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    That was a ton of fun. I love that my bubble arti (and druid partner) were able to do flawless on every quest; it was amusing using a build that normally doesn't get run by many people in high skull quests.

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    It was a very fun challenge and we managed to hit our goal of getting a completion in all of the quests.
    We also decided to record a few of our runs, some runs a bit longer than other :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lava_Diver View Post
    AND that wraps up the 1st ever r10 duo challenge hosted by Lava Divers of Khyber.

    Thank you to everyone who participated over the last few weeks, all the viewers/supporters who came to watch on twitch, and to those who donated prizes. Special shoutout to Cordo for hooking up the top 10 participants with DDO point codes!

    Here is the final scoreboard of participants with more than two submissions. We had an absolute last minute frenzy as Dom and Jenn nearly pulled off a comeback for the ages in the last minutes of the challenge.

    Congratulations to the top 3 winners!
    1st - Cammy (20 aasi wraps monk) and Czl (20 dborn ice druid) (169 points)
    2nd - Dom (20 dborn ice sorc) and Jennafer (15pal/3wiz/2rog helf twf) (158 points)
    3rd - Viamel (11barb/8druid/1fvs bear) and Neo (20 dborn ice sorc) (108 points)

    The top times for each quest were completed flawlessly by:
    Night Falls on Stormreach - 4:27 by Dom and Jennafer
    Quarantine - 5:50 by Cammy and Czl
    The Madness of Crowds - 1:45 by Cammy and Czl
    The Age of Rage - 2:06 by Cammy and Czl
    Toxic Treatment - 8:19 by Dom and Jennafer
    The Archon's Trial - 6:49 by Dom and Jennafer
    Demon Assault - 4:53 by Cammy and Czl
    The Devil's Details - 7:03 by Dom and Jennafer

    Runs of 3 of the participants can be found at:

    Cammy -

    Dom -

    Jennafer -

    You can see breakdowns for each individual quests in the below google sheets link which includes all time in seconds for all participants.

    Stay tuned for some 4-man Reaper Raids Challenge which will be posted in the coming days!

    What were Forking & Lomi and Courtney & Tanky playing, as they did very good as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rull View Post
    What were Forking & Lomi and Courtney & Tanky playing, as they did very good as well?
    Forking was prolly 20 alchemist caster, dunno for sure what Lomi was but likely something with primarily rogue--source am on same server

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