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    Default Sentient Thunderforged Weapons

    Please? Pretty please?

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    I just want them to deal with the terrible lag spiking in Thunderholme.

    And more ingot drops. And the ability to destroy TF Weapons to get components back.

    Ok so I want a couple of things. But Sentient TF Weps would be cool, but since it is a builder system like Cannith I doubt they'll add that when the point is to add the prefixes and bonus effects yourself by farming mats.

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    Pretty sure a big part of it not being a thing is because of the way thunderforged crafting is implemented as a barter box, so a destroy & replace system rather than slotted augments on a base item like the newer dragonbone stuff - also having those different systems together would be a potential whole mess of interactions that'd be too much trouble to disentangle.

    I'd definitely be in favour of making the higher tiers of thunderforged crafting bound to account rather than character though, it'd help make them at least somewhat more practical.
    I used to be with it, but then they changed what it was, now what's it is weird and scary to me.

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    I recall that Sentient system was purposefully not added to any crafting systems.

    Possible reasons:
    1. If crafting recreates items that could cause issues, such as loss of reaper/mythic bonus or with augments
    2. Possibly with balance

    It is common for players to want to optimize to a single item of great power, especially in a system where inventory is a limit. However, that can create other issues for game designers such as how to entice someone to the next 'shiney'

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    The dread island weapons can accept sentience. . . though the upgrade system is very different.

    That aside, it could be done with thunder forged if a final upgrade was added to finish the weapons - i.e. sentient jewel slot, but would make it unalterable after adding it with the thunder forged crafting system.

    I wouldn't mind slotting a jewel in my thunder forged when it's complete, but it's not a be all weapon by any means.

    To be honest, I think I'd rather be able to use more than one minor artifact at a time.
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