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    Default Increase Reaper Experience for Lower Level Quests

    I just spent a life running heroic quests on R6 and I noticed a common phenomenon. Many of the better DDO players would join my LFM, discover that the quests take longer than they are used to when playing on R1, and then drop the quest.

    To be clear, I am not talking about the people that struggle to play on R6 normally. I'm talking about the people that play legendary quests on R10, but won't play heroic quests on anything other than R1.

    It is very common for people to say that heroic questing is so easy that is it boring, but that is simply because they refuse to raise the reaper level to the same level that they play legendary quests and they do that simply because heroic quests give terrible reaper experience. There is no reason for a level 30 quest to give 5 times as much reaper experience as a level 10 or 15 quest when they are being played on the same reaper difficulty and take the same amount of time to complete.

    Reaper already has a level cap. You can't enter a heroic reaper quest more than 4 levels above the base level of the quest. That level limit already makes sure that people are not circumventing the challenge by going in way over level. Quests that take the same amount of time should give the same amount of reaper experience at any level played.

    I'd really like to play all of heroic on R10, but it is so hard to find people to play with at R6 that I don't see that happening. It is no trouble to fill a legendary party for R10 questing, but heroic is a struggle simply because of the terrible reaper experience reward. Let's fix this.

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    Default just wrong....

    The reason most people play R1 in heroics is its maximum heroic XP for that quest, and doesnt increase for R2,3,4 etc.

    For those running the TR train, xp/min is important.
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