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    Post Suggestions log

    I'm going to use this (until the new forums) for my suggestion running log.

    Races to add:

    Kobold (yes, myself and others still want to play one)
    Lizard person
    Avriel (sp?) (winged elf)
    Werewolf (human/elf/dwarf/gnome ? base - iconic) (could be added as an upgrade to wheloon or ravenloft) (could have a shift ability and raged while shifted, or some such and silver dr - standard stats for shape shifters should work)

    More sentient jewels -

    I would suggest upgrading the legendary chronoscope raid artefacts to reflect epic levels and add in some jewels geared towards said raid as potential rewards for it. That raid needs some tlc for epic levels. A nell gan jewel, Remus (? the tiefling), Aritrakos (sp?) as potential jewels.

    Jewels potentially from the shadows of the underdark and faerun quests - Drow, Elminster, Mistra's avatar, Lolth, etc. These would be a neat addition. (on legendary or epic levels of course naturally or turn in rewards for saga's)

    Jewels specific to each house in storm reach, could possibly added to their patron vendors?

    Guild stuff -
    We have air ships, but a guild hall would be nice as well. Some sort of building or hq that a guild could earn or buy and decorate would be very nice.
    Could use the same room designs as the air ship so far as hook points, and even add new ones. These could function the same as the air ship, but allow for visitors? Maybe allow for a shop like the pawns where guilds could pass on x amount of items to the vendor to sell to visitors and maybe earn the guild money. Or allow guilds to set up dungeons in the guild halls for would be challengers - could even make it a seasonal contest thing with a leader board. This could allow for the hiring of npcs to guard said dungeons and for players/guilds to express their creativity. Basically it would be a small area and interior that could be upgraded and customized for guild use or to allow challenges for visitors. Pve only of course. This could be expanded on, as it has lots of potential.

    Guild symbols (air ship flags? etc) A tabard cosmetic or cloak or some such. Customizable of course.

    Quests and areas and expansions: (Yeah, I know these are very time and money intensive to make)

    More raventloft stuff would be amazing, ie. the adam one and more
    Dragon lance since we have planes travel - war of the lance era is pretty iconic (this would be amazing if done right)
    more faerun areas like baldurs gate and the sword coast, icewind dale, etc. etc. There is a huge amount of content that can be used from torril and such.
    City of doors and plane scape areas?
    Elemental planes visiting and quests (small adventure packs with 3-5 quests in each plane with loot geared towards that specific plane)
    Ruins of myth dranor


    I thoroughly disliked the city of sharn, just my opinion.
    I didn't find the isle of dread particularly dreadful. . .and there are some areas in dungeons which have texture issues and look like they were done hastily and not polished up. The gargoyle one has some visual glitches for example.
    The faewild looks more like candy land rather than the haunting place it should be

    Bugs -

    Sunken sewer - elite rated for level 4 cr - traps are doing 45-65 dmg and killing in one hit, dc's are overly high as well

    Invitation to dinner - normal - Helga Ruvak's conversation still bugs out some times and won't progress if you have already talked to the raven girl upstairs

    Quest doors some times won't light up or stay lit up after completion

    Clan tunnel worm door doesn't light up for quest in sewers - vem's trail door

    Traps in quests under level 5 when done on elite often kill in on one shot doing over 100 points of dmg. These are not rated correctly with the cr listing.

    Braziers in the slave lords dungeons can only be broken with melee still. . .or something like a fire ball

    The end door in the loth raid will stay stuck if you kill loth first some times before killing the portal keepers, essentially making the raid incompletable.

    Mobs in the isle of dread take no dmg from a distance, meaning you have to get with in hugging range for them to activate more often than not. This is very dumb and makes being ranged useless and a waste of sp or ammo - please fix this so players don't see a bunch of 0's rolling over mobs heads when trying to deal with slayers in the isle of dread wilds.

    That's all for now, I'll update as needed.
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    Additions to the ddo store:

    Ap for racial and universal trees - we have +1 currently, I would suggest up to +5 for said tree's since the points can only be used in those trees.

