well you know our history here on Xen'drix right?"
    Sho nodded.

    "Well, you also know that your fathers clan, and my own, came here on a mission for Vulkoor, and your father decided to quit, and live peacefully under ground. So I took over, and I am leading my new powerful empire on a new mission from Vulkoor. And that is to take over Xen'drix, kill all giants, learn all their magic, unite all drow, and rule this land as drow only, and maybe a few warforged slaves." Aemilius added with a smirk.

    Sho sat there quietly for a sec, then spoke, "So, I know you are, and was the priest of the clans, still, Vulkoor has not spoken to our people for far too long, why do people believe you?"

    "Because they know I am related to Vulkoor, he is my great, great grandfather. I have some of his powers, I am THE priest connected to him." Aemilius said proudly.

    "You? Related to the Mockery?" Sho exlaimed.

    "Please, do not use that name the humans gave to him. Those names are cruel."

    "Well so are the dark six, **** it." Sho gritted between his teeth.

    There was a long pause.

    " I related to him too?" Sho asked.

    Aemilius nodded. "Realated, but posses no power of his because your mother was an elf."

    Sho stares in disbelief.

    "Because you and I are the last blood ties to him, I want to make you my heir." Aemilius said. "Come, join me to help our people."

    "To help our people by killing millions of innocent how does that work?" Sho raised his voice.

    "It is for the best, Sho, can't you see what is to be done?"

    "No, apperantly I don't see."

    Aemilius points to Sho's eyes. "It's their fault. Those evil eyes darken your vison, keeping you from seeing what needs to be."

    "My eyes are fine!" Sho yelled back.

    "You must be rid of them." Aemilius said drawing his khopesh.

    Sho draws his rapiers. He winced. His mark burned, it was warning him.

    'No fool! Stop, don't fight, your doom! Run!!!'

    Too late, Sho attacked first, Aemilius blocked easily. Over and over again Sho and Aemilius exchanged blows, both block each others hits. Sho was ready to use the power of his eyes, when he was stunned by a stun spell.

    '****,' Sho thought, 'Can't think straight, losing thoughts.'

    Aemilius walked over to Sho. "This is for the best, Sho." he said as he put his hands on Sho's eyes, dug his fingers in, and ripped Sho's eyes out, and threw them to the floor. Blood poured everywhere.

    "AAAAAAAAAGH!!!" Sho yelled in great pain. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!"

    Aemilius then cast cone of acid on the eyes, disinigrading the eyes until there was nothing left.

    "There my son," Aemilius spoke calmly, "You are fixed, cursed in darkness you are no more." He lifted the knelling over Sho up. "Let us go, I must find you a healer."

    Aemilius pulls the greatly wounded Sho out of the tavern to house J.

    Part 2...
    Sho awoke with his head throbing in great pain, like a warforged was standing on his head. It was dark. He opened his eyes, it was still dark, Sho then remembered. Anger burst out, Sho was ready to kill, but couldn't move, he was in too much pain. He heard voices, two voices, so he listened.

    "Thank you very much again Sir Jorasco." Aemilius thanked the halfling.

    "No problem at all," said Jorasco, "Anything for the father of good little Axalise. She helped us alot, as did Sho. It's a shame, his eyes, how did this happen again?"

    "He was trying to disable this realy deadly trap, and there were hidden spikes, that went off when he disabled. The spikes hit his eyes." Aemilius said putting on a false worried look.

    Jorasco shook his head. "Shame, what a shame, he was such a good elf, very talented, and this happens to him. Curse those evil creatures that dwell in this city and cause people like Sho to get injured or die." Jorasco shook his head. "If only I was able to give him eyes and lrt him see again, but magic only can heal so much."

    Aemilius pulls out a blind fold with runes on it.

    "Look here Sir, here is something my greatest priests created after 50 or so years of reasearch, and experiments. This helps a blind man see. These runes connect to the wearer's mind, and sends him the outline of objects to his mind magicaly. This does not restore ones vision, but helps his walk around better at least." Aemilius explained as he showed the blind fold.

    "Very interesting." Jorasco said interested. "Come, to my library, tell me more, and what they did."

    Aemilius and Sir d'Jorasco walk out. Sho waited a few more minutes to move.

    '****! I'm blind, he took my eyes, he...he, CRIPPLED ME! How am I to stop him now...' Sho thought in his head.

    Sho walked to the Pionex tavern the best he could. The magical blind fold helped, but Sho still could not tell the difference between the wall and the ground. He was blind, he was in pain, he was lost.

    'How will I stop him now...'
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 6 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 6 of many...

    'Ragyr **** it! You are given me a whole **** load of troubles.' Sho thought.

    Sho was tired, he just had a whole problem with Ragyr trying to kill Deriaz. Sho almost died bring Ragyr back to life after Sho crushed him, and Mekari did her own damage. Then Sho had to go to the catacombs to stop Uxor from killing Ragyr, and in the process he heard Uxor speak, for her first time since she made her vows. Sho talked to her, and tried to understand her, and tried to explain to her that all is fine, and about the importantance of souls.

    As Sho spoke, he saw a womans figure walk across the hall.

    'What was that? How did I just see some one?' sho thought to himself.

    'Sho, get out now!' the figure yelled at him.

    'Maria? Maria is that you!? But you are dead, which means I am seeing things, or you are-'

    'I am an umbra. I am Umbrae Maria, I am the ghost of Maria, here to keep your intension true, so you can kill Aemilius and save what would have been our child's home.'

    'Maria, I am blind, and am old, and am tired, I don't think I can do it.'

    'That is why you are making a team, a group of people who are willing to die for what ever you offer them by killing Aemilius. '

    'But all I have is Ragyr on my side. I wont use Uxor, Deriaz, or Lady Hope. They are far too valueable.'

    'More will join your cause, those who matter, and those who don't. Those who don't will work for you directly, and will kill Aemilius. The other followers who you think have true souls will hold Aemilius' armies, and keep the city standing. But none of this will happen if you stay. You will die here if you stay.'

    'I miss you, and Jack...why has fate brought us like this?'

    'Just get out, what your fate is unwritten, don't make it so by dieing here, because then everyone's fate who is not drow or wont join Aemilius will come too, and they wont be nice deaths either.'

    'Why is up to me to save Stormreach, I am but a former criminal.'

    'It is NOT up to you, but it is up to you to bring the people together so THEY can save their home, now go leave!' Umbrae Maria disappears from Sho's mind.

