Currently I'm using a regular Isle of Dread staff..

Acid warlock.. mid to high 800's caster power..

Acid Crit multiplier 135 and force 130.

I have 104 to 106 in enchantment, necromancy and evocation dc's. the rest around 98 to 100.. not that the other schools matter for my build.

The staff gives me double implement bonus from Dragon epic tree and the staff gives me a +2 to spell caster dc's.

Are Dc's dropping by 2 a big issue on high reaper? When considered that I could switch to a stick and orb or 2 sticks getting an extra set of dots from claw and horn?

Are dots better at end content or the +2 to dc's from the staff?

Currently I'm getting the acid dot from a ring and "untyped damage" from the staff.

I could add another acid dot.. and even the curse dot..

P.S. I do have the freeze effect on the staff which is easy to get again.