The new forums for Dungeons & Dragons Online arrive on May 3rd! This message will let you know what you need to do. Please read our other article here for further information about the new DDO Forums.

We expect the new forums to be available sometime in the late morning Eastern time of May 3rd, depending on work taking place that morning to make the forums visible and open. When the new forums are visible, you should be able to register a new forum account using the game account credentials you currently use to log into the game.

Once logged in, you will be asked to select a Forum Display Name. You can change your name in the future, once per week, so you can change it in a week if you wish. Once registered, you will be logged into the new DDO Forums. If you are not automatically redirected, you should be logged in here:

If you encounter any issues or have any concerns we can address, send a ticket to Community/Forum Support here: Make sure to provide your Forum Display Name if applicable!

We will not permit people to deliberately take someone else's forum name, and if you do you can expect to get re-named by us with or without notice, and face additional moderation if your name stealing is deliberate. In most cases it will be clear, and for other name disputes we will sort it out in the coming days.

Thank you! Remember the existing forums will remain visible but locked to log in here: You should feel free to copy over any old threads you wish to see placed into the new forums. Have fun!