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    Default Definitive Numbers in DDO in regards to upper Reapers(R10)

    Is there a definitive breakdown in numbers as comparable as to what is the Damage in general for Melee/Caster/Range in Upper Reapers?

    Since there are complaints to nerfs and overall nerfs to other classes affected by targeted nerfs to proxy Class.

    Obviously Casters are getting blanketed Nerfs(in upper Reaper), even though certain class Casters are not doing the same damage as other Casters, yet they are targeted with that Hate crime of AOE Nukers. ( I feel for you)

    Melees are still being the piñatas of the realms in getting hit by the mobs attacks.(Especially as a squishy clothe Rogue, penalty to switch to different light armor is prohibitive)

    Range is hard to consistently 100% target moving mobs, especially within melee range, though at a safer distance than melee, is, at times you getting hit by mob unless your fast enough and constantly keeping your distance(similar to caster in a way but no AOE bombs).

    It seems Helpless damage is a Culprit as well:

    What are:

    Casters getting up to in Helpless Damage percentage?
    Melees getting up to in Helpless Damage percentage?
    Range getting up to in Helpless Damage percentage?

    Damage output:

    Vulnerability to Element damage and Spell Power?
    Does it compare to Vulnerability and Melee Power/Range?
    Does it take into accountability for the danger/risk/reward positioning outcome?

    Imbue Dice:

    It seems to favor caster/hybrid builds?(Use to be a Warlock/Eldritch Knight boost "Prestige"?)
    As a Rogue having 3 Imbue dice in Tree with no vulnerability poison bypass seems to have been wasted on having it there, with nothing to boost it. How weak is this....(sigh)Poison Strikes On Crit only and seems uselessFort DC 10 + half Rogue level + INT modifier negates) I'd prefer Sap feat instead.

    I think if discussions can be based on true numbers as to the concerns as to how this game is headed, will help developers see the full spectrum to a certain degree of what the complains/concerns are.

    I know some have put out there some examples but they seem to be scattered and loss in between the message board subsections and never fully seen by a larger audience to make more accurate forward progression to adjusting the game moving forward.

    It's great that a lot of emphasis has been put on streamlining how the game calculates all the multiple ways of having to deal with effects/affects to the game instances and that should be commended for sure and a thank you as always.

    For instance the removal of Double Strike/Shot hurt many builds and didn't necessarily alleviate lag to the effect that keeping it in and out made a huge difference. It could of been handled with more time, in consideration to the builds that used it. (I use to have a chance to attack 3 mobs and now it's hard coded to one or two at most)
    All casters are getting reduction in damage in upper Reapers, when not all type of caster classes are doing the same amount of damage.
    I don't play caster but can feel for those that are getting dumped on(believe me my Assassin Rogue class has been getting dumped on ever since Artificer came out with better and stolen ways of a Mechanic, then Alchemists better ways at throwing Vials as damage than Rogues who had that ability, and now Dark Hunter has "Throwing Traps CC" and the Prestige Assassinate ability, with Assassinate DC's put in their Tree(even Falconer gets it as well, but not Assassin Tree?)

    Going back to the numbers again, if this can get consolidated as to what exactly are the players referring to when it comes to "balancing the game" more so in upper Reapers, it might point to the direction and map as to what the Developers can do to not THOR Hammer every Class when it might be just a certain class is "Overperforming" with "Overperforming add-ons" in disguise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VinoeWhines View Post
    What are:

    Casters getting up to in Helpless Damage percentage?
    Melees getting up to in Helpless Damage percentage?
    Range getting up to in Helpless Damage percentage?
    +30-60% generally (over base), but it is always at opportunity cost via enhancement trees, feats, racial choice.

    I believe HOrc (brutality) wolf druid (prey on the weak) + falconry (no mercy) + 3pc cruel cut + crush weakness + fury mantle (sense weakness) is the highest potential?

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