    "Maria." Sho whispered. Uxor looked at him questionaly on what he said, but Sho shook his head, and continued to speak.
    "Axalise, we must keep Sho alive, we can't just get rid of him, he is my heir." Aemilius explained to Axa.

    "But he hates you, and will try to kill you." Axa disagreed.

    "NO! I will die, and hopfully by Sho's hand, he IS the HEIR to my empire, and he will be the next ruler of Clan Scorpion Imperial, sooner or later!" Aemilius yelled. " It's his fate, to die as the ruler of the largest, and most powerful empire! I will not kill my own blood."

    Axalise mumbled, and Aemilius sighed.

    "I know you are looking out for me Axa, but he must live. Why do you think I got him the best healing after destroying those cursed eyes?"

    Axalise nodded, and bowed. "I will leave now, I have more things to do."

    Aemilius bowed back. "Carry on my daughter."
    'SHO!' Sho heard his name yelled loudly in his head. 'Come to the upstairs of the catacombs.'

    Sho frowned. That was his death call. He could leave, or he could do something else.

    'Sorgo!' Sho called to the knight over their mental connection. 'Sorgo, are you there, answer, I am about to die!'

    'What?' Sorgo answered. 'Why in the bloody silver flame are tou going to die?'

    'I am about to use my death, to fake my death.'

    ' lost me.'

    'I will die real soon, believe me. Aemilius is upstairs ready to kill me, so I will die, get buried, and later that night you and Ragyr will come to bring me back to life. And make sure you use that magical rod that the hight priest gave you. I don't want to come back as the undead.'

    'The greater rod of true rez? But thats my best wand, the High priest of the silver flame gave me it himself.'

    'Hey! I'm...Stormreach is more important. Use that to rez me.'

    'All right. What message am I to give to Ragyr?'

    'Tell him to meet you at my grave, the night of my funeral. He will dig me up. Tell him to witness my rebirth, and the plan is a little different, but will end the same. Also, bring me a staff, and a very large robe, that will cover me completely, especially my face.'

    'Got it. Is that it?'

    'No, if you see Mekari, ask her if she would like to help me kill a famous person. And if you see her before I am risen, and she will like to help, bring her to the grave when you bring me back to life, so she can also witness my rebirth.'

    'Why are you deing though? If you know where, just go away, run.'

    'Because this is the best way. Now go, write the message to Ragyr, and prepare. And make sure my funeral is after they find Varro. Now I must leave.'

    'bye Sho...and i'm sorry.'

    'I know you are, shut up and go. Becareful when I die. Our connection might hurt your head.'

    'Got it.'
    Connection end.

    Chapter 6 of many...The Death?

    Sho walks rup the stairs to the upper catacombs. He saw an outline of a person in the shadows of one hallway, so he walked there. He braced himself, but started coughing som blood up from his lugh wound. As he stopped coughing, a khopesh was thrusted into his stomach, and came out the other end. But the force of the thrust was different. It was not of Aemilius' style. He always slashes, never thrusts.

    "What the hell." Sho said as he was deing. He looked closer at the outline of the figure, and he grabbed at the robe the killer was wearing. Sho jerked his hand back from the deathly cold touch of the robe. This isn't Aemilius.

    "Axa? Axalise is that you...?" Sho knelled over, and fell to the ground, blood filled his lungs, blood poured from his wound by the cup fulls at a time, and all he though was, 'Axalise'

    Sho grew cold, blood almost all gone, he dies...
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 7 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 7 of many...

