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    Default High Lords will host Death to Suulomades teaching raid extravaganza on Sat, April 22

    Great runs of Legendary Master Artificer and Lord of Blades in last weeks teaching raids! We had 3 attendees who were new to or still learning these raids. If you missed, you can watch the replay of the livestream on DDO's Twitch channel DDOstream here.

    This week we visit a collection of DDO classics in a triple hitter special event we call our Death to Suulomades Teaching Raid Extravaganza with the theme of following the horned devil Suulomades through all the raids he appears in. First we will face off with him and kick his butt back to Shavarath in Legendary Vision of Destruction. Then we will follow him to Shavarath and pummel him again in Tower of Despair. And finally we will go back in time and defeat his forces once and for all in epic Chronoscope! Note that we will not be teaching heroic VOD or heroic Chronoscope during our teaching raid series. The legendary and epic versions of these raids are nearly identical to their heroic versions.

    The fun starts at 1pm ET on Saturday, April 22! If you are new to or still learning these classics, please join us! If you've been interested in joining our teaching raids but haven't yet, now is a great time to start.

    All events in this series are for players new(er) to raiding or players who are looking to learn raids better. First timers welcome! Please have sound and be willing and able to follow instructions.

    The goal is to welcome newer players into the raiding scene, to teach people how raids work, to get players more comfortable with raids and to enhance the Sarlona community. There is no level cap for any of our teaching raids.

    Tower of Despair is a high level heroic raid, so is recommended for levels 18+. You must be level 20+ to enter epic content and any 20+ is fine for Epic Chronoscope, which is an older lowbie epic raid. Legendary Vision of Destruction is a newer endgame raid so I recommend that you are at least level 29 and geared for end game play.

    If you are new to VOD and Chronoscope, there is no flagging required! You will need to have access to the Vale of Twilight and Devil Assault adventure packs. Use in-game store code DUNGEONCRAWL before April 23 to unlock these and many more adventure packs for free!

    If you are new to TOD, you will need to be flagged by running 4 quests in Amrath: Genesis Point, Sins of Attrition, A New Invasion and Bastion of Power. You will need access to The Devils of Shavarath adventure pack.

    New players may find some of my videos helpful for flagging:

    You must bring remove curse, neutralize poison and remove disease potions. I recommend carrying these potions with you at all times, starting at level 1.

    You will also want to acquire Boots of Anchoring prior to the raid. Boots of Anchoring prevent you from being banished out of the plane of Shavarath and out of the raid. The final boss Horoth can cast Banishment, and if you don't have some way to absorb spells, you will be teleported out of the raid faster than you can say "why am I suddenly in the marketplace?" If you get banished, you will not be able to re-enter the raid and get loot. You can acquire Boots of Anchoring by trading one each of the following ingredients Devil's Keepsake, Pure Shavarath Iron, Demon's Blood and Mysterious Artifact to the Planescaller Liella d'Orien in Amrath. If you cannot acquire Boots of Anchoring before the raid, we have some leftover ingredients that were donated from a previous teaching raid so we can help you get them before we start. You can also use spell absorption items or The Banhammer to avoid being banished by Horoth.

    Space is limited so reserve your spot ahead of time! If you would like to reserve a space in this Saturday's event, please send in-game mail or tell to me on Gingerspyce.

    This event will be live streamed on DDO’s Twitch channel DDOstream so even if you're not on Sarlona, you can watch, learn and ask questions live. This year we are simulcasting our teaching raids on multiple Twitch channels so that viewers can see moments when the part splits or from tank point of view, etc. This week's event will be simulcasted by my guildie Gijo on his Twitch channel highlordpudding. You can watch both streams at the same time at

    Thank you to the community for all the support and we hope to see you in raids soon

    Much love,
    Voodu and The High Lords of Malkier

    PS. The remaining teaching raids in our 2023 series, in no specific order are Project Nemesis, Too Hot to Handle, Zawabi's Revenge (Demon Queen), Hound of Xoriat, Reaver's Fate, Fall of Truth and Mark of Death. The only raids in this list that require flagging are Too Hot to Handle, Zawabi's Revenge, Reaver's Fate, Fall of Truth and Mark of Death so get flagged if you plan to attend these in the upcoming weeks! We will probably do a repeat of Skeletons in the Closet at the end of the season.
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