I'm not sure if this is the correct way to report bugs here. If not, I apologize, and please feel free to direct me to the appropriate channels.

Notice this clip is from our R10 Vision of Destruction. We synced these clips from two difference characters POV. At the 0:03 and 0:04 you see a hostile magic circle kill two players, Azztrollogy and Onlyfriends. From one POV you see the circle, from the other you do not. Later on in the clip you see other circles appearing for both players, so this isn't just a case of one player not seeing any cirlce. It appears circles are not appearing for all players. Some of our group said they saw the circle and some of them said there was nothing on their screen. We have seen the happen before and assumed it was due to the circles targeting smaller player models, gnomes specifically, this time it happened to a player who was playing a dwarf. Any support or advise on this from the dev team would be greatly appreciated.

Has anyone experienced this issue?