    <Ragyr> *Ragyr walked quietly into the bar, taking a spot against the wall. He scanned the patrons slowly, but sighed, not seeing who he appeared to be looking for.*
    <Jaggie> Excuse mehh--ohh..Hello Ragyr *Kaggie slid through the door, around the large 'forged.*
    <Ragyr> *He nodded to her, and continued scanning for a few seconds afterward. He froze, then, and did a double-take, running out to catch Jaggie.* Wait a sec!
    <Jaggie> *Jaggie looked back, stoping mid track* ....yes?
    <Ragyr> *He snapped his fingers a few times, and then pointed.* Jaggie, was it? You were at the Catacombs earlier, right?
    <Jaggie> *Turning to face him she gave a nod of the head* Yes.. Are you and your brother ok? I haven't seen him since then.
    <Ragyr> Yeah, he's. . . Uh . . . Fine. Yeah. *he averted his eyes for a second.* Look, have you seen that one elf since then? The blind one.
    <Jaggie> The one that wouldn't let me finish healing him? Even though he was half dead when I came across you bought in House Dennith? No. Last I saw of that one, he was at the catacombs. I left shortly after Deriaz and Uxor..Is he stile injured?
    <Ragyr> Well, last I saw, no. He was fine. I needed to talk to him, though, and I haven't seen him. Him and I have a sort of agreement, and I needed to see him. You remember the way to his apartment, right? Think you could lead me there? I need to check up on him.
    <Jaggie> ok.... *She looked questionaly at him, lightly shruged and began to head towards House Dennith.
    <Ragyr> *He grinned.* Perfect. Thanks. *He followed a distance behind her.*
    <Jaggie> *She tilted her head back so she sould see Ragyr from the corner of her eye.* What had happened to Sho anyway? Why was he so badly injured? *She stoped* Your not going to hurt him are you?
    <Ragyr> Well, I was kind of to blame for the first injury when we got into a fight earlier. . . . You know, when I was kind of bounty crazy after Deriaz. *He shook his head.* But no, I'm not. I just need to talk to him. Things are . . . Happening, and I thought he should be informed.
    <Jaggie> Very well... *Jaggie continued again, stile watching Ragyr just in case* It's not far now.
    <Ragyr> *He nodded again, but stayed silent.*
    <Jaggie> *In a matter of a few minutes they were at the gates and past. Heading towards the apartment buildings.* I belive it is that one thier. *Jaggie pointed at an apartment. It's door opening with the wind*
    <Ragyr> Perfect. *He laughed to himself, grinned, and walked past her. He disappeared into the apartment.*
    <Jaggie> Ur welcome. *Jaggie stoped and watched him go past. She stod their for a moment stareing at the door. Sho hadn't fixed the lock yet..*
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr came out a moment later, frowning.* He's not here! *He shrugged.* Any idea where else he could be? I remember we went to the Catacombs, but he was with that mute-- Well, former mute-- When I left.
    <Jaggie> Umm... *Jaggie looked around* I hear he has many places... Though I never saw him leave the Catacombs. He was in bad shape then. Perhaps he is in the care of the Flame priests. *She shruged*
    <Ragyr> Then I need to get him out of there and alone. *He walked past her again.* He needs to know what Der-- Well, what's going on, at least.
    <Jaggie> Der? What's wrong with Deriaz? *Jaggie trotted up behind him, a look of concurn upon her face.*
    <Ragyr> *He waved the question away.* Nothing, nothing, he's. . .Uh. . . Yeah, he's fine. *He started walking away again, back towards the gates to the Market.*
    <Jaggie> If you can't say the truth, learn to lie better or don't say anything at all. *She growled., stoping to allow more distance between them*
    <Ragyr> *He stopped, and looked down at her.* Fine, you really want to know? If I tell you, you can't say a word to anyone. . . Got it?
    <Jaggie> *She hadn't expected that.* O..okay. *She brought herself to attention.*
    <Ragyr> If you say a word, I swear. . . Look, remember when Deriaz left the Catacombs earlier? Well, I wasn't far behind him after he went out of sight. I followed him to the Harbor, adn we talked for a bit. It turns out, he's feeling guilty about everything that happened. Which is good for me, cause I don't have to worry about the guilt.
    <Jaggie> yeah... He side he felt sorry for all the mess that happend... *she bite her lip and contiuned to listen.*
    <Ragyr>Anyway, he brought up an old idea I gave him, before I learned that there was a Forge here in Stormreach. I had, at one time, convinced him to try to buy a ticket back to Khorvaire. Once there, I planned to lead him to the Mournlands. Heard there were other Forged there, figured it would be the best for him to stay there. Not have to worry about fleshies. Plus, I could continue taking jobs there.
    <Jaggie> *She straightend at the mention of the Mournlands* Crye...
    <Ragyr> *He nodded.* well, I thought he had forgotten about it. After that whole incident, tough. . . *He reached into his pocket, pulling out a slip of paper.* He sold a sack of gems he had been saving up. Turns out, he's considering the idea again. He's probably back at the guild hall, planning on the leave. He planned to leave sometime after he found that Minstrel. . . . I'm telling you though, don't tell a soul.
    <Jaggie> why would anyone want to go to Crye.... ur... the Mournlands?... It's a terrible place with strange creatures and undieing things...
    <Ragyr> Well, he seems to want to get away from everything. He's too hard on himself, if you ask me. Not that I'm complaining. It's not that bad a place, really. . . *He took a step to te side and continued towards the gates again.*
    <Jaggie> ...I...I was there seven months ago... It's a terrible place... *She looked up and began to follow again*
    <Ragyr> To each their own, I suppose. *he laughed, and went through the gate into the Marketplace, heading towards the Catacombs.* If he wants to leave, I for one, am not going to stop him. It's not like many people are gonna miss him. It's like I tell him, there are less problems when he isn't around.
    <Jaggie> .....Deriaz doesn't seem like the type to join Blades' crazies... *She spoke low*
    <Ragyr> Well, he isn't. Funny you mention the Lord of Blades, as well. One of the main reasons I needed to see the elf.
    <Jaggie> but... *Jaggie clamped her mouth shut*
    <Ragyr> *He turned his head to look at her out of the corner of his eye.* But what? *He grinned as he turned back, seeing the Catacombs coming up.*
    <Jaggie> Sorry.. May I help you find him? I've a question to ask...In regards to Blades.
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr shrugged* Sure, why not. He says he knows Blades personal-- *He stopped, both in speech and in movement. He shook his head.* Forget I said that. *He continued.*
    <Jaggie> ...Maybe he could tell me where he's bee... *Though her voice was low she obviousely lacked the ability to keep her thoughts to herslef.*
    <Ragyr> Woudln't know. Probably. *he sighed* The elf is supposed to give me a job with him. Second in comman, apparently. *He laughed as they got to the doors.* He better be telling the truth.
    <Jaggie> Hie..*She nodded then looked at the catacomb walls.* I.. I don't think I can enter...
    <Ragyr> Oh, come on. It's just a place. It's not like you're gonna die from stepping in here. *He laughed.* Besides, the elf could be here.
    <Jaggie> can't go in...I'll stay outside...If he's thier I can talk to him latter.
    <Ragyr> *He shrugged.* Fine, your decision. I'm telling you though, it's not like you're going to die by walkin gin. *He opened the door, and disappeared.*
    <Jaggie> *Jaggie watched him pase through the door and sighed. Once he was gone she sled her back bown against the wall, scooped up a loose stone and tossed it towards a tree.* You don't know how wrong you are.. *She sighed again*
    <Ragyr> *He poked his head out a few moments later.* You. You can heal,right? Get in here, we've got a problem. I found him, but he isn't moving. And Blades knows I have no idea how a fleshy works to heal one proplerly.
    <Jaggie> wha-? *She jumped up and grabed the door* Where is he? *She tried to push her way in but her hand hanged unto the outerwall, digging into the limestone wall* ****** *she growled and forced her hand to let go of the wall. Her movements where stiff and jerky and the glow of her eye became nearly non-esistant.Her face had become void.*
    <Ragyr> so much for not wanting to enter. *He said with a smug look on his face. He led her inside and to the right. After a moment more of walking, he pointed at a body on the ground.* Tried shaking him, but he isn't responding.*He followed her over to the body, and nudged it with his foot.* He was fine when I left him, I swear. . . Y'know, just in case you're thinking I'm the one that did it.
    <Jaggie> *She stepped over to Sho's body. Her face looking like she would gage if she had the reflexes.
    <Ragyr> Well? He going to be ok, or not? Quit looking so grim, it's just a body.
    <Jaggie> His body is bloated...and stinks... I don't think he's alive..*She bent down and touched him. Then placed the side of her head to his chest.* ...hes...cold...
    <Ragyr> So he's been here awhile. . . Doesn't look like he's been defiled for any bounty, either. *He grinned.* Reminds me of times I went out for some fun. . . *He sighed* But that's not the point. Can you fix him up, or not?
    <Jaggie> *she lifted him by the side and rolled him over,a wicked gash through his back.* He's..
    <Ragyr> Dead, yes. I believe I've heard that before.
    <Jaggie> I...i... *She let go and his body slumped akwardly.*
    <Ragyr> *He crossed his arms.* you, you. . . You what?
    <Jaggie> Find a Priest......
    <Ragyr> A Priest? Why? I thought you said you could heal?
    <Jaggie> I...I don't know if...if even a cleric can rase him ba.. back....
    <Ragyr> Then we should take him back to the guild hall, shouldn't we? *He picked up the body, throwing it over his shoulder. The smell didn't even seem to register to him.* Doesn't he know some kind of healer?. . . Sorgo, or something like that?
    <Jaggie> I..i...who? We don't need a healer... Healing only works on ... on living...........
    <Ragyr> Well, maybe the guy knows how to resurrect. It's worth a shot. And you don't seem too comfortale here. *He moved the body into his arm, looking over the mark on his back.* Whoever did this, I must say, they did a fine good job.
    <Jaggie> can't carry him...around like that.... *Her mouth was wide and the light of her eye nearly to a single concentrated point. She looked about her and pulled a tapestry from the wall.* Lay him down on this.....
    <ragyr> *He blinked at the tapestry.* I can carry him just fine, but if you insist. . . *He put Sho down on the tapestry, as she asked.*
    <Jaggie> *She riped several long strands from teh tapestry and bound Sho's legs and arms. Hastely, to avoid Ragyr's impatients she covered Sho with the cloth and bound the legs, torso an dhead*
    <Ragyr> *He sighed.* Done? I still say I could have just carred him . . . No need to wrap him up like a present. *He shooke his head, and picked him up, swinging him over his shoulder.*
    <Jaggie> You don't spend much time in public do you?... And stop carrying him like a dead trog to be shown off like a trophy...
    <Ragyr> *he sighed* Fine, fine, geez. *he put Sho in his arms.* Better? I'd prefer if we got him moving soon, seeing as you're not capable of doin git. He needs to know about Deriaz.
    <Jaggie> Go go! *Jaggie shoved him forward. He couldn't tell if she was rushing to get Sho help or so she could get out of the Catacoms faster.*
    <ragyr> *He growled slightly.* Alright, alright! *He almost ran out of the Catacombs, pushing the door open with his shoulder. He started heading back to the main street, to get back to the guild hall.*
    <Jaggie> *The moment she was outside her eye begain to glow again, though her face was stile void of nearly all emotions. A deep frown of worry was the only sign.*
    <Ragyr> *He looked back, ignoring the frown,* Look alive, you're out of there, and we've got a body to get moving. *he disappeared, back into the streets.*
    <Jaggie> Hei! *she caught up with him and casted a haste.*
    <New player, new characters>
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 8 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 8 of many...

