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    Default R10 Vision of Destruction - Lava Divers

    After seeing some folks on Orien complete r8 and progress towards r10, we decided to throw our hat in the ring and see what we could come up with in a couple days prep. So shoutout to them for kicking our butts in gear and getting our competitive juices flowing!

    Party Comp:
    Cammy - 17/3 Fvs Heals
    Czzarina - 17/3 Fvs Heals
    Donkey - Dorf Pali Tank
    Kawzen - Dorf Pali Tank
    Gilcongain - Barb Tank
    Neo - DC Sorc
    Viazen - Melee Wraps Abomination
    Tanky - Bub deeps
    Jenn - Twf deeps
    Deathrobot - Bowadin
    Trainwreckk - Dagger Thrower
    Sardonic - Bubble Extraordinaire

    Looking forward to whatever LD decides to tackle next!

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    We brought melee; this is bound to cause confusion for those who think melee are bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rabidfox View Post
    We brought melee; this is bound to cause confusion for those who think melee are bad.
    But, but, but melees SUCK in high reaper content! Casters are SO much better!!


    Quote Originally Posted by Aelonwy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    The release notes themselves are essentially the same as was seen on Lamannia most recently.
    This^, in so many words, is how you say time and feedback on Lamannia are wasted.

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