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    Cool slayer and rares options

    a normal hard elite and reaper mode option for slayers and rares

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    Quote Originally Posted by d1l2pagal View Post
    a normal hard elite and reaper mode option for slayers and rares
    You mean N/H/E/R for Wilderness in general.

    Not sure that's (easily) doable/practicable - Reapers in Wilderness might create some problems, e.g. if they spawn where they cannot be reached etc. This has been a problem in some existing dungeon layouts (and R option was removed). :/

    Also - to what end? A little more xp? Seems some of those are getting more than enough as it is.

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    Default Improve the quests in Combat Areas

    I suggest, and I've already suggested ina previous post of mine, that the developers improve the quests in these combat areas to make them more attractive to players.

    * In Ataraxias Haven and Searing heights there are some caves that sometimes spawn a rare.
    Why not add a questgiver in the wilderness, with a different icon above their heads, asking the player to slay those monsters and then return to get the reward? Just like in LOTRO.
    What I'm saying implies that these will not be rare encounters anymore, but repeatable sidequests in the combat areas.
    Not to mention that these quests would need a summary text in the journal after they are done. And reward a small amount of favor too.

    * In the Keep of the Borderlands there is so much potential for ordered quests in that open World.
    We could have a questgiver in the open area asking to clear goblins raiding that small farm with the windmill.
    We could have another questgiver asking for us to clear the lizzardfolk camp.
    We could have another questgiver asking to kill the giantspider in the gorge.

    * In the Stormhorns we could have several ordered quests do wipeout those monster encampments.
    We could have a questgiver asking for us to slay those dragons.

    What I'm trying to say here is that we have those open areas with so many places to explore, but we don't have enough motivation to do so. Those journal quests are not so attractive.
    Adding tasks for the players to perform and with a appealing quest text is more compelling to players to do the content.
    Adding favor rewards, although small ones, would be a good motivation for players to team up and do the content.;

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    Quote Originally Posted by d1l2pagal View Post
    a normal hard elite and reaper mode option for slayers and rares
    Disregarding reaper because there's no way to reasonably implement reaper explorer zones.
    I've for a while felt that the difficulty selection on explorer areas could be used to set a minimum spawn density.
    The biggest problem with doing slayers for exp is you need a full party to be effective - not just in terms of people killing but for optimizing the amount of enemies to kill.
    It'd also go a long way to alleviate the problem with doing slayers in a group where you've just decided to pop a slayer pot and then half the party are suddenly done and decide to leave with no forewarning.

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