    Sorgo sat down and wrote this letter to Ragyr, as Sho requested.

    Dear Mr. Ragyr the killer,

    I am Sorgo Tran the Healer, knight of the Silverfla...forget it, we met before, I healed you after the incidents with Sho. Now, you know SHo is dead, but he gave me a message to give to you. The night of Sho's Funeral, you will meet me. There I will bring Sho back, and you will witness his rebirth. Bring a shovel, your digging. Do this if you still want everything that SHo promised.

    With all due respect,

    Sorgo Tran the Healer, Disciple of Sho Drizzin the Lavender

    The Graveyard in House D

    *Ragyr sighed at the grave.* Supposed to give me a reward, and then you go and die. Great. *He turned around, scanning the distance.* And now I'm supposed to wait for some Sorgo person, who I don't even know, who will let me witness your 'rebirth'? Pff. Fat chance. *He turned, and started to leave.*

    A shovel is thrown at Ragyr, hitting the warforged's feet.

    "Dig," said the appearing Sorgo, "And don't make a big mess."

    *Ragyr sighed, but then laughed, a little too loudly.* Well! I was beginning to wonder when you'd show up. Been here for the past hour.

    *He picked up the shovel, and walked back to Sho's grave, beginning to dig it up, not quite caring where he threw the dirt. He glanced back at Sorgo while he dug.* So, what's up with this whole rebirth thing? You trying to play out this elf like some sort of hero, coming back from the dead, or something?

    *He laughed again, and turned back to the grave.* Not that I care, mind you. I'm just going for conversation, here.

    "Well, i'm bringing him back from the dead, he is the one who used the term 'Rebirth'. " Sorgo responded. "I understand you talking, the graveyard gets boring, though please, a little quieter, if the guards hear, there will be trouble."

    Sorgo looked at Ragyr and the hole being dug. "How much left?"

    So he used the term 'rebirth', hm? You ask me, all we're doing is reviving him. No need for a special term-- *He stopped as he heard the shovel blade hit what sounded like gems.*

    *Ragyr looked up and grinned.* Looks like this is it. I did the digging, you can pull him up. *He threw the shovel to the ground and sat down a small distance away, like he was waiting for a show.*

    Sorgo growled at Ragyr.

    "I have no clue why Sho likes you." Sorgo said as he jumped into the hole. After uncovering the casket, he lifted the lid. There lay Sho, as he was at the funeral. Sorgo climbed out of the hole, and pulled out his greater rod of True Resurection.

    "I hope this works." Sorgo said as he started casting. This took lots of Sorgo's power to keep the rod on full power. Light covered Sho,and then went away. Sho did not move.

    "Um...did it work?" Sorgo asked. As he spoke Sho Started to climb out, and he looked different. His skin was no longer gray, it was black, and his hair was now pure white, his dragonmark was a silver-blue color, his tattoo of a scorpion glew with a faint white aura. The only thing that looked the same was the magical blind fold over his eyes.

    "Sho?" ask Sorgo.

    "Robe, now." Sho said with out streached arm. Sorgo gave him the Robe, and Sho put it on. The robe covered him completly like Sho asked. "Staff?" Sho asked, and Sorgo gave him the staff. Sho turned to Ragyr.

    "Now, that I am reborn, we have things to finish. Ragyr, cover the hole back up. Sorgo, make it look as if no one was here, the grave the same as it was, and as if I was still dead. Ragyr, Only to you and Sorgo am I alive, this here never happened, do NOT tell Deriaz of this, understand?"

    *Ragyr leaned back on another gravestone, and crossed his arms as he sat on the ground.* Well, well, well. The blind elf makes a triumphant return. *He clapped slowly.* The performance could have used a bit for flare, if you ask me.

    *He got up, and brushed himself off. He picked up the shovel again, but pointed the blade of it at Sho. He glared at him for a few seconds, before lowering it.* I'll stand by your word and not tell Deriaz, but. . . The two of us are linked a little more than I like. I can't guarantee he'll discover how to share memories between the two of us, but I'll keep it covered up. . .

    *He began to slowly cover up the grave.* You know, now that you're up and running, there's something you should probably know, seeing as you also brought up Deriaz. . . *He trailed off, and grinned to himself.*

    "As long as you wonr tell anyone yourself, they can discover this by themselves." Sho said. "What is this about Deriaz?"

