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    Default Wildcats Level 200 Giveaway

    Hey, Orien!

    In order to honor my guild, The Wildcats, for hitting level 200, I will be giving away a heroic Otto's box. The giveaway is part of a chain of weekly giveaways that all are welcome to join. While the giveaway itself takes place on Discord with use of a special giveaway bot, I am able to include people who do not use Discord using blank raffling accounts.

    I do these giveaways weekly. If you are interested in joining either just this one, or the ones in the future, please let me know here.
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    Cool! Most generous of you. I will test my luck! My PCs are Mencar/Redmyla.

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    My Wildcat is Obit-1.


    Obit-1 of Orien
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