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    Default Looking for a Stormsinger endgame build

    Looking for a Stormsinger endgame build

    I am thinking about going with a bard build, stormsinger, anyone got a good endgame build for Buff, DPS and CC? Maybe a little healing on the side? It's been a few years since I built one.
    I have all past lives, 100 RP and access to any equipment in the game. Need it for raiding and R10s
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    Mr Blues - Main - 177PL - 98RP
    Mr Greens - Caster CC/DC - 126PL - 37RP
    Mr Purples - Healer - 43PL - 21RP
    Mr Redd - Melee DPS - 129PL - 37RP
    Mr Whites - Tank - 138PL - 58RP

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