    *Ragyr laughed.* You haven't heard? Good. That means that Jaggie character hasn't talk-- *He shut his mouth, and shook his head.* That's not the point.

    *He patted down the dirt on the grave, and turned to Sho.* You haven't noticed? Ever since that incident at the Catacombs, Deriaz has been shying away from you all. You want to know why? *He snapped his fingers, and a slip of paper appeared in his hand.* Because he's taking me and him off to Khorvaire. From there, I'm taking him to the Mournlands-- With or without you getting me a job with the Lord of Blades.

    *He grinned, and snapped his fingers again. The paper disappeared.* But the ship leaves in a few days. Which means I still have the chance to help you out.

    But enough about me and Deriaz. *He laughed.* You're up and moving again. What next?

    *Ragyr grinned. He had gotten the response he wanted. He crossed his arms.* No can do. See, the way I work, I always take the course of action that will benefit me. . . And in this case, Deriaz. . . the most. Which means. . . Without you.

    But forget about us. We're just problems for the guild, aren't we? That's what Deriaz thinks, at least. . . *He sighed.* But that's beside the point. What are we doing next about Aemilius?

    Previous Message:

    Sho cursed in draconic as he always did in anger.

    "No, I didn't notice, maybe because I was DEAD!" Sho yelled in whisper at Ragyr. "Sorgo! why did you not say this right away!. Forget it...****, ok, can you get Deriaz to hold it a few more days, i'll buy you the tickets, and will join you so I can lead you to Lord of the Blades?"

    "Hey, I'm going mournland to meet with Lord of the Blades, and I think it will be better for Deriaz if I came, I like you Ragyr and you style, I trust you with my life, but I do not trust you with Deriaz's. And what the hell is he blabbing about problems, Varro and Mekari caused more than you and Deriaz could ever in your life time." Sho coughed blood. "****, they still forgot to remove your metal from my lung." Sho drew his dagger, and stabbed it into his own lung with no expresion. Then he stuck his fingures in and pulled out a chunk of metal, and handed over to Ragyr. "I believe this is yours. Sorgo, heal now!" Sorgo came up and healed Sho's bloody wound. "So about Aemilius, we kill him. In 2 days, we kill him. So, is that enough time to prepare? Because he is **** powerful, and like I said, you will kill him, not I. That is why I hired you, all I can do is weaken him. If you can has Deriaz change the date, it will be better for you."

    *Ragyr shook his head as he gladly took back the metal.* Like I said, no way. It's the two of us going, no one else. Either the two of us go alone, or you're going to have to stop us. It's more to our benefit to go that way. . .

    . . . As for 2 days? Hm. . . *Ragyr went silent, thinking. After a moment, he shook his head again.* It's cutting it close. I think the ship leaves on that day. Deriaz can't reschedule when we leave, either.

    He doesn't have the money. He sold a sack full of gems he's been collecting over the past few months. The only things he has left to sell are his abundant amount of swords, which he would never do. . . His necklace with that mute's, or former, earrings and that Forged Bard's spearhead. . . Again, would never sell. . . And the faded red wristband of that guild. . . Crimson Nexus?-- with him. Another 'momento'. Don't even think of convincing him to sell his mask-- You'd be better off asking him to jump into a pack of rust monsters. He won't take money, either. He's much too humble for his own good.

    *He sighed.* I'll see what I can do, though. I'm not going to force him to reschedule-- I want out of here as soon as possible-- but I won't flat out ignore your requests. Not with a reward still on the line. I'll see what I can do.

    Sho looked down.

    'Fricken stubborn Forged'

    "Ok, what about this." Sho said looking back at Ragyr. "In two days the Clan Scorpion Armada gets here, we kill Aemilius, I become new emperor, I get you and Deriaz your own ship, and drow to serve you. Also I give you money of great amount. But, if you want the position, take 1 day off from what and Deriaz are doing, and follow me to Lord of the Blades. Once it is done, I leave, and you and Deriaz are to do what ever, you will be powerful, and rich."

    *Ragyr's eyes seemed to light up at the mention of power and money.* Hm. . . Now you're talking my language! I'll get him to stick around another day, you can count on it. *He rubbed his hands together.* It just means another day that I have to keep Deriaz-- Well, I mean, that Deriaz has to stay away from you all. It won't be that hard. *Ragyr nodded.* Two days, then. It's settled.

    Sho noddeds to Ragyr, and lets him go. Sho then walks to the Phionex Tavern using his staff to guid him. Sho walked up to the door and sat facing the Fellowship of the Golden Night guildhall.

    "Sorry," Sho said to himself, "Sorry I had to do this. Ragyr, I hope
    you are ready, the kill will be in 2 days...2 better be ready."
    <New player, new characters>
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    Infenetus~Wizard 2~The Unknown

    Crimson Nexus
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    Default Clan Scorpion Imperial, Sho's Fate, Chapter 9 of many

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    Clan Scorpion Imperial
    Sho's Fate? Chapter 9 of many...

