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    Default Crafting Storage and Character Bank Issue

    We have Identified an issue caused by a player attempting to move an item from Crafting Storage to a full Character Bank if their Character Bank is full. This issue results in the item going missing as well as preventing any further direct transfer from one bank type to another (Account/Character/Reincarnation Cache). Players impacted by this bug can still move items into and out of their banks through their character's inventory. Customer Support can assist players in this state through a ticket to We will correct this issue in the near future.
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    Can anything be done about Items not showing their ML while in the bank?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Villefere View Post
    Can anything be done about Items not showing their ML while in the bank?
    can anything be done about items in bank disappearing if using a crafting system and you have a partial amount in a bag on the character and it pulls from the crafting storage and doesn't return the balance but deletes it.
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