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    Default Increase heroic/epic range for every quest

    Hello all, I think that a good way to add variety to the quests in the game is to allow everybody to play lower level quests at higher difficulties. This does not mean that a level 1 player can attempt a level 30 quest, but that a level 30 can play a level 1 quest if they so wish.

    One way to implement this change is to increase the level for reaper 1-10 for each respective player range. As I understand it, each quest allows players two levels below and above to play. This way, players who are 1-30 can replay or even go and do older quests with a greater challenge. It allows experienced players the reward of trying an old dungeon from a new perspective.

    At the moment, when you start as a veteran you are level 4. The quests in Korthos are a maximum of level 3, meaning that you have to forego some extra XP in order to play them if you so wish. If you choose to play reaper, you will also be ahead in terms of XP and once you reach a level cap you have no choice but to proceed to higher level quests. I think it would be fun for people to explore challenge dungeons, do speedruns, do in-depth playthroughs and even be able to replay dungeons they like. It also helps players to customise their own player experience and pick and choose which quests they wish to try.

    I love Korthos, and I love the harbour quests, and it feels that after I reach a certain level I am forced to play new quests rather than staying where I am and doing the things I would want for myself. I don't think that players might be able to reach the level cap playing this way, but it certainly makes for a fun and altered experience.

    Please let me know your thoughts.

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    I would like to see quests scaling with your level (at least if you run a low level quest either for favor or loot), the loot itself should still be the original level from that quest. To not make it so players just run "easy" old quests to accumulate xp there could be a penalty to xp but you still get some. When I start a "new" character i usually start at level 7 or 15 (iconic) and I always run the coin lords quests for inventory space and house K for bank space and it's a little tedious to not get xp on them plus they are too easy since I am much higher level (at least if I play an iconic).

    They could even add another "difficulty" option that could be called scaled or something cooler so people have the option to not do that if they just want the favor and fast completion.

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