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    Post Reaper 10 All Heroic and Epic quests completed by Xeang, Milburnion & Gezus GRATZ!!!!

    The unstoppable trio on Thelanis...

    Xeang the broken compass/lever pulling, scroll-in-hand, trap activating and mob-tanking/angering/destroying Monk.
    Milburnion forever even keel Cleric, always answering the many ("/party rfr" requests) surgeon, buffer extraordinaire, ReaperBait companion & the glue of any party.
    Gezus! uber caster, go sit down Zeus let me handle this...! who in the course of heroic and Epic R10 quest marathons amassed kills TNTC To-Numerous-To-Count helping the party survive.

    May I say it was a pleasure to assist here and there throughout their herculean project...thanks also to:

    Hinoiri for his assistance & Enyt for her help and welcoming her back to DDO! the others that helped, the Trio say TYVM! and as always "Whats the worst that could happen."

    Ranged regards

    Kinarhd Soulrcrafter

    Probably one of the most memorable & hardest quests I have ever had to endure!
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    gratz that is amazing
    Wiki dashboard with some useful stealthplay links. LONG LIVE STEALTH!
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