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    Default Transfer Heart of Wood between servers

    I bought a heart of wood from the DDO store yesterday, unfortunately I did so from the wrong browser tab and it ended up on a character in the wrong realm. When I try to mail it to the character I want to reincarnate, it says that no such character exists. I was hoping that there is some way to transfer the heart of wood to the correct server (Ghallanda) that I don't know about. I created a support ticket but there hasn't been any response yet.

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    You'll likely have to transfer one of your toons from the one server to another.

    It the Heart is BtA, just give it to a mule toon and transfer the mule toon to whatever server you wish.

    Yeah, it'll cost you 2,495 DDO points to do it, but I'm guessing that's what Customer Support's gonna tell you.
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