    Base ap tomes - 1to 3 point tomes for base ap stuff, there's no need for more than that, might not even be a need for this - but, I wouldn't mind one or two extra points

    Past life heroic class bits, just like the racial, but for classes. Doing the heart of wood to change everything out is a bit annoying and using a +20 won't let you switch out if you have 3 classes and want to spec it for something else, so you would have to double down and do it twice.

    More mount things -
    Flying carpet? (Could be a raid drop from the sands arc)
    Broom? (This could be an event thing for Halloween, pretty sure some one else already suggested it)
    Skeletal horse (Could be a ravenloft addition)


    The frog dungeon in isle of dread (I didn't write the name down): Will rarely freeze up after the wheel unlock, causing the trap below the nest collapsible floor to freeze in place and npcs in the next room to stop going hostile and just wander - requires quest reset/restart

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    Firstly. . .

    Absolutely amazing job on the lower level stuff upgrades at the altar! That takes care of a lot of recommendations I would have for older gear. Been looking through the stuff, and the majority of it seems to be easily upgradable with just farming the specific areas. . .though some of it needs 'threads of fate', which I believe is raid only. . . and probably only drops one or two at a time. . .(I actually don't know yet since I've only ran the loth and chronoscope solo and not seen any thread with those before the update). Honestly, I am super impressed. . . now to get to farming. . .

    That said, good job devs! That's been something needed for a long long time.

    I would still like to add in that the lowest of mp potions should be added to crafting, make it a high end crafting item if you want and require odd stuff so it can't be mass produced and abused. Hp pots can be made, so there is no reason why the lowest level of mp pots can't be made as well. . .especially now days. I mean, even a wizard doesn't really need them any more if spec'd and geared right, so they can't be that much of a cash shop item any more. Besides . . .they are currently a pay to win model with the low drop rate of them.

    I would like to recommend allowing hirelings into raids if soloing them, would probably need a lot of coding changes. . . or some sort of solo option for raids - at least the ones where it would be possible to, obviously the one with levers and such on opposite sides wouldn't work. Though, I am pretty sure I saw a youtube video years back of some one doubling down on it. . .

    A more extensive road map of what might be coming, to include sales, expansions, etc. would be pretty nice and would help improve your marketing. People like to know what to expect or look forward to.

    Add in a monthly platinum dice roll?
    It could include higher xp, materials for upgrading, higher remnant / cannith essence, (no bigbies hands please), mp pots, seasonal event stuff, platinum of course, other spell scrolls (the initial three from the gold are kind of bleh and it never hurts to flesh out a spell book), maybe unique sentient gems specific only to the monthly roll (not like these do anything until you feed them xp, but it would be a neat prize), augments/filigrees . . . yeah, I think that would do it for a monthly roll. I'm sure you guys could iron it out and such. Oh, high end crafting ingredients (maybe shroud stuff/ dino island stuff/ etc)

    Keep the updates coming, there was a marked improvement noticed after the last one to game play, despite the 32 bit no longer working it seems. 64 seems to be running fine.

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    Remove the time limit to remove/transfer leadership in a guild - this is the main reason I don't try to recruit anyone to my guild. I don't want to have to worry about the air ship I bought or everything in it I bought being given away to some random member if I want or need to take a break from the game. This is by far the most ridiculous system in place and needs serious adjustments. If a person invests time and money there should be some sort of option to set in the guild to disable any sort of transfer. Mind, an option. The current system can stay in place for those who want it, but should be able to be toggled off if desired by the leader to prevent any swapping of hands if desired. This in itself would be a huge improvement. Also, allowing for permission settings for officers and second in command and members would be super useful.

    I.e. recruiting or dismissing people, guild bank permissions, etc.

    I might also request the return of guild only type gems/augments. Maybe some sort of guild crafting to make personalized filigrees? Something unique and helpful but not op.

    Another bit that should be added to avoid class lock outs - jack of all trades feat. Allows you to train in all skills as if they were class skills. This is most certainly needed in the game and I have no idea why it isn't in yet. The idea that open lock and disable device are class locked is absolutely absurd and isn't a core rule in any edition. Please add this if nothing else so that traps can become manageable on any class along with any class being able to get the xp bonuses for dealing with them.
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