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    Default Re-crafting bound into unbound bug

    Apparently, there is a crafting bug, where if you clean a bound, crafted item and try to make an unbound item with it, the new item will continue to be bound. I reported it. They said they can't help me with it. So, just FYI, make sure you use a fresh blank when trying to create unbound items.

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    It's not a bug, it's WaI.

    If you craft something it sets the item to whatever type you (initially) crafted it to with some exceptions I can think of... If you craft a shard of power (actually a craftable trinket) or a random loot trinket (BtC) into a bound item, it becomes BTA not BtC, also if you disjunct-craft a non-named BtC item (there are still some that drop in the earlier chains) they become BtA.

    You have never been able to go from BtA to unbound.
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