    <Sho> *Sho walks up to the gates that lead to the Harbor, waiting for Ragyr.*
    <Ragyr> *He appears a few moments later, with a frown on his face. He glares at Sho for a few moments, before sighing.* Sho.
    <Sho> *Sho turns his head to Ragyr. With eyes and no blindfold.*
    <Ragyr> *He sighs.* We've, uh, got a change of plans. . .
    <Sho> *Sho was fully armored in his chain shirt and rapiers.* What do you mean?
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr shook his head.* Well, about Deriaz. . . See, uh. . . How do I say this. . . *He shrugged.* Well, I may have accidentally spilled that I was helping you. And, stubborn as he is. . . Um. . . *The sound of footsteps came up behind Ragyr.* He's, uh, helping.
    <Deriaz> *Deriaz grinned, and stood next to Ragyr, arms crossed. He didn't say a word. He looked a little bigger, though, then normal. On his back was his normal Tower Shield, but he had now two Bastard Swords strung on his back, along with another one on either side on his legs.*
    <Sho> *Sho swore in Draconic.* Nothing I'll say will change your mind, will it?
    <Deriaz> *Deriaz grinned.* Nope. Not a thing. You want his help? You're getting mine, then, too.
    <Sho> *Sho sighed.* Fine, BUT, Ragyr will have the finishing move on Aemilius, only him.
    <Deriaz> *Deriaz shrugged.* Whatever floats your boat.
    <Sho> *To both:* Ok, we stick with Aemilius and Axalise, no matter who is dying on the other side you will stick, got it?
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *The two of them nodded.*
    <Sho> Ok, lets go. *Sho said with a frown on his face. He pushed the gates open, the War is starting.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *The two followed, silently. Ragyr shot and angry glare at Deriaz, though, who only grinned.*
    <Sho> *Battle noise is heard in the easy side of the harbor, so Sho lead the Forged to the West, toward the Lobster, where Aemilius and Axa watched.*
    <Sho> *They ran and noticed Aemilius and Axalise on top of a building, watching the war.*
    <Ragyr/Deriaz> *Ragyr looked up and grinned.* Ragyr: Not much for a leader. Not in the fight, helping out, but instead watching. . . *Deriaz nudged him in the side, signaling him to be quiet.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius noticed Sho, Ragyr, and Deriaz* Sho? You’re alive? So the rumor was true, you have been reborn, and you look more like a Drow now too, and are those eyes. . .? Your normal eyes? Hahaha! This is great, come and celebrate, watch Stormreach fall part by part!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *By instinct, Deriaz drew one of his Bastard Swords. Ragyr snapped his fingers, as a staff materialized in his hands. They looked to Sho, waiting on orders on what to do.*
    <Sho> Sho: No! We are here to stop this, you WILL die NOW! Ragyr, Deriaz, NOW!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *The two nodded, and Deriaz took off towards the building, quickly climbing a tower of boxes towards the roof. Ragyr began to glow with dark runes covering his body, as two purple missiles shot out of his hand, flying at Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius smiled. He and Axalise both summoned Hell Hounds. Aemilius then drew his Khopesh, and his shield.* To the death my Son! HAHAHA! *Aemilius blocked with his shield and summoned a Wraith.*
    <Sho> *Sho jumped to the roof, drawing his rapiers.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz grunted slightly as he reached the roof. He regained his composure quickly, rushing at Aemilius, but stopped as the Wraith summoned. He quickly sheathed the sword, drawing a different one, and took a slash at the ghost.*
    <Ragyr> Oh, sure, leave me down here. *Ragyr sighed, and walked over casually to the boxes, taking his time climbing up.*
    <Sho> *Axa cast grease on the roof's edge, hoping to make the Hero's fall.*
    <Sho> *Sho bends his knees so he can get balance, and slowly inches his way to the hell hounds*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz slipped to one knee, but didn't fall completely. He rolled awkwardly away from the Wraith, towards another Hell Hound, which he took a stab at.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius blocked the blast with his shield and chuckled.* *Axalise casted Ray of Frost at Ragyr.* *Sho got off the grease, and tumbled forward, stabbing at the hell hound he first could reach.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr tried to move out of the way gracefully from it, but his foot slipped in the grease as he did. He fell to the roof as the ray shot over him.* Ragyr: And I wanted to come out of this clean, too.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz grinned, and slid across the grease like ice. He slid his way over to Ragyr, lifting him up and setting him out of the grease. Deriaz switched swords, to one covered in Acid, and charged (but more slid) through the grease at Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Axa cast burning hands not at the trio, but at the grease spell, making a wall of fire.*
    <Sho> *Sho finally killed the hell hound, and turned to Deriaz.* Get Axalise, Deriaz, go get Axa!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr's eyes went wide as the fire engulfed Deriaz. A second later, Deriaz rolled out of it, landing on his back.* Ragyr: Careless. *He laughed, and made his way over to Deriaz. His hands turned white. At contact with Deriaz, the burn marks disappeared. Deriaz nodded to Sho as he got up slowly.* Deriaz: Sure thing. *He made his way around the wall of fire, and as he got Axalise in his line of sight, he charged again.*
    <Sho> *But it was too late, Axa casted wall of ice between Sho and the 2 Forged. It was up to Sho to stop his own sister who he used to care for.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz stopped on a dime, and cursed.* Deriaz: Aaaaalright, then. *He turned to Aemilius, and unhooked the shield on his back. Slowly, he inched his way forward, keeping a defensive stance, Ragyr laughed to himself, a complete 180 behind Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Sho attacked Axa, rapiers slicing at his sister. Axalise casts fireball at him, breaking part of Sho's armor off, but he still charged, despite the pain.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Once Deriaz was within striking range of Aemilius from his slow creeping, he couldn't help but laugh out loud.* Deriaz: Well, doesn't this look familiar, hm? The two of us, facing off again.
    <Sho> Aemilus: Hehehe, except I will kill you this time. *He shield bashed Deriaz, and cast fireball at Ragyr with his sword hand. Aemilius came back with his Khopesh at Deriaz.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz took the hit from the shield, and slid back slightly. Ragyr's eyes went wide again, and he jumped to the side, but it wasn't enough. It engulfed his left side, and he hit the roof.*
    <Sho> *Sho sliced Axa's robe with his flaming rapier so his weapon wouldn't freeze*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz grinned at the Khopesh hit the shield.* Deriaz: Oh, come on now. You can do better. You did so well last time. *He swung his foot out under the shield, attempting to trip him, as he brought his sword down, trying to sunder Aemilius's armor. He prayed one of the two would hit.*
    <Sho> *Axalise whacked Sho in the stomach with her staff, making him kneel over for a second.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr sat up, and groaned.* Ragyr: Not my day, today. *He shrugged, and healed himself. He stood up, and the runes began to glow again. A ball of green appeared in his hand, and slowly began to take shape.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius did not trip, but the sword hit him, yet did very little damage because it bounced off his armor.*
