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    Default 4-man reaper raid challenge

    4-man Reaper Raid Challenge

    Lava Divers of Khyber is hosting a Reaper Raid Event that is open to participation from all servers.

    After a very fun and successful duo r10 speed challenge, we've decided to tackle raids this time around.

    Wednesday April 26th - Sunday May 14th (11:59pm est deadline)

    1. Skeletons in the Closet r1-2
    2. Legendary Lord of Blades r1-4
    3. The Curse of Strahd r1-6
    4. The Mark of Death r1-10
    5. Vision of Destruction r1-4

    1. There are no class restrictions for this challenge. However, your foursome has to remain the same players on the same class split for the entirety of this challenge.
    2. Each raid will have a maximum difficulty allowed for submission. This is to allow for more submissions and have completion time be the deciding factor.
    3. Certain specific cheese will not be allowed (NO Amber buffs, D-Doors are allowed, D-Dooring mobs is NOT, etc) If unsure, please DM.
    4. Screenshots without the below requirements will be consider invalid and will be rejected
    5. Screenshots will be sent in Discord to Cammy (zims#4726)
    6. Screenshot of the entire screen for each completion required:
    - Party chat
    - Party member list
    - Toolbars
    - Top of xp report
    - Bottom of xp report (ALL members required to send in xp report screenshots)

    Note: Video recordings are encouraged, if someone is recording and can send a video, that will cover everyone's screenshots.

    - Points will be awarded based on firstly, your difficulty, and secondly, your completion time.
    ex: r2 Skeletons completion of 60 minutes would be awarded more points than an r1 30 minute completion.
    - Points will be totalled up for all the raids included in the challenge
    - Flawless (no deaths) will deduct 5 minutes from your completion time
    Scoring System:
    - 1st place = 25 points
    - 2nd place = 18 points
    - 3rd place = 15 points
    - 4th place = 12 points
    - 5th place = 10 points
    - 6th place = 8 points
    - 7th place = 6 points
    - 8th place = 4 points
    - 9th place = 2 points
    - Any completion after 9th = 1 point

    TBD (expect a combination of ddo points along with other physical prizes if located on Khyber)

    Other Rules and Regulations
    As this challenge is based off as a Khyber only event, Non-Khyber foursomes will NOT be eligible for any prizes EXCEPT for the ddo point codes AND of course bragging rights.

    Please DM Cammy on discord at zims#4726 to enter your foursomes or if you have any other questions.
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