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    Default Needle in a Fey Stack - zero named drops at end chest

    In the last several weeks I've run Needle in a Fey Stack on epic hard more than a dozen times, and epic elite a dozen more. About 28-30 runs. Not a single named item has dropped in the end chest. I've found some of the random Feywild named items in the other chests in the quest, but none in the end chest after winning the tag game with Joy, the little dragon. (named items should be: Legendary Amber Pendant, Legendary Windriders, Legendary Robe of the Autumn Winds, Legendary Green Dragonscale Bracers)

    Those 4 items seem to be unobtainable at this time. When the Feywild first came out, maybe they dropped at a reasonable rate, but not now. Would it be so bad to allow the players to chose one named item from a list from the quest giver on every 10th or 12th run? Or however many the designers feel is the right amount of repetitious grinding?

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    RNG is funny like that; bring 5x random other players in to pass loot and up the odds of getting what you want.

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    The dreaded RNG monster. The toughest one in the game.
    You have to love it went you have every treasure boost potion and a treasure map up and get plate armor of move silently and the player beside you with no pots get the ultra rare 1 in 5 billion drop item.
    Or you get your twentieth drop of Ferrocrystal darts.
    If it ain't broke, you're not trying hard enough.

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