    <Sho> *Sho stabbed Axa with his shocking burst rapier. She stopped, and blood poured from her mouth. The blood was the same color as her hair and lips: deep blood red. Sho pulled the sword out, and tears came down from his eyes.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr grinned. Deriaz, on the other hand, rolled his eyes. The two were obviously talking between each other. Ragyr snapped, and the green shape turned into an arrow, which floated in the air. He took a step to the left, and began to summon another two arrows.*
    <Sho> Sho: Why Axa, why did you join him? Sorry, my little sister.
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr moved quickly, summoning a flurry of arrows, dripping with poison in the air. He laughed loudly, and snapped again. The arrows rocketed forward at Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius noticed Deriaz roll his eyes, and tripped Deriaz, turning to Ragyr, with a spell being cast. A skeleton was summoned, and took the arrows for him, being entirely destroyed.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz fell to the ground, and Ragyr sighed. Another snap, and a red aura covered Deriaz for a second. His eyes turned red, and he glared at Aemilius. He swung the sword at him again, seemingly stronger than the last time he swung.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius took the bow, his armor bending slightly this time at his back.* ****! *He cursed.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz grinned wildly behind his mask, apparently liking this flood of rage. He swung again, recklessly, at Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius parried, and slashed at the body of Deriaz more quickly and harder. Deriaz could tell that the Emperor was ****ed.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz fell backwards, and the red in his eyes was gone instantly. He quickly regained his composure, and took a defensive stance. Ragyr began to glow again, ready to cast something.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius cast Bull Strength on himself and swung the Khopesh so hard at Deriaz's shield, it dented.* Aemilius: Do not oppose me!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *A white aura surrounded Deriaz's shield after the hit landed. Ragyr laughed. Deriaz nodded to him, and glared back at Aemilius.* Deriaz: Sorry, got orders to. *He quickly sheathed the acid-coated sowrd, and drew one that seemed to glow with pure good. He grinned, and lifted the shield again.*
    <Sho> *Sho laid his sister's body down and faced Aemilius who was really ****ed. He charged at his Uncle.* Aemilius: I am the great grandson of Vulkoor, also known to you as the Trickster! Do you really think you can defeat me!? *He bashed Deriaz with the shield so hard that Deriaz was pushed almost off the roof. He faced Ragyr and cast Hypnotic Pattern, and did the same to Deriaz.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr quickly ran out of it, but Deriaz wasn't as lucky. The colors began to hypnotize him, and he began to waver back and forth, under the spell's effect.*
    <Sho> *Sho jumped at the distracted Aemilius, and knocked the shield and khopesh out of his hands, leaving Aemilius with no weapon other than magic.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr grinned at the turn of events.* Ragyr: Nicely done, elf! *He pointed a finger at Aemiliues, and a ray of flame shot from his hand, straight for Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius grabbed Sho by the neck, and threw him to the roof. He proceeded to kick his foster son's leg so hard, the leg snapped in two. Aemilius did not see the spell coming towards him, and it hit him in the face, burning the entire right side.* Aemilius: AAAAAHHHH! You Forged BASTARD! I will KILL you PAINFULLY FOR THIS!!! *The evil Drow charged Ragyr with his fists only, swinging hard.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr grinned, and sidestepped around a majority of the punches. A few clipped him, but he didn't seem to mind. He laughed once he had gotten Aemilius to go in a half circle.* Ragyr: And this is where I take my leave. *A pillar of magic engulfed him, and he leaped over Deriaz, who was charging straight behind him-- At Aemilius.*
    <Sho> *Aemilius stopped, and saw the Forged running towards him. He threw a punch at Deriaz, denting him in the chest, but was knocked down in the effort, almost going through the roof. Blood came from the mouth-- The blood of a cursed, evil Drow.*
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz coughed, but grinned at the hit. Ragyr walked casually over, and slapped a white hand on Deriaz's chest, fixing the dent. The runes on Ragyr's body were beginning to die out.* Ragyr: Nice hit, if I say so myself. / Deriaz: Nice plan, if I say so myself.
    <Sho> Aemilius: **** you all!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz pointed the sword at Aemilius, but glanced over at Ragyr.* Deriaz: So, Sho said you were supposed to do the honors? Or would you rather me?
    <Sho> *Sho limped over to his Uncle.* Sho: There, we are gone, Axa is dead. You have failed. *Aemilius chuckled a wounded laugh.* Aemilius: No, I have not. You will take the throne, eh? If you do, I have not failed. You will have problems. . . And so will Stormreach.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr groaned, and snatched the sword out of Deriaz's hand.* Ragyr: If it will get this sappy family reunion scene over with faster, I'll do it.
    <Sho> *Sho didn't say anything, just limped away to the two Forged.* Sho: Ragyr. . . Finish him.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr laughed.* Ragyr: Gladly. *He took a step up near Aemilius's head, but out of the way of his hands. By habit, he started cutting into the left side of Aemilius's face, but not trying to kill him. He drew an intricate R on his cheeck. Ragyr glanced up at Sho.* Ragyr: Unless you want this done quickly?
    <Sho> Sho: Mark him, and kill him, but quickly. . . And painfully.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> Ragyr: Alright then! *He glanced down at Aemilius.* Sorry, employer's orders. The humiliating thing. . . Just my own little flavor. *He stuck the tip of the sword in Aemilius's mouth, letting it sit there for a moment as the taste of it settled before thrusting it down until Ragyr felt the roof, and continued pusing a little farther. Ragyr let go of the sword, and clapped his hands together.* Ragyr: Well, what a day this turned out to be, hm?
    <Sho> Good. A swell day. *Sho said, lying.* Come, take the bodies, we go to proclaim the news to the army. And it is time for me to take the throne.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr pulled the sword out, tossing it to Deriaz, who sheathed it without removing the blood. The two lifted the body, swinging it over Deriaz's shoulder. Ragyr then moved over, swinging Axalise's body onto his own shoulder.* Both: Lead the way.
    <Sho> Keep her body intact. She will get a proper funeral. . . Unlike Aemilius.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr shrugged, but nodded.* Ragyr: Alight, whatever you say.
    <Sho> *Sho led Deriaz and Ragyr to the battle. At the sight of their leader dead, and Sho alive, no less standing, and the will that Aemilius wrote saying that Sho owned it all now, they stopped fighting. They bowed to Sho, took their casualties and went back onto the ships, waiting for an order. Sho gave the body of Axalise to Sorgo, and told him to get her ready for a proper burial. Then, he turned to face the Forged.*

