Hello Folks,

I'm announcing that Wayfinder's Curiosity Shop is open for recruitment. We are a Casual / Community Style Guild.

Play how you want to Play, Come and go as you Please. Treat others how you want to be Treated. We have a discord full of Information for Veterans & New Players.

Resources to help you experience DDO at your best... not the game.

Only here to farm your first 5k favor ??? Monster Manuel ??? not a problem. (Aka Favor Farmer), Only Play a few months during the Year? Not a problem. Practicing doing Solo builds for Hardcore ? Not a Problem.

Want to get that first life feeling again ? not a problem, Looking to form a static group on Wayfinder and need a guild ? Not a problem.

The guild is here to serve the community with guild ship buffs/ low level items in the chests as supplies last.

Please Contact Mortanis if you are Interested.

I myself am a casual player on Wayfinder.