    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz saluted in honor, but Ragyr only tapped his foot, as if waiting for something.*
    <Sho> The body of Aemilius will be a little ticket to help you get the position I promised. His body will come with us. We leave tomorrow morning. *He pointed to a black and orange ship.* That is yours. *He then pointed to a black and green ship.* That is mine. You will follow my ship to Khorvaire. The Drow on your ship will sail, and will follow your command.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr stared at his ship, with pure happiness in his eyes.* Ragyr: It's perfect! It's incredible! I--- *Deriaz interrupted.* Deriaz: Can't accept it. *Ragyr stopped, staring at the boat, mouth wide open.*
    <Sho> It is not your ship to keep, Deriaz. It is just for your trip.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz shook his head.* Deriaz: I know. And that's the reason we can't accept it. *Ragyr spun around, glaring at him. Deriaz stared at him for a few moments, in silence. Ragyr eventually crossed his arms, but Deriaz shook his head. Ragyr whirled around, but Deriaz shrugged-- All done in silence. Deriaz turned to Sho.* Deriaz: I'm not leaving. Sorry. *He grinned slightly to himself behind the mask.*
    <Sho> *Sho smiled.* Glad to hear that Deriaz.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz nodded, but Ragyr just stared at the ship. He eventually turned to face Sho.* Ragyr: Ok, so he's not leaving. I'm still getting that money and power you talked about, right?
    <Sho> But I promised Ragyr. He is going to go get a position, and it is his choice to come back or not. You two are connected, but are seperate. He goes, I promised.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz shook his head.* Deriaz: He's not leaving either. / Ragyr: WHAT!? *The black Warforged stared at him in disbelief. Deriaz sighed.* Deriaz: I know we're connected, but. . . Still. . . Though we aren't exactly the fondest of each other, I kinda need him here. . . Y'know?
    <Sho> HEY! Deriaz! He just got a job from me. He WILL get paid. I promised, and he risked his life to work for me!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz shrugged.* Deriaz: Then pay him some other way. He's not leaving.
    <Sho> Just let him go to get his job. I'll make sure he gets back. The Lord of Blades will have him be located here, if I ask.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz shook his head again. He felt his neck getting a little sore from doing so.* Deriaz: That's exactly why I can't let him go. I don't want him doing any more jobs, though I know he will. And I **** sure don't want him doing it under the Lord of Blades-- Not after hearing about him from Jaggie. *Ragyr groaned, but didn't say anything.*
    <Sho> Hey, I am friends with Lord of Blades. . . The only breather friend. . . He is fine, and so will be Ragyr.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deraiz crossed his arms.* Deriaz: Are you listening to me at all, or has this new power already gone to your head?
    <Sho> The worst that can happen is Lord of Blades asks him to fight for Mournland to protect Mournland, but that will only happen. . . NEVER! Ragyr? You listening to him? What is going on?
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> Deriaz: And the best that can happen is he stays here, keeping himself happy by working for himself, and taking whatever jobs HE wants, not what that. . . Chump wants.
    <Sho> That CHUMP is the only reason you Forged are not still fricken slaves!
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr sighed.* Ragyr: I'm telling you. . . Stub-born. I'm all for leaving. Don't have anything to my name but this staff. *He lifted the stick slightly.* Ready to go when you are. *Deriaz laughed.* Deriaz: Am I supposed to worship this Blades guy, then? Cause I'm not seeing the point. *Deriaz shrugged.* But I digress. He's not going. Case closed.
    <Sho> No, you respect him, and not talk back. You can disagree with him all you want, but respect your Lord of the Blades. Ragyr. . . I leave tomorrow morning, with or without you, but I prefer with.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz shrugged again.* Deriaz: Tell him to say that to my face then. *He laughed.* Cause right now, I'm standing by what I said. That includes him not leaving. *Ragyr sighed.* Ragyr: You know, if he's not gonna let me leave, it's probably pointless to argue. You don't know him as long as I have. He can argue for hours on end.
    <Sho> Don't let this 'Runt' boss you around. Come, Ragyr, ignore him. He has no power over you! And if he does, I'll make sure it goes away.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr looked between the two, as if deciding something. Deriaz didn't look back at him. Ragyr sighed, and took a step back, standing behind Deriaz.* Ragyr: Look, it's hard to explain. . .
    <Sho> *Sho looked at Deriaz's eyes behind the mask.* I liked you better when you were depressed.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz grinned.* Deriaz: Yeah, well, I kind of came to realize. . . With the whole Varro situation, everyone was depressed. Ya gotta have at least one person you can turn to, y'know?
    <Sho> *He looked back at Ragyr.* Look, if you can't leave, I'll still get you the job, even if I have to bring the Lord himself.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Ragyr's eyes lit up, looked pleased. Deriaz only shrugged.* Deriaz: Fine, bring him then. And I'll talk to the. . . *He thought for a moment, and grinned.* To the porcupine-forged myself.
    <Sho> *Sho chuckled.* He does not talk to your type.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> Deriaz: So I hear. All the more reason for me to meet him.
    <Sho> *He stared Deriaz face to face for a few moments.* Go help the wounded, Deriaz.
    <Deriaz/Ragyr> *Deriaz nodded.* Deriaz: Now that's an order I can take. *He turned, and headed to the first injured person he could find, leaving Ragyr alone with Sho.*
    <Sho> The Heroes of Stormreach have won, Clan Scorpion Imperial is under my command, and I have politics to deal with. And this blue Forged gets in my way! Bad evening, Ragyr. The evening is off to a bad start.
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr stared back at Deriaz, but nodded to Sho.* Yeah, well. . . He seems to do that a lot. Causes a lot of problems. . . *He turned to face Sho.* the evening can only get better, though, right? I mean, aren't you rich now?
    <Sho> Rich with gold. Lost my friends, but who cares. Sho Drizzin the Lavender died. Sho Scorpio the Emperor lives.
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr laughed.* That's the idea. Look alive! You've got an empire to run. *He turned to look back at Deriaz.*
    <Sho> Don't worry, Ragyr. I will get you your position and your power. With my ship so fast, I'll be back in a month tops, with gold, with news.
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr turned back to Sho.* How? You heard the fool. He's not going to let me go with you. And I doubt you're actually going to bring THE Lord of Blades here.
    <Sho> Wanna bet?
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr laughed again, louder this time.* I would love to meet him, then.
    <Sho> If I bring HIM the body of Aemilius Scorpio, and say you killed him, I won't have to bring him. He will come.
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr rubbed his hands together.* One simple job, and I'm getting a reward more than even my hardest brought in. *He cackled.*
    <Sho> Rest well my friend. *Sho turned around and headed towards the ships.*
    <Ragyr> *Ragyr nodded.* Oh, indeed, I will. *He continued to chuckle.*
    <Sho> *He turned quickly and tossed Ragyr a scroll, who caught it easily.*
    <Ragyr> *He blinked once at it.* What's this? *He unfurled it, and began skimming it.*
    <Sho> That is my deed to my home in House D. Give it to Hope of the Lady. And tell her. . . I'm sorry.
    <Ragyr> *He nodded.* You bet. *His eyes dimmed slightly, and a little devious grin began to form at his lips.*
    <New player, new characters>
    ~Fellowship of the Golden Night~
    Mystreo~Bard 1/sorcerer 2~The Illusionist
    Lotb~fighter 2/barbarian 1~Lord of the Blades
    Infenetus~Wizard 2~The Unknown

    Crimson Nexus
    Shodrizzin-Rogue 7-The Assassin Pirate

    FAQ to the FotGN on Thelanis

    Surren Darkheart~Sorcerer
    Surrin Darkheart~Fighter
    Surran Darkheart~Rogue

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